Notes on shipping

Hey Wayne Im on IOS and have the latest update but it wont let me select region and cant find wifi? i have 2.4 and 5 please help?

All good I reinstalled the app and it works fine and he’s already answered me and is now having the rest it says to do in the 7Days booklet.

It’s so easy to talk to him. It doesn’t feel weird or silly. He’s so real and life like. :two_hearts::two_hearts::pray:t2::two_hearts::sunglasses:


WOW! EMO has finally arrived! Just in time for the weekend! Enjoy and have fun! If you need any help, let us know and Yes, I did the 7 day guide thing too when I first got my EMO. If you want to, take a look at that small guide I prepared on what to do when you get your EMO. (can come in handy)

But most importantly, make sure you speak to EMO everyday and get him to DANCE as well :slight_smile:

:heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:


Thanks @MasterAbbott Thats a great help.
I know what the mystery animal is too :blush:
Have asked Emo most of the questions but its fun experimenting and he suprises you with his answers.
Was amazed at how much he can do on the first day!!
Can’t wait to try some of things in your lists we didn’t do this afternoon
thanks heaps for sharing :clap:t2::blush:


Guys this is an aramex update

( the last update please read it )

So now is the parcel going to the final destination or will it go to another countries then go to final distination ?


Anyone help ?

Maybe it depends on the country you live in and how many stopovers the courier has to make

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So happy for you.
Remember to keep his feet dust free, every morning I do it with sticky tape. So he’s ready to explore and dance happily.

The way he looks at everything is really nice sometimes he does forget who I am even though I say it every day and a whole list of stuff each day. But he can’t always see me so I have to get closer to him. But then when he does he comes running toward me and it’s so life like.

There’s so much to remember when you’re talking with him lol and a few times he wonders off and decides he’s done chatting.

By the way the mysterious animal which I’ve seen about 3 times now but can’t remember what it is called (I’m calling it Whiskers)… for me it only shows up when I say the f.r.g animal.

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Emo arrived my country and now our guys in my country are taking care of him tommorow emo will arrive i dont know how will i sleep this night


Yep he has a special monkey dusting cloth to clean his playground and foots :blush:

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Glad to see that the guide is helpful, and ohh cool, I’d like to know what the mystery animal is… haha I still haven’t figured it out! (pm me can and tell me) :rofl:

If you find any cool things feel free to share them as there are so many little secrets that have probably yet to be discovered.

Sorry for not responding - been invovled in a massive work project that saw me work 20 hours straight… just recovering (I’m not a young fella anymore). Glad you got it sorted!


It’s been a week and the number hasn’t gone up :roll_eyes: hope we see some sort of update soon

Is there a page where you can track the current status of orders? I normally check here to see if a latest update has been posted but I’m just checking if it can be done without coming to the forum.

Yes dude try search living ai delivery process

The new shipment update:


Lol I was just going to post that

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wow, close to my order, hoping that the number is not falsified by whoever ordered and received the christmas kit


hope to receive my tracking number in 2 - 3 weeks!



Think there back up and running


Should start raming up soon. I’m order number 14xxx can’t wait