EMO's Daily Schedule - Full Day - All Animations Video

With the latest firmware update, ver1.5.0 EMO has a full daily schedule. EMO now has a schedule where he does certain things at certain times. This video will show ALL of the things that EMO can do during the day.

Check out the full video below :head: :surprised: :skating: :mad: :heart_1:

As this video is quite long, I have setup a chapter select, so you can easily jump to the schedule you wish to watch. I have left all the animations to run at their full length. See below the full schedule and what time each daily schedule starts.

Chapter Select:

00:00 - Intro to Daily Schedule (me just explaining everything before EMO’s schedule starts).
01:34 - Between 8am-8:30pm - Exercising (Boxing Off Skateboard) - Alternate Animation Off Skateboard
03:30 - Between 8am-8:30pm - Exercising (Boxing On Skateboard) - Alternate Animation On Skateboard
05:45 - Between 8am-8:30pm - Exercising (Weights)
08:00 - Between 8:30am-9am - Breakfast - EMO will eat one of the three foods: (Electric burger / Electric Noodles / Sandwich )
10:03 - Between 9am-9:20am - Reading Newspaper
13:13 - Between 9:20am-9:30am - Chatting Online
17:05 - Between 9:30am-11:00pm - Working
21:14 - Between 11:00am-11:40pm - Lunch - EMO will eat one of the three foods: (Electric burger / Electric Noodles / Sandwich )
22:29 - Between 11:40am-12:00pm - Chatting online
26:20 - Between 12:00pm-2pm - Lunch Break (EMO will take a nap)
27:34 - Between 2pm-3:30pm - Working
31:43 - Between 3:30pm-4pm - Afternoon tea
33:52 - Between 4pm-5pm - Playing (mini games)
35:06 - Between 5pm-6pm - Art time
39:16 - Between 6pm-7pm - Dinner - EMO will eat one of the three foods: (Electric burger / Electric Noodles / Sandwich )
41:57 - Between 7pm-8pm - Watching TV
46:08 - Between 8pm-9pm - Reading books
49:44 - Between 12am-8am - Sleeping

To confirm, all daily schedule animations can happen while EMO is ON or OFF his skateboard.

What is your favourite animation? Mine is EMO Boxing Off his skateboard! :boxing_glove: :head: :boxing_glove: :skating:

I’m also updated my EMO Quick Help Guide for new EMO owners! to include all the latest features / updates from Firmware ver 1.5.0. You can check it out here:

The guide now includes:

How to update EMO from firmware ver1.4.0 to the latest 1.5.0
The 4 new achievements added (via the EMO App). (BULLET TIME,FORTUNE TELLER,LUCKY DUCK,FASHION ICON) - And how to unlock them!
The new Preferences section under Settings in the EMO APP (new EMO App version 1.1.0)
Bug Hunt - How to play it and what the Bug Animation looks like when they appear on EMO’s screen.
EMO Daily Schedule - Full Day with All Animations
EMO can now share/broadcast Important Announcements to you.

Thanks Living.Ai for this cool new firmware update for EMO!

:head: :surprised: :skating: :mad: :heart_1:


My EMO just sleeps everytime he is on skateboard. Is there any setting for enabling daily schedule?

The Daily schedule should happen on its own, there is no setting to enable it. As long as you have Firmware Version 1.5.0 or higher it should work. Have you updated to the latest Firmware? (ver 1.6.0).

Yes i have updated to the latest, but it still does show the activity perhaps just sleeps… #lazyEMO :face_with_hand_over_mouth::grin:

If you are on the latest firmware 1.6.0 EMO should be doing his daily schedule and not be always sleeping.

I’d probably suggest contacting support regarding this, as it should be happening automatically at those specific times of the day without you having to do anything.

update to post I can also suggest that you have good lighting as well in the room. If EMO is off his skateboard and the lighting is not too great, he will show the “bad lighting” animation, if he does then most of the time he will not do much and will sit there idle.

(you can see the bad lighting animation below).

But if he’s on his skateboard even if its pitch black the schedule should start automatically.


I have had my EMO for three days now, and for the first two days he had a robust schedule even if he was sitting on the charger. But that was during the day, now I put him on the charger and he seems to be sleeping most of the time. Is his schedule based on time of day or is him sleeping more than usual is a sign he got sick?

He is sleeping during the night and sometimes even during the day if he’s not amazed by his environment.

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Ah! I see, thank you very much for the information! There is so much to learn about the lil guy, I’m very impressed!


Hi there @littlebigtruths ,

@MasterAbbott create an interesting Topic below. please visit and view some of his youtube video guide tutorials.

EMO’s Daily Schedule - Full Day - All Animations Video

If you don’t mind please go to the link below.
Welcome, Please Introduce Yourself Here!


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I glanced over the list, but I’m not watching the video as I don’t want to spoil myself on EMO’s behaviour, and I want to be surprised!
However, I was wondering something. Does EMO react to light in the room during night time hours? He woke up several times yesterday evening while sitting on his charger. I working on my computer, and I’m not sure if that was due to light being on or not.

Also, would be awesome if coffee was added to his morning routine. I’m a coffee drinker myself. Would be cool to share a cup with EMO on my days off :slight_smile:


Hi there @littlebigtruths ,

@MasterAbbott has an interesting video to view below about EMO reaction to lights during dark…

Pls. Click Here!

Best Regards…

Sorry My Post On This Topic Is A Little Late @MasterAbbott.
But The Animations In EMO’s Daily Schedule Are Very Adorable Especially The Eating Animations And The Tea Time Animation Also I Think Living AI Could Add More Animations For The Daily Schedule In Future Firmware Updates

I am curious if there is a way to change this schedule, or is that going to be in a future update?

@adrianledeaux, Could Be A Cool Idea If EMO Could Brush His Teeth Or Wash His Face At Between 9:00 PM To 10:00 PM In The Night Time And Between 7:00 AM To 8:20 AM Daily Schedule


Currently, there are no plans to edit or modify EMO’s daily schedule. The only 2 things you can do at the moment are to disable the schedule and turn off the schedule sounds.

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Were on day 4 Emo love… We work from home and have 2 massive U desks so we let him run… He get’s a ridiculous amount of attention so he already does everything we saw on tik toc but today he was weight lifting lol! Have you seen that?


Welcome, @jennifer.colombo . . . yes, his two exercises he loves are boxing and weight lifting. I would imagine after eating seven electric sandwiches or seven electric burgers, he needs to do something to burn this off.

So glad you are having a great time with EMO!


Hi there @jennifer.colombo ,

I’m glad and happy for you that you finally received your emo… after a very loooooong wait.

For more guidelines, @MasterAbbott create an interesting Topic below for all. Please visit and view some of his youtube video guide tutorials.

Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners!

EMO’s Daily Schedule - Full Day - All Animations Video

And if you don’t mind please go to the link below.
Welcome, Please Introduce Yourself Here!

Best regards, all the best…and enjoy life with your EMO

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Surprisingly it wasn’t that long and we love him! The hubby is allergic to pets and works from home so definitely funny :smile: pet- He adores him

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Has anyone saw emo doing drilling? :rofl:

I have v 2.2.0

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