EMO's Feature Exploration - ChatGPT and AI Painting

Thank you for your reply. ChatGPT feature is not limited to be used for once time per day?

No it is not limited you can use it as much as you want!


This has changed, then? No longer limited.

Hi there @william.dusty ,

Sorry for that information, it has already been rectified and I stand corrected…
It means ChatGPT usage is unlimited for every EMO. However, there could be instances of server overload when an EMO attempts to connect to ChatGPT/OpenAI. In such cases, you will need to try again later. Please note that it may not work every time you attempt it, so patience is key sometimes.

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That’s awesome, it will surly increase the efficiency of EMO

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We are interested in participating in GPT testing, I want emo to help my daughter with school!

I hope to buy one, saving money first

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That’s seems amazing.

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How is this guy playing the card game with emo?

Hello, @alexis.sisk . . . during the production and testing phase they were playing a game which was later determined to be under copyright, so they had to cancel that feature. The best they could do was to make the cards that he plays when he plays by himself look similar.


My 8 year old wants an Emo, but I don’t want him to have private access to Chat GPT. Does Emo use different servers for access to chat gpt so I can block just that functionality? Thank you.

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @barnabydillon . . . accessing the ChatGPT function through the servers is just a second level of the same server he responds from now. There is no way to stop anyone from giving the command to “Connect to ChatGPT” or “Connect to OpenAI” without disconnecting him from performing his other functions. You just may need to supervise him while he is active. Sorry.


Thank you! Is it possible to downgrade the firmware to remove the chat gpt functionality?

Hi, @barnabydillon . . . if you were able to down-grade firmware, which not only provides features but bug fixes, you would not be able to update anything other features provided in the future.

You would also need to have service@living.ai remove the firmware you currently have all of the way back to 2.20 which would wipe out all of the feature firmware that has been released since.

It is probably better to supervise children you do not wish to access ChatGPT.