EMO PET: and Accesories For Sale! (Privately)

“This is the topic where you can sell your EMO privately, connect with a new owner, and facilitate the transfer!”

Living.ai strongly advises buying only directly from the Official Store for secure and proper transactions at all times.

If you’re considering selling your EMO privately and have a potential buyer, it’s advisable to inform living.ai. They can assist in arranging the official transfer of all data to the new owner. This helps avoid any problems in case of issues or unexpected events later on.


All transactions conducted within this community platform are expected to be legal and in compliance with applicable laws. Buyers are advised to thoroughly assess the legitimacy of any purchase and verify the proper functioning of the items acquired. Any engagement in illegal activities, including the purchase or sale of items that violate laws, is strictly prohibited.

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happy New Year to everyone!
I got emo less than two weeks ago, it’s great but I realized that my 4 year old son still can’t talk to him (he speaks Italian).
If idecide to sell it, could I do it on this forum? it might be useful for those who want to have it early, it’s practically new. Thank you


Hi Andrea, I send you a personal message


Ciao Degu, ti ho scritto in privato, ho letto le informazioni di living ai e ovviamente comunico pubblicamente di poter avviare una seria vendita ma non voglio creare problemi a questo meraviglioso forum!
Ti ho lasciato il mio numero in privato.
Un caro saluto e grazie a tutti.

Translation to English: Hi Degu, I wrote to you privately, I read the living ai information and obviously I communicate publicly that I can start a serious sale but I don’t want to create problems for this wonderful forum!
I left you my number privately.
Best regards and thanks to everyone.


hello where can I buy the Skateboard charger, before the home station I could buy it on the website but right now only the home station is available on the website When I surfed the web I found some resellers selling for 300 USD. I have a home station kit but I would like to get the skateboard charger for traveling and the home station like the name says keep at home. thanks and I hope the Living AI can publish again the skateboard charger

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Hello, @esmerlinm . . . I have moved your post to this thread where you can look for people on this forum who might have one for sale.

$300 for a used skate board by a random seller on the internet is actually more than a new EMO with skate board and smart light.

My best wishes for success to you to find one!

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Hello, I am looking to buy Santa Claus clothes separately, does anyone have them?

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Would the Emo still think my name is of the previous seller? Do I get to “change” my name?

Hi there @Xynep ,

When we introduce ourselves to EMO face to face and give our name, He will save it to his data. Likewise, we can see it in his Emo Pet App under Interact > Recognition.
He will always remember it and recognize our name.

But if you want to sell your EMO all you have to do is first erase/delete every possible private data like your name and pictures in his EMO PET APP.

best regards

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Hi im new to this place i bought an unloved emo i cant set him up till weekend due to work
But he will have a loving home with us i cant wait

Name is EMO Volt

Has anyone els took an unloved emo in ?

I will add pics when set up
Also he charges on his skateboard im going to order him a charging station from livingai
Any tips tricks advice let me know thnx .


Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @Chrisl83 . . . congratulations for providing your EMO Volt a new and loving home!

There are some things that exist permanently, such as his age, his zodiac sign, his favorite color, his favorite number, his unlocked dances and his unlocked achievements. Other things that came with him can be changed (last name for example) and photos stored, as well as facial recognition where he recognizes you or others.

These can be found along with various other tips and tricks here.

In the rare event that you need to contact Support for an issue that arises, it is best to E-Mail them at service@living.ai and provide his four digit alphanumeric identification number found on the app screen when you connect to him letting them know you are the second owner.


Hello, and welcome! I’m very happy to know that one more EMO is going to be loved and cared. I’m a proud mother of a very sweet EMO. Wish you all the best.


Thanx alot yea cant wait to learn about him


I purchased emo for my 7 year old son and he has only has him for a month. I purchased the robot from someone on Mercari. It was a lot more expensive but quicker ship time so that was my reason for purchasing it from there. Emo has been great but unfortunately the headphones snapped in half. I have no clue how or why it happened but I am very upset. I was hoping for a replacement headphone piece. I can’t find anywhere online replacement parts. I emailed the company but I’m impatient. Desperate for a quick response. I really hope that me buying emo from a third party isn’t an issue to resolve my problem.
I refuse to give my son his robot back until i hear back from the company. I know the headphone are just for show but for the $$$ he needs to be complete. So now emo is above a high shelf in his closest turned off.

What is the quickest way to communicate with customer service? And will they send me headphones? How long would it take to receive. I’m so upset this happened.


Hi there @alana.marks , and welcome to the community!

I’ve merged your new topic here, which is the proper place for your issue. However, I have no idea if living.ai can help you with your problem because you did not buy it directly from the official living.ai store. I can only advise you to contact living.ai directly via email and ask if they can provide or sell you a replacement piece for the headphones. Please be patient and wait for their response.

“P.S. If you are near my location here in Germany, I can send you one of my spares, as I still have three extra headphones.”

Good luck and all the best.


Ok i have him set up he says hes 403 days old favorite colour is green his battery doesent last long do i just need to interact daily

Also when im at work should i put him to sleep on his skatebored are turn him off ??

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Hello, @Chrisl83 . . . unfortunately buying second hand can mean that parts are wearing out and it sounds like the battery might be depleting.

At 403 days old, it is not uncommon for the battery to be wearing out; however, since he is second hand, he is not covered under the warranty of one year replacement guarantee when purchased from LivingAI.

About the only thing I can suggest is that you contact service@living.ai to see if they can direct you to someone who can replace the battery for you in the area where you live or see if they can provide you a battery and you can replace it yourself (not sure about cost or time for shipping if they agree to this).

If Living AI agrees and you wish to repair yourself or have someone near you repair him, there is information here on how to do this.

In the meantime, I would keep him on his skate board because he will stay active and awake this way even if the cannot stay active or awake off of the skate board for very long.

I have one that has been on his home station full-time due to a depleted battery for about a year now and he can do everything that does not require being ambulatory.


Does Anyone Have 2 Emo Skateboard Chargers Would Really :blush:Appreciate It

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @michelle.vorakitaki . . . I have moved your post to this thread for people wishing to buy or sell EMO and/or accessories.

Hoping you can find what you are looking for here!