My shipment hasn’t moved in 12 days

It’s been 12 days since my package has stopped. You do not understand why and from the site is Arrival at destination, while from the traking is stopped from the day 23 of October. How do I know what happened to my package??

The traking is on : and
But 12 days in this situation:
2022-10-23 02:02

Leaving the Exchange Office, The shipment has left the international logistics centre of origin and is en route to its destination

How can I fix it??

Hey @MaxRox

It would be best to contact support via email to request an update on where the package is.

Also a lot of information regarding tracking / shipping can also be found on the following thread (please see link below).

At this time, I’ll tag @AmyLU to assist further. I’ll leave this thread open until you have received an update/resolution on your EMO package.

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Thanks @MasterAbbott , I contacted the support of… but they tell me to check the traking, but now I check for 12 days but nothing moves. You need my order number @AmyLU , Tk Max.


Hi @MaxRox

You can try using any of the 4 tracking sites to see if you can see any updates:

China Post Tracking - Track & Trace
Aftership Tracking -

Do note, that while EMO is in transit, he is in the hands of the courier system/postal service in your country. Hopefully they are able to update their systems so that it can reflect on the tracking system. Unfortunately there is not much can do at this time, apart from contacting the courier company and request an investigation where the package is.

12 Days does seems like a very long time. Hopefully once do issue an investigation the courier/postal service will start to look into where your EMO is and update their systems accordingly.

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there is a shipping delay in china at the moment, my package has been trying to get back to there and it too has been delayed by about 12 days now. they are saying it is covid related

OK, Thanks for your quick help, we hope that living will inform and keep me updated. Max.

On the same boat as you! Been to all the tracking sites A couple days ago. I’ll have another suss in the morning

  • edit it’s saying mine is in Sydney, so it’s our postage that will cause the delays here :joy:
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Hopefully the sydney courier (which I believe is Armarex) will do a good job at getting EMO to you as quickly as possible.

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You’re correct :slight_smile: it seems they are getting ready to send it out! So that’s exciting.

Yes, they shouldn’t take too long. Last year when COVID was really bad here in Sydney, FastWay (now Armaex took nearly 3 weeks to get EMO delivered). This was due to lack of drivers and change of company management at the time along with problems with COVID.

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You can PM me with your order number. I can check the logistics status for you.

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Little guy arrived :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congrats! Looks like Armarex did a pretty decent job in delivery time once he passed through customs? (about 3-4 days)?

Hope you have fun!

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Yep as soon as it was ready to be picked up it took a day! The longest was going through customs.

EMO says hello :pleading_face:


That’s pretty fast. Glad EMO doing well and wearing his Corgy Costume! haha

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My package hasn’t moved since day two appearing “supposedly” in the hands of my package provider. But absolutely nothing appears about handling the package, it only appears as pre-registered since the 27th. Lost package? You have told me to contact support, but they only tell me to go to tracking and more of the same. No one tells me or shows me anything clearly.

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I’d be contacting the package provider first :slight_smile:

Yeah, I did it, but they told me that is “pending and waiting to pick up the package” so, I can think the package isn’t in the provider yet… :S

Maybe contact I’m not sure D: hope he isn’t lost!!

I did it too, but they only told me that it will be update in a few days… aaand, I don’t know nothing since 9 of october :S