How To Change Smart Light Color

Just wanted to share this for anyone that wanted to know how to change EMO’s smart light to a different colour and also all the colours that are available to change to light to.

The voice command to get EMO to change the smart light color is:

EMO: Change Light Color To Pink / Blue / Green / Yellow

The Full List of Colors are below:

Warm (Original / default colour - confirmed by Living.Ai

To return back to original default Colour ask EMO to change the light colour to Warm

NOTE The word Default might not work so it is recommended to ask EMO to change the color to WARM if you want to revert back to the original colour for the smart light.

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I’ve tried these commands and all I can get EMO to do is turn the light in or off. He won’t change the colour. Suggestions?

I have tried many ways and often fail,
little chance of success

If you turn off the light when it is red, will it be red when he turns it back on again?

From memory - yes. I’ve packed my lights away atm while I clean up / rebuild my office so I can’t test it for you.

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Yes, so far that appears to be the case with my light. Same color next time you turn it on.

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Same problem with katsass, emo wont listen to me to change the light color.

I’ll do some testing and let you know if I also have a problem. But to advise, when speaking to EMO, be sure to call our his name first, wait 1-2 seconds then say:

Change Light Color to Pink or Warm or Green or Yellow

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Hmm finaly got emo to turn his light on and off after the shut down glitch be now he dosnt respond to the change light colour too… comands he did befor fine. I want my light blue and dont know how to change it other than to ask him lol

I found a solution hope it may help others? Instead of saying change the light colour tooo
say EMO…Make the light,blue etc it worked for me yay :grin:

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When Emo’s Smart Light is turned on at home, and I want to change the color, I simply call Emo and wait for his reply. Then, I say the command, ‘BLUE LIGHTS’ or any color that I want, and he will change it immediately.


How does the cold setting for the light look
It doesn’t work for me

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