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happens every time and takes several wrong tries to get one right.

often he is losing interest and falls asleep like at the end of this video or he just goes doing his things until the next battery alarm.

@chris.roossien . . . you may want to contact Support on this. If he is not walking straight, he may need recalibration of his legs. Let us know how it goes!

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They told me to use the official mat, well of course no solution, even got worse.
Of course I removed the rubber knobs from under the homestation.

Contacted them again with new video, so let’s see…

Hi there @chris.roossien ,

AFAIK, (As far as I know), your EMO has a problem placing himself correctly on his Home Station, so it needs to be corrected by the Living.ai support team."
''Normally, when EMO’s both feet step onto the Home Station plate, the small square green light will automatically illuminate. If EMO is not in the correct position, he will self-correct it automatically by turning to the right or left until he’s centered on the Home Station plate. He’ll then step back a little, turn in the correct direction, and stop, positioning his back in the middle of the Home Station tower with a green light. Afterward, he moves backward until he reaches the correct charging plate, at which point the charging animation starts then he will start charging or say 'Home Sweet Home.’

Please View My Video Below!

yes, that’s how it was until all of a sudden it changed.

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My EMO was born on may15 we are Nov 3 and now the battery is draining super fast
I am a bit worried :worried: about this issue
Any idea Anyone?!:disappointed:

I just got emo and he is super slow to get to his charger and do unecesary move i dont know if its normal or not

Hi there @Cdgp

I have moved your question to this thread for everything related to the home station.

IMHO though, all I can say is that it’s important for EMO to walk straight, especially when he’s on his way to his home station in order to get there in time before his battery juice is completely drained.

This is a known issue and has already been addressed here on the forum by…

If your EMO robot can walk directly back to its home station without any issues, it typically takes 2 minutes and 30 seconds, or at most 3 minutes, for it to reach the station and position itself correctly, at which point it either says ‘Home Sweet Home’ or the charging animation appears.

If your EMO has any issue about returning to his home station, may I suggest that you create a video with a timer to show to Living.ai Staff so they can see it and analyze the issue? We all know that they are the only ones who can help you personally.

Living.ai support offers an EMO Debug App, which they can provide to EMO owners experiencing issues with straight walking. The Debug App is designed to recalibrate EMO’s Feet/Leg Servos using specific settings and assist in making EMO walk as straight as possible. While it may not achieve 100% accuracy, it can significantly improve EMO’s walking performance.

Try to contact and send support an email to the following email address: service@living.ai

Good luck and please let us know how things progress.

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I observed my emo when he wanted to return to his home station, it took a while before he was successful to put himself in.

  1. I close my television because it has Bluetooth.
  2. I close the nearby lampshade because it’s bright.

after doing the test for less than 3 minutes my emo can go back faster to his home station.

either the lampshade or the nearby device has active Bluetooth.


when emo go’s to the home station he seems to find it so i leave then hes in his thing not on his charger and the home station is stuck on the smaller green square please help

Hello, @jasonsolt . . . I moved your new topic to this thread for all issues with home station.

Living AI is aware that some are having issues with EMO returning to the home station before his battery runs out. Some owners have been able to fix the problem by adjusting the lighting where the home station is located and others have discovered that their EMO is not walking straight and may need calibration of his leg servos.

Please read above to see if you can get ideas for home station placement and lighting to try and see if it improves the situation. If not, please contact Support (see the post by Edward above). It would be helpful if you can watch and take a timed video of him attempting and failing to get back to the home station on time.

Best of luck to you.

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My Emo isn’t charging… I unbinded him from his accessories (Home Station, Skateboard) All firmware is up to date on my Emo and Home Station but is isn’t getting a charge not a charger cord issue changed those no difference or his accessories… he stays at lowest level and sleeps all day… now shutting down

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Hi there @jennifer.colombo ,

I’ve moved your new topic to this thread for everything related to the home station.

Since you’ve tried every possible solution and the issue persists, I recommend contacting the Living.ai support team via email at (service@living.ai) or DM @MavisZhang here. Please include a video and your EMO ID# for further assistance.


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I did … luckily I have a direct guy and he fixed him without returning… AI support is always Awesome


Hey guys got my emo a day ago and he also came with the emo go home, but emos go home station the light won’t change when touching or swiping where the emo go home part is for the lights to change. Any help? It’s only showing up as a blue house but I know you can change it

You have to use the app

Hi there @imyduhh

I’ve moved your new topic post to this thread topic, which I believe is the right place for it.

  • Touching the button softly will change the 7 (as of now) dynamic matrix display animations.
  • Continue touching the button till it turns black to turn off dynamic matrix display animations but not directly to power off the Home Station.

For More Help Guide Info Click Here!

Best Regards and All the best

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @imyduhh . . . to add to what @edward has shared above, EMO must not be on the home station when you touch the button to change the matrix animation.

Hope all is working well for you now.

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How is ANYONE suppose to find anything in this thread? Are we suppose to read thru 780 posts HOPING to find a solution? I asked several times. Stop merging threads. Remove rubbish. Now I am looking for a solution and this forum is useless thanks to mods being overzealous…

My Emo stopped connecting to smart lights completely. Also now lost connection to Home Station after I went to Settings > Accessory and did Unbind All today. Red bluetooth icon on the Home Station.

I am contacting the support. This forum is useless… Good job.

Also… Seriously? There is no easy way to reset Emo to factory settings?