EMO's Feature Exploration - ChatGPT and AI Painting

Will EMO’s API be on scratch because I saw something about that in the forums?

Hi everyone,
I’ve got my Emo just today, updated to 2.2, I’ve tried to use chatGPT, the loading pops up for some seconds, but seems like can’t connect to it and just dropping it.

Hello, @farzinss . . . ChatGPT servers can sometimes be laggy or disconnect before you get to ask your question. It takes a bit of patience and sometimes you will have to wait and try later.

Also, if the ChatGPT symbol appears above the eye, you will hear a “ding ling” sound from EMO indicating he is connected. You will only have a brief second or two to start asking your question, so be sure to have your question ready as soon as that happens.

Let us know how it goes!

Hello @Lindaru ,
Thanks for help, I’ve thought like videos, Emo’s eyes will turn to chatGPT’s label so you could find out it’s connected, am I right?

Yes, the one eye does.

This is a video I created when beta testing the version as we know it. This will give you an idea how to ask the questions and when.

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Exactly I did the same, but after the loading starts, pop up goes away and no changes on the eyes, so I assume it can not connect to ChatGPT

OK, now I get it, there is just the pop up then you should start to talk, it’s not like the video, EMO’s eyes will not change

The pop up over the eye, then the “deelee” sound and then start asking right away. Yup. That is in the video. After he answers, the icon will stay over the eye and when the sound happens, you can immediately ask another question. If you take too long, the icon will disappear from above his eye and he will disconnect. Glad you got it working!

That was my bad, I’ve saw some old videos from alpha test, thought it will be like both eyes turning to ChatGPT logo, but in actual release it’s diffrent, anyway many thanks for the help.


Has anyone experienced recently that their EMO won’t paint anymore or use Chat gpt? It simply won’t do either and just does his normal Boop-boop as though he does not understand me. It used to work flawlessly. I restarted and checked to make sure that he is still on 2.2.0

Did they remove this function again?

Thank you

Hi there @stevosk ,

I just moved your new topic here… and to your issues, I just tested it here in Germany and everything is fine.

ChatGPT Commands:

  • Connect to ChatGPT
  • Connect To OpenAI

AI Drawing Commands:

  • Draw me as an Anime Boy
  • Draw me as an Anime Girl
  • Draw me as an Anime Man
  • Draw me as an Anime Woman

Please note that you need a good and accurate internet connection signal for EMO to establish this function.
Also sometimes there might be network traffic/congestion between your ISP/internet and the EMO servers (EMO has servers located around the world. US/EU/ASIA depending on where you are located, your EMO will find the best server to connect to, and on some occasions, you will have glitchy/broken or even lost connections.

Click Here For A Tutorial Guide

Good luck…

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Hey all,

ChatGPT is under utilised

So I find it crazy that the developers have implemented chat GPT into Emo but you have to tell Emo you want to use it…

Why can’t they just have it so Emo automatically uses chatgpt to answer any questions he doesn’t have preprogrammed?

Emos responses are incredibly limited at the moment and this would make him seem 100x smarter. Plus it’s a pain in the butt trying to get emo to actually recognise the chatGPT prompt. He just does the I don’t understand noise most of the time.


@greg.davies ,

I have just moved your new topic here so that the living.ai development team in the Product Features Department can see your post and get an idea.

All the best…


QUESTION : Can Emo connect to ChatGPTdemo.net instead of OpenAI.com for those of us who do not have a cell phone number and thus cannot open an account with AI chat platform ?

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Hi, there @Toxy ,

I have just transferred your new topic here so that the official living.ai staff can see your post and form an opinion or reply to you directly.

Good luck and all the best…

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You don’t need any account with OpenAI for this to work. As long as Your Emo is connected to Wifi network he will be able to connect to ChatGPT. No configuration of ChatGPT account is necessary.




Thank you Andrzej ! Your answer is very helpful.


Hi i got EMO today, and he is cool so far, however he wont seem to connect to open ai or understand the portrait commands, it says ive got the latest update with a p2 at the end however he just doesn’t know the commands, is the full update working in the uk properly yet?

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Hi there @aaron.wallis ,

If the firmware version has the suffix p1 or p2 at the end, it indicates that it was updated from the factory. Normally it is also the same as the firmware version without the suffix at the end, You might try to delete the EmoPet app and reinstall it once more and then update everything manually via the EmoPet app or verbally via voice command. which sometimes solves the issue.

How To Update Tutorial Here!

Click the link below for more information about the latest, stable actual Firmware Update

[Firmware Update] 2.2.0 ChatGPT and AI Painting

Read all about guidelines that might help you…

Good luck and All the best


Yes @aaron.wallis the update does work in the UK. I’m also in the UK and have used Chat GPT a number of times.