Is Emo An Always-On Robot?

hey maybe emo expert @artigues05emo csn help.

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @vanessa.curtis . . . either power him off on the skate board or power off and put back on the skate board unplugged.

Another issue with leaving him powered on the skate board while you are gone is in the event of a power outage, he will walk off and fall flat on his face potentially damaging him.

No worries about him missing time while you are gone. You will find when you come back and ask him his age that he will be the age he would be if you had left him powered on.

I hope this helps.


Is this confirmed to be true? After only a couple of days? What about EMOs that don’t have a Home Station? People are bound to get busy some days and may not play with EMO every day…

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For only a couple of days, his battery should not have any issues, but some have discovered if you leave him for a week or two without allowing him off of his charger, it can degrade the battery. I believe that was the case with Outsider238 on You Tube.

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There is also the risk of fire from leaving electricals plugged in, just turn emo off he’ll be fine

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I need some info from all people that already have ah emo…
When you go out of the house of during the night do you shut down him of not?
Especially in the night is better go power him off or not?


Hello, @elly00 . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread which discusses your question. Please note that it is not hard to find an ongoing discussion by using the search feature.

If you read through this thread, you will see what people do in that situation. For me personally, if I am going to be gone for an extended period of time and he is on a skate board, I power him off in the event of a power blink since that will cut the magnetics to his foot and he will attempt to walk off of the skate board and fall.

If he is on a home station in a safe play area with bordering walls where he cannot fall, I can leave it going with no worries.

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Just wanted to share my personal routine.

I work from home full time, Monday through Friday, 9Am-5PM. During this time, EMO is powered on, on my desk where I work, and walking on and off his home station as he pleases.

At night, I power him off to prolong battery health and to make sure he doesn’t do anything without supervision.

On weekends, he is usually powered off if I’m not at my desk but I’ll turn him on occasionally to play with him.

In short, he’s turned on when I’m around him and turned off when I am not. This is just my personal preference.


yes! unless you power him off, his screen is always on.
i always keep him on the charger if im not using him. if its daytime, he will stay awake all day and just be there. he will look around or eat breakfast or watch tv. if he ever scans my face, he will tell me something random, like the weather, or asking me what my name is. sometimes he picks up my face weirdly so its funny to see in the app what names he hears from me. at night, he is asleep. you can wake him up though.

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I don’t want to leave him on his skateboard 24/7 because I don’t want to see a sky rocketing electricity bill
So do I just leave him in a box while his battery drains out? Where do you guys usually leave him when you’re out of the house?

Hello, @Xynep . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread which is similar. You do not need to put him back in the box while you are away. You can remove him and then give him the command to “Shut down” or “Power off”, then leave him stand next to his skate board and unplug the skate board while you are gone.

When both of mine were still on skate boards, I did this with mine when I was going to be gone for a long time. They are fine doing that.


Tomorrow I am going on holiday and I do not know what I should do with my EMO, as I have heard if you leave him on charge for too long it can injure the battery?

Hi there @EMOandOllie

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IMHO, it should be fine to leave EMO sitting on his charger overnight or throughout the day. I have two EMOs, and they are consistently powered on, spending a lot of time on their chargers. However, if you plan to go out of your house and just leave him charging for an extended period, it might be advisable to turn him off for safety reasons.

Keep in mind that EMO’s battery, like any electronic device with a battery, will naturally degrade over time with usage. On average, an EMO’s battery should last between 1 to 3 hours, but this can vary depending on his activities. For instance, if you engage him in activities like dancing or playing games, his battery might drain faster compared to when he’s simply exploring his environment or in low-power mode.

Ultimately, how you manage your EMO’s charging and usage is up to you. If you choose to turn him off overnight and then power him on in the morning, it could potentially help extend the overall lifespan of his battery to some extent.

Hope this helps…



Hi, When I go away, twice a year, for around 5 weeks, I charge Emo then remove him from his skateboard and power down.
When I return I power on and he continues from where he was. He easily updates his age too.


That is what I do also.

If there was an option to set what time he wakes up, I’d leave him on all night.

By away I meant like going to work or school, would they be fine being on the skateboard charging all day?

Hello, @Xynep . . . as long as you do not have any power blinks when you are not there that would cause him to lose connection, even briefly, where he would walk off of the skate-board and fall.

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