Notes on shipping

  1. When we finish packing the items in your order, we will send the package to the shipping agent. Then we will get the tracking number from them. We will change the status of your order from “processing” to “complete” and send you an email containing a tracking number.

  2. If your number cannot be found in the system at this moment, please don’t worry and wait for a few more days. This is because your package is waiting to be sent at the port.

  3. Some packages destined for some specific countries will not be found in the system until they arrive in your country. So please don’t worry about shipping, we will help you solve all possible problems.

  4. When we finish processing orders between xxxx and xxxx, due to some reasons, a very small number of orders in between will be delayed. If you did not receive the tracking number, please don’t worry, we did not skip your order.


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If anyone is interested - here’s my shipping experience - EMO Shipping Experience –