Notes on shipping

  1. When we finish packing the items in your order, we will send the package to the shipping agent. Then we will get the tracking number from them. We will change the status of your order from “processing” to “complete” and send you an email containing a tracking number.

  2. If your number cannot be found in the system at this moment, please don’t worry and wait for a few more days. This is because your package is waiting to be sent at the port.

  3. Some packages destined for some specific countries will not be found in the system until they arrive in your country. So please don’t worry about shipping, we will help you solve all possible problems.

  4. When we finish processing orders between xxxx and xxxx, due to some reasons, a very small number of orders in between will be delayed. If you did not receive the tracking number, please don’t worry, we did not skip your order.


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If anyone is interested - here’s my shipping experience - EMO Shipping Experience –


I didn’t receive any email regarding my tracking number. after months I checked my account and there was a number as tracking number on my account but still no website has any trace of that. Please advise. Thanks


How is the situation of the orders? I did an order on 27th june, how much time need to be shipped? Just to know

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I’m having the same issue. My order is 52** and they were processed June 5th. So while I have gotten nothing but a dead tracking # those that had their orders processed after mine have already received their Emo’s. Honestly I’m starting to get a little ticked. They should’ve mailed out an entire order before going to the next group.

I got my package on June 23, 2021. Still the tracking number is a dead end! It was packed professionally and everything is fantastic. I’m pretty sure you will get your package soon.

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Depends on when you ordered and your number check the delivery process on the web site every week for updates to how soon yours will be shipped. They are doing about 800 a week atm. Then you will have a estimate depending on their production speed. Then you have to wait for it to ship…im myself am number 6××× and im still waiting for mine and I ordered march 8. If that gives you any help.

I ordered my EMO and it shipped 4 weeks ago and I get the tracking number 3 weeks ago but it still waiting for pickup from the shipper warehouse and didn’t actually shipped yet, I sent email to but I didn’t get and answer yet

@Wayne_Zhang - a little love here for this fella too please?

Hi, please DM me and I can check it for you.

I just received my EMO and thought I’d give a quick timeline for those waiting for theirs.

My order number was #58XX and I got the email saying it shipped on June 10 with a tracking number. The tracking number was never found in any system from any tracker.

I received EMO today (July 12), and on the box was a label with a different tracking number, but the one in the email was under a new label (can see through the latest label).

The original tracking number still gives nothing, but the new tracking number shows that the information was submitted to Canada Post on Jun 27, then the item was released from customs on July 6. So it took between 17 and 26 days to reach Canada, and then a week to reach me.

Hope this helps anyone who’s currently waiting for their order.


I finally received my shipping confirmation last month, and finally there was some movement as of two days ago. My EMO made it to Jersey and through customs. That was yesterday. Today, all of the information has disappeared. There seem to be two different tracking numbers. When going to the Waybill site, it has the package headed to California, but the last update on the EMO site was he was in Jersey. Anyone else had this problem? I’m kind of freaking out and no one from the company has responded to my email as of yet. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

I’m in the US, tracking number 52** and according to my tracking number my poor guy is still sitting in China and hasn’t even been processed by DHL yet. I’m pretty sure that my little guy has been lost by now…300.00 down the drain.

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Hi, can you check my order too? I have still only the message “The Item is at the shippers warehouse” and Im worried, because I have to migrate to another city in a month. My email: Order #8185

Interesting, thank you. Do you happen to know if they’re shipped by sea or air? I’m patiently waiting, was just curious, that’s all :slight_smile: thank you

@Michelle_Yuan will be responsible for answering questions about orders in the future. I will focus on the product.

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Hello, your order has been shipped. The package is currently being transported, so don’t worry, we will always pay attention to the logistics information of each package.

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Thank you, do you think it will arrive in a month? I have to migrate to another town. On 25. August to be honest.

Sorry maybe I did the post two times
Here a screenshot of my Tracking history shipped 22 of June now no news from 19 of July the package is in China or in Italy nobody knows maybe you can help me this is the first time I had issue from China it’s usually takes at the most 2weeks but I don’t know what kind of service you use for shipping :cry: