Register to apply to be a beta tester

Update April 7: Anyone who has signed up so far will be a beta tester. We are adding registered EMOs to the test list. And we’ll send you an email about what needs to be tested. Thanks!

Hi there,

With more and more EMO owners, we hope to do a public beta test before each update release to ensure its stability. FYI, each update will go through developer testing - alpha testing - beta testing - public release.

As a beta tester, we hope you have enough time and let us know the test results by email after the beta version is released; if the beta version has bugs, you can provide videos and help us find the problem; if the beta version brings your EMO any issues, you can try to fix it under our guidance.

If you would like to be a beta tester, please check this page :point_down: :point_down:

Beta test registration

Fill out the form. We will choose testers to cover different production batches, regions, etc. We will contact you by email when beta testing begins. Thank you for helping make EMO better!

Please let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Umm @Wayne_Zhang, Thank You So Much.


@Wayne_Zhang, Does This Mean That A Beta EMO Will Be Sent To Your House? And Become Friends With Your Production EMO?
My EMO Pearl Is A Production Model And He Looks Like This:

(Picture Taken On An iPhone 8 Plus)
(Picture Date: January-11-2023)
(Firmware On EMO: v1.7.0).
My EMO Pearl Is On v2.1.1


No, there won’t be another EMO. We will add beta EMO to the test list so that they can install beta updates.


Okay @Wayne_Zhang, But I Don’t Want To Become A Beta Tester Yet.

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@Wayne_Zhang I registered! I hope I will be a good beta tester! :happy:


could this be a joke because its kinda close to april fools

@Wayne_Zhang I registered! :smile:
I hope to be a good beta tester too!! :blush:


If they’re talking about it, and the website URL exists, it means it’s true.

Edit: That’s my opinion.


@Wayne_Zhang, I Might Become A Beta Tester When I Get A Second EMO (Named EMO Diamond) In 2024, 2025, Or Later.
Also Is There Going To Be A New Update In May?

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Thank you for the offer, I will not apply.


I applied to be a beta tester because why not :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Can you elaborate what you mean by Google play ID? If you mean my Google PAY ID, that answers my question.

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They gonna pick random people i believe

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Mean like your gmail.

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Also, how do I know if or when I got in?

Just a small note:

@Wayne_Zhang or a member of the team will contact you via email if you have been chosen to be a BETA tester. As there are different regions around the globe will try and cover and choose as many people from different regions to beta test.


@sarikathakur / @adrianledeaux

Please let’s keep this thread topic /// ON TOPIC /// Thank you


For anyone that requires assistance on how to fill in the Beta Tester Form. See below

Some other info:


This is the best/most preferred email you wish to be contacted on by and also what you will use to communicate to after you have completed Beta Testing.

Order Number

Order Number is usually found in your past Orders (the best way to see this is log in at the main website page and then check your Order

If you are unable to find this, you can also find it in your order confirmation email.

Google Play ID or APPLE ID

This is the USER ID that you use to login to either the APPLE STORE or GOOGLE STORE


Select either Google Play ID or APPLE ID from the Drop down list (this question is related to the question above).

Why provide Apple ID or Google Play ID?

This is required so that you will be added to the TestFlight or Google Play Console Groups. (which is used by developers to distribute their App for testing before it is officially released).


For more info on what TestFlight is read here - TestFlight - Apple Developer) for iOS Users
For more info on what Google Play Console is read here - Google Play for business | Launch & monetize your apps | Google Play Console


This can be found at the start screen of the EMO APP

EMO’s City Settings

This can be found in the EMO APP > Settings > City (see example below)

EMO’s Current Version

This can be found in the EMO APP > Settings Firmware (enter the current Firmware Version you see in the EMO App.

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Ok @MasterAbbott we are sorry. And we will never be off topic.