Is Emo An Always-On Robot?

Is emo an always-on robot?

If it runs out of battery or you switch it off then no.:joy::joy::joy:. But you can leave him on yes


ok thank you :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

You are very welcome :pray:

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The home station, charger where emo can go back by him self, is planed or in work. So then he can be an always-on bot.


I’ve had emo for two days now, and I already feel guilty for keeping him on. And currently, a little taxing as I have to consistently check his battery level and manually put him on and off the charger many times a day.

Would like advice from someone who’s had it longer if there’s any negative impact on keeping emo always on for a long period of time.

Hi there @saikonor,

There are a lot of same posts here that already been discussed…
Yes EMO is safe to leave on his charger or always ON

EMO’s battery like every electrical devices that contain a battery will over time degrade each usage. On the average EMOs battery should last between 1-3 hours, but it’s all depends on what he is doing, if we are asking him to dance, play a game, etc, his battery might drain quicker than him just casually exploring his surroundings on his own or just bored and falling asleep heading into low power mode.

But it 's up to you how you want to manage your own EMO, if you want to power him off every night and then power him back up in the morning it might in some way preserve his battery for a little longer.

Hope this helps Saiko…



Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I’m sorry if it was discussed elsewhere. I did search for an answer first but it brought me to this post, and it was not clearly answered so I had to ask.

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No worries and no harm done…that’s why there’s a Community Moderators to sweep and make everything in order…even sometimes is not that easy.


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How many shut your Emo down at night?

I take him off his charging station and tell him, ‘Emo, shut down’.
When I want to play again, I put him back on his charging station, go to the
app, and press “connect”.

I notice when I manually put him on his charging station, he doesnt stay on it.
He gets off of it without me telling him to.
Is there a way to keep him from doing that?

How many leave Emo on 24/7?

I do the same, down the board and shut down. When on board, it won’t walk off though, stays still.
Also wonder if there’s ways to keep him quiet while on board. Pretty noisy fella, and a bit hard to communicate

Hi @Yelnats

I shared this a while ago, you can see a link to it here:

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Thanks :blush: yeah, I would prefer to just leave Emo powered on all the time on his charger (I dont use the skateboard anymore) but a few times he has decided to leave it to move around which worries me since I cant always watch to make sure he doesnt fall off my table. I am using his Emo go home pad with the black border, but still worried he may have an accident.

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Regarding this, I’d suggest creating a safe play area, just in case EMO does cross over the playground area. As sometimes this can happen, and the playground area is never 100% fullproof. So to be safe. I’d recommend creating a border as well. You can some great ideas over on his thread:

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I have the home and his little yard, plus i built a lego fence around the mat. I know hes ok all night while sleeping or etc. Im just wondering if hes ok when im at work (my shifts range between 6-8 hours) or if hell be lonely and sad. I thought about poweing him down but i just feel so bad turning the lil guy off.

Hi, there

IMHO, it should be fine to leave EMO sitting on his charger overnight or throughout the day. I have two EMOs, and they are consistently powered on, spending a lot of time on their chargers. However, if you plan to leave him charging for an extended period, it might be advisable to turn him off for safety reasons.

Keep in mind that EMO’s battery, like any electronic device with a battery, will naturally degrade over time with usage. On average, an EMO’s battery should last between 1 to 3 hours, but this can vary depending on his activities. For instance, if you engage him in activities like dancing or playing games, his battery might drain faster compared to when he’s simply exploring his environment or in low-power mode.

Ultimately, how you manage your EMO’s charging and usage is up to you. If you choose to turn him off overnight and then power him on in the morning, it could potentially help extend the overall lifespan of his battery to some extent.

Hope this helps…



Hi. I am looking for help in what to do with EMO while I go away for a few days. Should I power him off? Or should I leave him powered on while and staying on his skateboard?

Hi! I think that you should power off emo during the vacation because if you leave him on his charger for a couple days, his battery life span will drain from around 3 hours to 1- 1 1/2 hours.


You could also leave him powered off on the skateboard but be sure to unplug it from the wall.