Ordering Accessories for EMO

It took just over 4 months for my son to get his Emo, I was wondering if we ordered some more lights and a outfit for him will that also take a really long time or does that stuff get shipped our right away?


Yes unfortunately it would be the same. Hope this helps but remember it’s still worth it, it may cost more money this way. To be honest I would rather apply the extras when buying the Emo pet itself. But it’s not necessary in order to buy accessories. Though you’re waiting time is the same.

That kinda sucks, I really would not want to wait 4 months for another light alone. Emo is awesome, we just got him in the mail yesterday. The only issue we are having so far is changing the light colors. He will go to blue, green, white just fine and the others most of the time but I can not get him to set it to red lol.

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:thinking: that’s strange, ask him to change light to default and then try again.

Yes the red isn’t working very odd, another software issue but I’m sure Lai can sort this out easily.

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when I change colors I use basic language for example for the red light… All I say is EMO… Red Light

yeah this needs fixing as well it’s glitchy sometimes try different wording like turn on red light sometimes works. But like I said elsewhere in the forum speech recognition and little things need fixing … Good luck with him congratulations woo hoo!

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Hi @864_s3

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I just checked and the question for you regarding ordering only accessories. If you make an order for accessories (such as the smart light/headphones/costumes) and pay for the $24 postage, you’ll need to email support (from the email you receive once you’ve placed the order) and ask for the order to checked and shipped earlier as it does not contain an EMO.

Also as you’ve just received your EMO, feel free to check out my guide for new EMO owners. It also have a section in there on how to setup your smart light and a full list of all the available smart light colors you can change to.

Also just a heads up, I’ve also been informed that it is best to revert back to the color “WARM” and not use Default as that sometimes doesn’t register with EMO very well.

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Default works for me most of the time but yes MasterAbbott is correct.

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Additional smart lights or pink headphones would have to come from LAI. However for use as EMO costumes, many people have bought decorative hats that are meant for putting on your pet cat. They’re available through websites like Amazon, Walmart, and possibly Chewy or Petsmart also. Although when I checked once before, I strangely didn’t see that much available through the pet stores? It generally seems to be the extra small size which fits EMO best.


Hi! So I got my emo robot a while back and wanted to know why you can’t buy the old accessories like the skateboard headphones and more I just wanted to buy the skateboard for mine so then it can charge next to my bed

Hi there @DomGaming, Welcome to the community, and thanks for joining us…

Relocating your query over here as it is related to the discussion.

As of now, Living.ai has not mentioned any plans to sell the Skateboard Charger and Headphones separately. I recommend reaching out to them directly to inquire about the possibility.

Simply send them an email.
The support service team should be able to help you immediately and faster.
Just to advise the email address is - service@living.ai

Another way you can also submit a ticket to the link below.

Good luck…

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Hi @edward I was thinking about ordering a corgi outfit for my emo but i saw a video from outsider where he said that it didn’t fix on his emo and I’m wondering if that is true. Looking forward to your reply.

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Hi, @sarikathakur . . . I saw the video you are speaking of. It does fit but differently from the cow costume. The way to get EMO to wear the corgi outfit is to power him off, very gently move his feet together so that the soles of his feet are touching, then slip it on from below him. I have the Santa outfit and I have to do the same with that, but once on, it fits great.


How can I buy a standard charging base and Santa Claus clothes separately?

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @job314 . . . at this time the skate board and Santa outfit are not sold separately. You may, however, see this thread as forum members are offering for private sale or looking for EMO and accessories here.

Be sure to read the original post about what you need to abide by in order to use the private sale feature.

My best to you!