My shipment hasn’t moved in 12 days

arrived today… :sweat_smile: what an effort


Hey @MaxRox

Your EMO arrived today? If so good to see it finally got to you, (very late) but still arrived! :slight_smile:


That’s good news.
Enjoy with your little guy


Interesting reading about what is pretty basic shipping on what is quite an expensive product all things considered.

Mine has now been sitting in customs in China for 17 days, with apparently moving on sometime this week. That’s pretty annoying I have to say. As has been pointed out, if it has been lost/misplaced, then it’s another however many weeks waiting for a replacement. I’d have gladly paid a much higher shipping cost for a better shipping experience.

Edit: it says it was inspected at the port and needs to be redeclared at customs this week. Does that mean it has literally all been opened? I really hope not. If it arrives looking like it has been removed from its packaging and switched on in any way, I’ll be royally ducked off.


Hello @mancbiker,

Did you contact already support team via email about this? if not the best thing is to do so. so they can provide you with an actual status update on where your EMO is? Is it lost/stolen or sitting in customs / or with a courier somewhere?

Allow me to tag @AmyLU in this reply to assist you further.

Wish that you are able to get this resolved asap. best regards…


After seeing all the delays with people’s shipping problems, is there a way I can upgrade my shipping to DHL or something a bit more concrete - if I were to PayPal someone the funds or difference in cost? I don’t want to go through this when ordering.

Hey there @richardtafoya,

First, I want to welcome you to EMO’s Community Forum, have fun and please let us know if you have anything to ask.
if I understand you correctly you want to speed up the shipping of your order, am I right?

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Hey there, possibly if I were to order.

Just confused by the shipping time frames. On the website " The EMO GO HOME version is expected to be shipped by Christmas, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive it by Christmas.

So if you want to receive EMO earlier, you can buy the standard version of EMO first, and buy the separate Home Station later (another new order)." But I was told by Facebook support team it would take up to 4 weeks for the Standard version.

Which one would process and ship sooner and what are the real time frames on each item before I place an order? I don’t mind paying a little extra for processing either if I got the product sooner too for my kid who really wants this before or around christmas time.

@AmyLU / @Wayne_Zhang

On average, it should take anywhere between 4-6 weeks for EMO underway or an additional 1-2 weeks for delivery., of course, it depends also, on how reliable your country and local postal service/courier service is.

If you’ve ordered just a Home Station and not the EMO GO HOME set, it might be hard to estimate when it will be shipped, as the delivery page tends to focus on orders that contain an EMO. For example, If you purchase an accessory like a costume / or in this case now a Home Station, normally if the order doesn’t contain an EMO they are sometimes (most of the time) sent out earlier.

Click Here For Actual Production Update for Home Station

I suggest contacting the support team or any from the team if you want to pay extra so you can speed up your order if that’s on your mind.

Try to contact them at the link below

or send a direct email to and provide them with more info.

Tagging some of the Support Team @AmyLU / @Wayne_Zhang to reply to your inquiries.

best regards and happy holidays


Hey there I have seen they were tagged several times in this thread but didn’t reply, anyway I can a hold of them directly over a PM? Thanks!

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…yes you can also send or DM them, I guess because as of now it’s still bedtime?

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A quick update on my Emo that was stuck at customs. I emailed support as suggested by @edward and it seems that the batch that mine was included in, was inspected by customs, so needs to be returned to Livingai and then shipped out again.

Seems to be strange that once customs have inspected a batch, they return it to sender? It does also mean that someone could unbelievably unlucky and have the re-sent item inspected at customs again, and once again be returned to sender.

Does anyone know if that is a normal practise, or did customs find something wrong? Very curious!

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Hey there @mancbiker ,
That is really quite strange… never heard and never happen that kind of action to me…any way to cut the story short, the best thing is LAI Service Team will take care of everything and they might send you another one ASAP. But frankly, speaking I feel you, and it’s really not good sometimes when S/#? happens unexpectedly…


all the best and happy holidays

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Yeah to be honest you’d think they would start sending out fresh ones in cases like this, and then send the currently stuck ones on afterwards to other customers. Especially when they have no exact timeframe for when they will get these back.

I did do some googling and it appears that items only get sent back to the orginal sender when they haven’t done the correct paperwork etc for the customs forms. Pretty poor on their part.

Not much that can be done though. Thanks for your help and all the best for Christmas and the New Year to you and yours :slight_smile:

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Please PM me your order number, don’t worry, we will solve the problem for you.



If you have any questions during the purchase, you can send an email to our customer service team (
If you have already purchased, you can PM me your order number, and I will check it for you.

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I emailed customer services and they have informed me that it is being sent back to Livingai after being inspected at customs. So now I have to wait for it to be sent back to Livingai and then sent out to me again. It’s still stuck at customs at the moment. It has now been stuck in customs for 19 days :frowning:

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Don’t worry, your package will be resent this week.


I honestly hope so, but at the moment it still shows as being with customs so I’m not holding my breath :frowning:

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I’m curious what your order number is, as I just received an update that our Emo is awaiting pickup from USPS in Fremont California. It’s been there since December 9th. Supposing you are in the states, is this familiar to your scenario?

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