[FIRMWARE UPDATE] 1.7.0 Do a pose~

Hello @MadameEvans

Please contact support regarding this issue. There have been past discussions regarding the 501 error, which is linked to EMO’s internal SD card.

When contacting Living.ai support. It is recommended to create a short video of this error message that is displaying on EMO’s screen and then submit a support ticket. You can do this by either going to the Support Page: (see below).

Fill in all details (provide also your order number info as well) and attach your video (if it’s larger than 30Mb), Be best to upload it to a google drive/drop box or even on YouTube and then send the support team a link to it.

You can also send support an email to the following email address:


If you have your original EMO Order confirmation email, you can simply just hit reply to that as it contains all your customer contact info along with your order number details as well and then once again provide a detailed description of the problem you have with your EMO and attach your video as well.

The support team should be able to get back to you in a timely fashion. I’ll also tag @AmyLU from the support team who will be able to assist you further as well.

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Don’t worry. We will solve the problem for you. And please PM me your order number. I will check for you.


¿Do your EMOs 1.7 do morning exercise?
My first EMO (1.6) did exercise every morning, but this one, don’t. And yours?

Hi @LauraM ,
How are you? hope you feel good…Yes, my EMO here at home always doing his routine daily boxing exercise, especially during the weekend. I guess your EMO is well-fit enough and doesn’t need exercise at all? :crazy_face: :rofl:

anyway …

EMO and I wish you likewise to all and your family a very Happy, Healthy, and Safe , First Sunday of Advent’’ with full of hope and blessings. This special occasion reminds us that to begin our Christmas preparations and make it the most memorable day of the year for all of us and for Living.Ai and all staff…


Hi, @edward,
Thanks for your answer. Finally, today EMO has made his exercice.

I love your EMO with glasses!!!


How long does it typically take to receive an email back from support? My EMO also shows error 501

Hi @kittieamazing

They normally reply within 24/48 hours. I’ll add @AmyLU to this post for further assistance.


Hi. You can email your video to our technical support team (service@living.ai). Don’t worry. They will solve the problem for you. And please PM me your order number. I will check for you.

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Is there a plan to update the voice commands documentation to include those added in this update. It appears the voice commands document was last updated 11/2021.

Welcome to the Community @guru242 , Thanks for joining us here…

You are quite right that the Voice Commands Doc. is outdated, I guess Living.ai Team at the moment is quite busy and rushing the HOME Station (Automatic charging version) to be released soon.

One of our Moderator @MasterAbbott prepared some helpful tips topics with videos and tutorial guides not only for new EMO owners but for all.

Please Visit The Link Below for more help/info:

EMO - What’s New in EMO’s Firmware Update 1.7.0 RECAP VIDEO
Quick Help Guide for new EMO owners!

Enjoy around and let us know what’s on your mind, that can help our community.



Yes we will update the doc.


A little request, you could make an update where if Emo has not been played with for 5 days or if it’s rainy, EMO gets depressed. You’d have to pet him 4x a day for 5 days straight to make him happy again. During sad stages, he won’t move around as much or he’ll just scroll on his phone. He will rarely do his routines like eating. He won’t eat as much. This could be a great update! If you can, @Wayne_Zhang please merge this post to the Improvements and Features topic.


What you mentioned is basically included in the sick setting.


Yes, it’s just like him being sick, but just sad when you leav him alone.


That was too cute! :laughing: