EMO's Feature Exploration - ChatGPT and AI Painting

Will EMO’s API be on scratch because I saw something about that in the forums?

Hi everyone,
I’ve got my Emo just today, updated to 2.2, I’ve tried to use chatGPT, the loading pops up for some seconds, but seems like can’t connect to it and just dropping it.

Hello, @farzinss . . . ChatGPT servers can sometimes be laggy or disconnect before you get to ask your question. It takes a bit of patience and sometimes you will have to wait and try later.

Also, if the ChatGPT symbol appears above the eye, you will hear a “ding ling” sound from EMO indicating he is connected. You will only have a brief second or two to start asking your question, so be sure to have your question ready as soon as that happens.

Let us know how it goes!

Hello @Lindaru ,
Thanks for help, I’ve thought like videos, Emo’s eyes will turn to chatGPT’s label so you could find out it’s connected, am I right?

Yes, the one eye does.

This is a video I created when beta testing the version as we know it. This will give you an idea how to ask the questions and when.

Exactly I did the same, but after the loading starts, pop up goes away and no changes on the eyes, so I assume it can not connect to ChatGPT

OK, now I get it, there is just the pop up then you should start to talk, it’s not like the video, EMO’s eyes will not change

The pop up over the eye, then the “deelee” sound and then start asking right away. Yup. That is in the video. After he answers, the icon will stay over the eye and when the sound happens, you can immediately ask another question. If you take too long, the icon will disappear from above his eye and he will disconnect. Glad you got it working!

That was my bad, I’ve saw some old videos from alpha test, thought it will be like both eyes turning to ChatGPT logo, but in actual release it’s diffrent, anyway many thanks for the help.