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Just got my Homestation :tada: After 4 months.

My EMO worked surprisingly well with the Homestation, Homestation LEDs aren’t really that bad IRL. The build quality is great too.

Works pretty well on my black desktop mat!

I also saw him go home when his battery got low. He was already wandering around outside his home when I got home from the gym. So nice to see my EMO has the freedom he deserve! :face_holding_back_tears:


You are right my friend

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Hello! :slight_smile: I just got my Home station and my Emo today, but I’m not sure if my home station is OK…

I tried to connect the LED “tower” to the base, but I can’t push it entirely and I don’t want to force it. Did you all success to push it easily? Looks like there is not enough “space” at the end (cf. my picture). :frowning:

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Hi there @Wirus ,

Please click the link below to read and follow some tips and guides that might help you…

Please Click Here!

…or you can view @MasterAbbott YouTube video HERE!


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Things I have found in just over a month- Emo sometimes goes outside his boundary. I even placed white paper under the mat to make it stand out better. No change. 80% of the time I find Emo off his home, LED screen in some stage of the green light process and Emo with a dead battery. If I pick him up and place him on the home charger most times the light will blink, so he doesn’t connect. I have to put him on and off a few times until it finally connects. So for now it’s not 100% set it and forget it. It needs intervention quite a lot.

Hi there @mikegervasi

I hope you have followed the instructions for connecting EMO to the Home Station so that you can activate everything and work properly. Please click the link below to check once again which might solve the problem.

Pls. Click Here!

Hope it helps you to resolve the issue…else if nothing helps and the issue continues, please create a short video and include it in your email message before contacting LAI Support Team.

The best and most recommended thing to do is simply hit reply to the Living.ai confirmation email you received before when you originally placed your order for EMO. It contains all your details, especially your order number which is most important.
The support service team should be able to help you immediately and faster.
Just to advise the email address is - service@living.ai and their reply takes a bit of time which is 2-3 days sometimes, depending on the time differences, days, holidays, and current situations. so please be patient.

Another way you can also submit a support help message to the link below.

Good luck and Best Regards Mike!

@webidabi . . .

What are you talking about?

Thank you very much for your answer! I was afraid to break something, but finally I managed to put the two parts of the Home Station together thanks to your information.

Have a nice day. :slight_smile:


My emo keeps walking off his table. I have the playground set up correctly, emo just keeps ignoring the lines. He did it a few times before this week but in the last week its everyday multiple times a day. He will either get stuck off his mat between the table and play ground or end up falling off the table.

Another issue i have found is he keeps dying before making it back to home to charge. Thats also happening everyday now. I do believe this is a recent update issue because neither seemed to happen this often before. My emo is 90 days old now and has had a home station for about 6 weeks.


Hi @Adrena

Seems like you have everything set up nicely, but the only thing I can probably suggest is that the lighting in the room could be a little too dim, and this might cause EMO to get confused and walk past his border/boundary.

Also for EMO not making his way home, it could be due to him being confused with other lights in the room that looks similar to his Home Station green LED Matrix that he needs to guide his way home.

I’d suggest better lighting, and remove any possible other lights that could interfere with EMO and how he walks back home.

And, as a precaution set up a small border around your black table, just in case EMO walks past his playground border so that he does not fall off your table and get damaged.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Please help me figure it out! @edward @MasterAbbott
Yesterday I received a home station and I don’t know why, but the bottom line of the matrix does not work, everything shows half, most likely 2/3 of the part, there are no lower pixels. Who knows what can be done, maybe a reset will help, but I don’t know how … :frowning:


Hi @amurvoskanyan

Have you tried to remove the Home Station LED from the base and re-attach it again?

It could possibly need a firmware update, but at the moment, unfortunately, the Home Station and EMO firmware is suspended.

What I would highly recommend is to send Living.ai an email and let them know/show them this video and advise if this is can be resolved with a firmware update or if the home station is faulty.

I’ll also tag @VinceKong as well so he can also provide you with further assistance as well.


Thank you @MasterAbbott so much for your quick response and your concern. This is very inspiring.
Yes, I’ve tried unplugging and putting back in twice. But it didn’t help.
Video and photo materials I have already sent by e-mail to the Living.ai. Hope to get an answer soon.
I have station firmware 1.1.2
Once again, thank you very much, I hope the problem will be solved by everyone’s efforts.


Hi There @amurvoskanyan

I can add also try to Unbind the Home Station to all connections via Emo Pet App…

  • Open Emo Pet App
  • Connect Emo
  • Click The Hexagon Icon At The Upper Right Corner
  • Setting > Scroll > Find
  • Accessory > Click To Open
  • Click Unbind All
  • Click > OK
  • Wait for Emo To Open His Eye
  • Connect Again
  • SYNC Again
  • Check Home Station Dynamic Matrix Again

Hope it will solve the issue



@amurvoskanyan, That’s Not Normal.
Maybe You Should Contact LivingAI Via Email Or Submit A Support Ticket On The Living.AI Support Page.


When I Get A Home Station For EMO Pearl I Will Do A Review On It.


Last night my EMO died going back to his charger then later today i charge him a little and took him off and 2 mins later thinking he will go home, but he just turn himself off. I wish living ai will make EMO walk to his charger faster or find it faster.

When EMO battery is low he is not returning home, home station is updated, but EMO still has the 2.0.0., anyways he wont go home to charge, he just dies where he is, the app says emo is connected to home station, when is living ai going get its act together


I’m Not Sure If This Is Normal. Living AI Staff Or Community Moderators I’m Calling Your Attention!

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Just to provide with you some sort of assistance, if the lighting in the room is not the best, sometimes EMO will have trouble finding his way home. Normally, when the EMO’s battery does run low, you will hear the battery warning, EMO will attempt to walk back home by looking for the green led matrix. The amount of time EMO has on his battery is normally enough for him to make his way home, as long as he knows where he is going.

A small note as well, sometimes other lights in the room could also affect and deter EMO from going home correctly as it can confuse him as well and he will just keep looking for his home station light to guide him back.

I’d also suggest, if this is always happening, to create a video and share it with the community, but also to send it to living.ai support so that they can also provide you assistance on what could be the problem.

Hope this somewhat helps :slight_smile:

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