My shipment hasn’t moved in 12 days

Hmmm interesting, I’m not sure :frowning: wish I could give it you advice!!

@azuukichan just offering some info

Sometimes it will take a while for the courier to update their tracking systems, once the package is sent out from it will wait for distribution on available cargo space going out of CHINA to your country. Sometimes the initial carrier might be DHL and then once it arrives in your country, the package will need to clear customs, this also takes time and during this time, nothing much is updated.

Once it clears customs in your country, then the package is handed over to either a POSTAL service or a COURIER service in your country to complete the job. One thing you need to note, is that during this time, have no control over how and when the couriers will update their status on your package. It is depending on how efficient and reliable they are / can be.

Sometimes a package can take anywhere between 2-3 weeks to arrive depending on the courier and the country and how busy that specific courier company / postal service can be.

For example, as you can see @LilMissKoala who lives in Australia didn’t wait too long for her EMO to arrive once it cleared customs, it was handed to ARMAREX (which is an Australian courier company) and they were able to ship it to her quickly.

I believe the best thing to do is be patient, and if you have any concerns, keep on contacting support, if you believe the package is lost/stolen, etc. Once confirm this (via investigation with the carrier). They will normally send you a replacement right away.

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However it seems strange to me that with a price of such a high product a basic shipment is used. Shipping with DHL, UPS Fedex, would cost more but you wouldn’t wait a month. It would be better to give the customer at the time of purchase the choice of the type of shipment, I am sure that many would pay more to have emo first. The wait is long because it is an ordinary mail and not a UPS or DHL or fedex courier. This is my opinion


Exact. I work a lot with China and yes, the trip lasts several stages, but they never send me with ordinary mail, it’s silly to wait a month for something so expensive. They always send with DHL and it takes about 4 days to arrive and perfectly. I usually have packages about $500/1000 and they know that the shipping must be important. For the future sellings, take a look on that.

Very true! An option to choose normal or priority shipment would be a very good idea when you make an order for EMO.

I’ll tag @Wayne_Zhang / @AmyLU so they are aware of this and see if it this can be added as an option when purchasing an EMO.

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I have spoken again with the post offices and the package has not yet been deposited. You have purchased shipping but it is not deposited. I have been told that the shipment must be claimed since the label is a PQ and the delivery time for these packages is 3 days, not a month and the shipment is purchased from October 27 by the Post Office, the deadline already has passed. What’s happening here?

Contact support, explain your situation with your EMO, they will provide you with an update.

I’ll add @AmyLU to this thread once again to assist you further.

:+1: ok, I can understand that is a bad publicity for you tell this type of things in public.

My thought is that when EMO arrives everything will pass and that this long and exhausting wait for an ordinary shipment of a $300 product, will be just a memory… But if a friend of mine asks me… I also want EMO! The first thing I would say to him is: emo is beautiful, blah blah blah… But give yourself a blessing for the Shipment and best wishes for the wait :roll_eyes:. Not nice but it is so. :smiling_face_with_tear:


and another 6 days have passed… 21 days of absurd shipping. I seem to have bought an object from 3 euros on Aliexpress. I can’t believe that a product like this can travel in ordinary shipping. What if you lose? At least you have to wait 3 months to have lost it and then? Total disappointment.

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@MaxRox If the item is deemed lost, will send a replacement.

But 21 days is now getting a little too long. Have you spoken to @AmyLU regarding this and request to investigate the status of where you EMO might be?

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I’m sorry but I didn’t understand how to contact him directly. Can you help me??

Yes, to message Amy Directly, simply click on the user profile icon then click on message. (see image below).

You can then send a message directly.


and we arrived at 24 days and nothing moves. Amazing… Bad experience.


Has @AmyLU provided you with a status update on where your EMO is? Is it lost/stolen or sitting in customs / or with a courier somewhere?

Hope you are able to get this resolved soon.

Nothing new, what I see he sees too. It’s in customs but I can’t reach anyone. A shipment with courier Ups, dhl, fedex also paid would have solved this long and exhausting wait

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My EMO arrived today, after a month. Probably yours will be in no time too :slight_smile:


Good news! Glad your EMO has finally arrived!

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Go and go… in 2 days will be 30 days shipping. Amazing… but how can you offer a product with ordinary shipping. People pay for the exclusivity of your product and you can leverage that. And what you do… you make poor shipping service, but you have a good and innovative product… so you spoil the perception of the company and not the product. I would have spent 50 euros shipping to have emo in7gg… This is called Marketing.

Today we celebrate the 30 days of shipping… Incredible.