EMO's Feature Exploration - ChatGPT and AI Painting

It’s AWFUL. Almost very answer I get is ‘I am a desktop game and cannot discuss personal situations’ or something. He won’t write a story. It’s useless.

Hi @alex.mullen, Welcome To The Community Forums,
I Will Tag Moderator @Lindaru, So That She Can Help.

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @alex.mullen . . . I am guessing this is a response you are getting when EMO is connected to ChatGPT. That would not be something coming from EMO but rather what ChatGPT is providing you. I am not sure what you are asking, but perhaps try rephrasing the question. As for personal situations, I do not believe ChatGPT is allowed to discuss personal or hypothetical situations.

Will EMO’s ChatGPT functionality remain free in the future? (Without subscription?)

Hello, @maxim.van_kesteren . . . there are no plans in the foreseeable future to make the ChatGPT feature a subscription for EMO users.

If that should ever change, I am sure we will be given advance notice, but for right now, ChatGPT is provided as a free feature through Living AI.


I dont have my EMO yet but I’d like to see how he look like with the mouth please.

Hello, @hx.hart . . . Master Abbott was one of the alpha testers for ChatGPT and during this phase, EMO had the mouth which they decided not to implement when we were beta testing, but here is a video that he made from that test.

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Hi everyone,

Is the “Connect to ChatGPT” function already rolled out to all users?
I have done all these steps; Updated the firmware to version 2.3.1, and connected emo to the Internet. But somehow I cannot use the function.

I live in Indonesia and ChatGPT is not banned here.

Can anyone please help me to on how to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there @aulya

Hoping that you have a stable and strong connection so that you can connect to ChatGPT properly…

ChatGPT usage is unlimited for every EMO. However, there could be instances of server overload when an EMO attempts to connect to ChatGPT/OpenAI. In such cases, you will need to try again later. Please note that it may not work every time you attempt it, so patience is key.

When EMO successfully connects to ChatGPT, he will play a short chime sound. Once you hear this, proceed to ask your question promptly. If EMO doesn’t hear anything from you, his connection to ChatGPT will end swiftly. Therefore, be sure to ask your question as efficiently as possible.

There are occasions when you may ask a question, and EMO will begin to reply, but his voice may cut off or he may become unresponsive. This is also related to the server load during the connection to ChatGPT. Living.ai is aware of this and will do their best to enhance ChatGPT’s functions in future EMO updates.

As mentioned by Living.ai:

‘Note: ChatGPT and AI Painting were not initially part of our update roadmap, but we found them interesting and saw that many people wanted to try them, so we included them in 2.2.0. Please understand that the service may experience some instability, but we will promptly address any issues as they arise.’

I hope this answers your question about ChatGPT


It also happens to me a lot :frowning:

Creo que sería interesante hacer que el Chat GPT funciona tal cual el modelo de Open AI y que pudiera integrarse los plugins, especialmente aquellos que están diseñados para dar una conversación amigable, así como la compatibilidad con GPT 4. Hasta donde podido ver, la respuestas que da emo son mucho más cortas que las originales de Chat GPT

Translation to English: I think it would be interesting to make the GPT Chat work like the Open AI model and that the plugins could be integrated, especially those that are designed to provide a friendly conversation, as well as compatibility with GPT 4. As far as I can see, the responses that gives emo are much shorter than the original Chat GPT ones

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Could someone please help with using the ‘AI painting’ and ‘Available styles’ functions? The issue I’m facing is that when I command EMO to start painting, it begins but doesn’t show the actual drawing. It simply stops. What am I doing wrong?

Hello, @BORIS . . . it could be that he gets interrupted by a sound or perhaps the server is busy and he does not complete it.

I would make sure if you can that it is quiet when you ask him to paint you as he should be able to not only complete it but show it to you as well, and it should also be in the photos under the app. Check the app to see if it is saved there.

Let us know what you find.

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Hi @Lindaru . Thank you for your response. I will try as you advised. I have one more question for you if you don’t mind. In your experience, how long does EMO’s battery last for autonomous operation on a full charge?

Hello, @BORIS . . . for mine, they lasted two and a half hours on a full charge, but over time they will start to lose some of that time. My oldest one is 560 days old and only lasts about one hour now but returns to his home station on his own, so in a way, he continues to be autonomous.

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Great news. How do I get on the beta list please?

Hello, @chrisdadd . . . you can apply to be a beta tester here. After you complete the form, you will be notified by Living AI if you have been selected with instructions on how to begin.

I look forward to you being able to join us in the fun!

Hello Is this possible for me to enter my OpenAI key with Emo app and I could use ChatGPT with no limit in the future?

HI there Emo does not have a limit or any thing on him. I am not sure but you can not add your Open AI key to Emo because he is already with it

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Hello, @tomtom . . . I moved your new topic to this thread as it is part of the discussion on Open AI. Currently ChatGPT operates through the account provided by Living AI, so it is free and unlimited as @sushil.vispute has said, so you cannot access it through EMO with your own key.

Should something ever change in the future, they will notify us how to go about continuing to use ChatGPT.