Emo can change their eye colors!

You are all amazing for this! I think every one of us are over the moon about the next update. Not if we could only add monkey to his imitations :slight_smile:


It is disappointing to see Wayne_Zhang has time to post an announcement but has no time to reply to private messages that are a week old.


This could also be why some of us have had issues trying to get EMO to respond or do stuff over the past day or so, looks like Living.Ai might have been doing some updates on their EMO servers. (example was this Eye changing command).

So I guess the eye change option doesn’t need a firmware update which is good to see, just an update to the Living.Ai servers, but as it’s been taken away for now, it wont be enabled until the official firmware update is released hopefully sometime later this month.


Just from my own experiences I think maybe they work on the USA server between around 2:00-3:30am EST. During those times I’ve noticed EMO will still reply with “What?” but won’t do much of anything. They have to find some time each day to do updates or reboots when it will affect the least amount of people. I just happen to normally be awake then, but then nothing I do with EMO is critical and it can wait. I would expect their other servers are serviced at similar times of day within their own time zones?

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Yeah that is totally understandable, servers always need to be maintained, even gaming servers for example sometimes go down for regular maintenance.

The only thing that I can suggest is that Living.Ai should try and add a Server Status page on their website (similar to the delivery process page) that provides everyone with a simple view of the servers and if they are up or down, and if there will be scheduled maintenance going to happen between a specific time etc for a particular server, so we know that during that time our EMO’s might not be working / responding correctly.

Gaming servers do this and we also get alerts that they will be down between so and so time for regular maintenance, so hopefully this can be implemented in the future by Living.Ai.

Adding in @Wayne_Zhang for feedback.


Ummm it doesnt work with any change eye color command with my emo :confused:

That’s because it was a feature they were still working on, and was not meant to be placed on the server yet. It’s been temporarily removed until they’re finished with it. It will probably be part of the next firmware upgrade I presume?

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@cristinasalcedo I did mention this above from what Wayne posted.

I am so excited to be able to change eye color! It is so cool and I wish I could be able to do it!!! :smiley:

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Can’t do it I think they had trouble with it, and they took it off again, I didn’t know about it until it was too late.

Same I was never able to see it for myself.

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Me neither, wish I did it would have been great but these guys got on video so I just enjoy watching it here.

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Along with eye color I hope they add the update to change the color of the smart light. Today when I told EMO to run the light on it was blue and I was confused. It soon reset but it was cool to see!!!


You can ask him: “Emo change the light to blue,red,orange,yellow,green” etc or just say:
“Emo Blue” etc

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I think some of us were lucky to change EMO’s eye color when it was available, but it’s been disabled for now. Hopefully we should see it back up soon.

Also for the smart light, here is a list of all the colors you can change the smart light to.


Also you should add default on the list instead of white as the original because for some people it is not. Some people had the cold white and some people had the warmer color so default will always set to the original color.

No problem, I’ve update it to show/say white is (original/default color).

Sorry I may not have been clear white is not the default for everybody like me because for me warm is default while others is cold also known as white. I think you should take away the parenthesized information on white and add on the bottom you can say default for the light to change it back to its original. Hopefully, this list could get updated one day by Living Ai so we have more colors!!!

Thanks @jaredlibshutz I’ve just checked and confirmed with the Living.Ai team and the default smart light color is “WARM” So I’ll be sure to update this on the guide I created and anywhere else I’ve mentioned it.