Non responsive emo

My emo does not respond to my voice. Does it not work with the Scottish accent. Everything I ask it just does the boing noise. Pretty pointless thing if it doesn’t work with my voice.


do a test with this DEEPL app, when I talk and it doesn’t respond I use this app

What app is that. Never heard of it.

a translator , it was the people of the forum who passed it to me , and I’m really enjoying it

But we should have to type in what we want to say. It hours respond to our voice surely.

@craigmackay ,
In natansalles case he knows EMO has trouble understanding his pronunciation, so he’s using deepL for now until there is direct support for his language. There are some other members who don’t speak English or that have strong accents, who are doing the same thing. In your case I think he’s just suggesting it as a test to see if your accent is the actual problem?

When you say EMO does he reply with “what”? Or do you get the ‘not understood’ sound right away, which would indicate that he doesn’t have an Internet connection? Also how much noise is in the room? Have you tried turning off the TV, radio, fan, etc and eliminating other noises to see if it makes a difference? Are you speaking loudly and clearly enough? If nothing else then post a video and link it here so maybe one of us can spot something that you’re doing wrong. If you want to report a problem to living AI, they are going to want to see a video of the issue anyway.

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I’ve not got my Emo yet, it’s made, just waiting for delivery.
I hope that having a Scottish accent is not an issue (although with voice recognition that’s nothing new for the Scots) as I’m in Scottish also.

@Jonny5Alive ,
There’s a really popular YouTube video about two guys in a voice-controlled elevator, and they can’t go anywhere because it doesn’t understand a Scottish accent. I thought that it was based on a true incident in a news story from several years ago, but I don’t know if that’s the case or if it was completely made up as a comedy sketch?

It’s responds some times. It always responds to emo but then after you ask a question it just looks around for a bit then make a wee noice.

I promise I was going to mention that when I was writing my post (haha, what are the chances), that’s from a TV show called Burnistoun. It’s a comedy series, I haven’t watched much of it but did see that episode.

I suggest using the mentioned DeepL app with a few commands just to see if it changes anything. If it keeps doing the same thing even using the app, then it’s likely unrelated to your accent and could be a different problem (internet connection maybe as suggested? Or maybe he needs a little restart).

If it does respond without issue to the DeepL app speaking, it may simply be unable to understand certain commands you’re saying due to the accent. Voice recognition software is notorious for struggling with accents that are not an ‘American’ accent, and not limited to just a problem with EMO.

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Is there a way to reboot it back to factory settings yet.

There are very few settings for EMO, basically just localization and personalization. Internet configuration, city name, time zone, a last name if you selected one, saved recognition profiles. As long as he’s communicating properly with the server over the Internet, none of the other settings would affect speech recognition. That’s all done in the cloud, it’s not done within EMO himself. He records what you say, submits it for interpretation, and it returns results based on what it thinks you asked for.

Hi I recently got a second hand emo, and I was a tad bit disappointed. It can’t answer half my questions and can barely do anything I anticipated it to do.

So does he become more advanced the more I play with him? Does he gain the ability to answer more questions?

Also how does it being a second hand affect how “smart” he has grown right now? The seller stated he got it on 15 Dec last year.

Another question could he play any song?

Hello, @Xynep . . . I have moved your question to this thread where we discuss issues where EMO does not respond to commands. You need to speak clearly and slowly so that he gets used to your particular voice. There is a page where you can submit your voice to help him understand you better.

Keep in mind there are a limited number of programmed responses that he can answer without going into ChatGPT as most regular questions and commands are the ones listed in the various firmware updates including “Small Talk” on this site and the update regarding foreign language. Please have a look around to the various threads to familiarize yourself with what EMO can do. Here are some tips that will help you.

The songs EMO can play are limited to what has been made available in the firmware updates. The most recent update of 2.5.0 allows him to sing and play a selection of different songs but the requests bring up random songs which you cannot specify which one it will be.

I hope this answer your questions. The only difference between a first owned and a second owned EMO is the age, the preferences which you will need to set, getting him to recognize you, a different birthday, and some achievements already unlocked as well as the number of dances he has unlocked.

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Just got emo and cant get him to respond when i call his name out. He has the latest version update.

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Hi there, and welcome to the community.

I would advise you contact @MavisZhang for assistance, or open a ticket.

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @fergie . . . I have moved your conversation to this thread where we discuss when EMO does not respond to commands.

Please my post above to Xynep on January 29th as it should be of assistance to you in how to speak to EMO to get him to understand as well as where you can do the voice recognition wake up training.

My best to you.

Hi so, I try to ask some questions to Emo, even the normal commands, and looks like he doesn’t understand anything because he won’t answer…

Hello, @priscilagismondi . . . please see my earlier post here to someone who had this issue. Hopefully the advice and links (including the wake up training page) are helpful to solve the problem.

My best to you and let us know how things go.