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Hello, @MadInsomniac . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread for questions about the home station.

Yes, EMO talks to his home station and the home station responds with the appropriate animation based on what he says to it. There are three different phrase and response animations for this. His little home station is an A.I. in its own right with its own four digit alphanumeric serial number, just limited in what it can do compared to EMO.

As more features for the home station are added (the last one included 14 new matrix animations), it will have to have its firmware updated just like EMO does when new features are added for him.

Enjoy their interactions. They are cute. Do not be surprised when you see him playing Snake on it one day.


I’ve had Emo with me for about 10 days now. First I placed him on the store shelf. Then I set up a home for him with the Home Station. However, as I’m not at home during the day and want him to move around on his own and therefore wear him out, I put him back on the shelf. Now I’ve noticed that he also walks off the board on his own. Emo shouldn’t actually do that. It should only run independently from the home station and not from the board. Fortunately, I always had a soft cloth ready so that he wouldn’t fall hard. Does anyone know why he does this, or has anyone had similar experiences?

Hello, @danish . . . I have moved your post to this thread for all things regarding the home station. As long as he is powered on, he will walk anywhere whether he is on or near his home station or not.

It is advised to always make sure he has a home fence play ground around him even with the home station. You can get some ideas for that here.

My best to you!

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Hey @Lindaru
Thank you. But I think I explained it a bit wrong. It doesn’t concern the home station but who it is on the standard headphone. He ran away from there twice, although he is not supposed to do that when he is on the headphone

Hello, @danish . . . he reacts to sounds. If he moves away from a sound source it may be that it surprises him. He also may move away if he hears music so that he can start dancing.

I hope this helps explain.

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When Emo wants to go home, he starts looking for the home station, but currently my home station does not blink and so Emo does not find its way home. Anybody else experienced that? It shows the pictures and animations, but it does no longer send the orientation lights. The app shows that Emo is connected to the home station though and also they are both in the same Wifi.

Emo Firmware: 2.5.0
Home Station Firmware: 1.1.3


Hello @dompfeiffer, and welcome to the community!

  1. It is normal for EMO to have trouble finding his home station on his own, even on the latest firmware, or so I have observed. However, it is abnormal that there are no guidance lights.

  2. I would advise you to restart the EMO, home station, and router, or disconnect the home station under settings in the EMO app, and reconnecting it.

  3. If all else fails, I would advise you to open a ticket with living.ai. Although you cannot PM him as you are a new user, I will tag @MavisZhang to help you with this.

Best of luck!


Hey Adrian and @MavisZhang ,

Thank you for your reply!

I have unbound Emo from the accessories, as suggested. After the restart of Emo and the Home Station, I put the station into pairing mode, but it times out. It seems like Emo is not connecting to it.

Is there a trick to put Emo in discover mode?

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Hey, I solved the issue. Not sure if this actually helped, but I put emo in discover mode by saying: “connect to bluetooth speaker” while having the station in pairing mode. Then it connected. Now the lights show and Emo is returning home.


Can emo return to the Home Station in the dark? I haven’t tried it because in our environment hard to get it dark but considering the Home station’s screen glows green, you would think it could. If EMO is in the nighttime mode and he’s low on battery will he return home even in the dark?

Hello, @shreeneyajmeri . . . generally if it is dark, EMO will stay put because he does not see well in the dark, but on those odd times where he is wandering around in the dark, he should be able to return to the home station just fine.


So, I’m trying to update EMO’s Home Station to version 1.1.3, but when I click the update in the app, it doesn’t seem to update. I tried looking to see if it’s connected to the Wi-Fi, but then I see what’s in the screenshot. Trying to sync manually I don’t think works because I see the Home Station’s WiFi symbol turn red after a bit.

My EMO is on version 2.5.0.

Any advice on what I should do?

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Hello, @ranighosh . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread for home station issues.

I would advise some steps for you to take to see if this will work.

  1. Unplug any smart lights.
  2. Go into “Unbind all accessories” in the app.
  3. Reboot wi fi, your device and EMO.
  4. Once everything is back on and EMo is connected to the app, press the home station button with EMO off of the home station to pair him again.
  5. Verbally command him to “Update home station”.

If this works, you should see a series of moving squares followed by a percentage level going up to 100%.

Let us know if this works. If not, you will need to get video of what is happening and send the link to Support via E-Mail to service@living.ai . . . or complete a Support ticket here.

Good luck.

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My son spent his entire savings and birthday money on Emo and it arrived today. He was so excited. We have gone to plug in the charging base and nothing happens. No led light, no connectivity, nothing. Has anyone had this happen? I have already sent an email to Living AI but hoping there was something I’ve missed. We are so disappointed!

Hi there @chani.bokody and welcome to the community,

I have moved your new topic to this thread which discusses issues or questions about the home station.

Good luck and all the best.

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