EMO's Daily Schedule - Full Day - All Animations Video

With the latest firmware update, ver1.5.0 EMO has a full daily schedule. EMO now has a schedule where he does certain things at certain times. This video will show ALL of the things that EMO can do during the day.

Check out the full video below :head: :surprised: :skating: :mad: :heart_1:

As this video is quite long, I have setup a chapter select, so you can easily jump to the schedule you wish to watch. I have left all the animations to run at their full length. See below the full schedule and what time each daily schedule starts.

Chapter Select:

00:00 - Intro to Daily Schedule (me just explaining everything before EMO’s schedule starts).
01:34 - Between 8am-8:30pm - Exercising (Boxing Off Skateboard) - Alternate Animation Off Skateboard
03:30 - Between 8am-8:30pm - Exercising (Boxing On Skateboard) - Alternate Animation On Skateboard
05:45 - Between 8am-8:30pm - Exercising (Weights)
08:00 - Between 8:30am-9am - Breakfast - EMO will eat one of the three foods: (Electric burger / Electric Noodles / Sandwich )
10:03 - Between 9am-9:20am - Reading Newspaper
13:13 - Between 9:20am-9:30am - Chatting Online
17:05 - Between 9:30am-11:00pm - Working
21:14 - Between 11:00am-11:40pm - Lunch - EMO will eat one of the three foods: (Electric burger / Electric Noodles / Sandwich )
22:29 - Between 11:40am-12:00pm - Chatting online
26:20 - Between 12:00pm-2pm - Lunch Break (EMO will take a nap)
27:34 - Between 2pm-3:30pm - Working
31:43 - Between 3:30pm-4pm - Afternoon tea
33:52 - Between 4pm-5pm - Playing (mini games)
35:06 - Between 5pm-6pm - Art time
39:16 - Between 6pm-7pm - Dinner - EMO will eat one of the three foods: (Electric burger / Electric Noodles / Sandwich )
41:57 - Between 7pm-8pm - Watching TV
46:08 - Between 8pm-9pm - Reading books
49:44 - Between 12am-8am - Sleeping

To confirm, all daily schedule animations can happen while EMO is ON or OFF his skateboard.

What is your favourite animation? Mine is EMO Boxing Off his skateboard! :boxing_glove: :head: :boxing_glove: :skating:

I’m also updated my EMO Quick Help Guide for new EMO owners! to include all the latest features / updates from Firmware ver 1.5.0. You can check it out here:

The guide now includes:

How to update EMO from firmware ver1.4.0 to the latest 1.5.0
The 4 new achievements added (via the EMO App). (BULLET TIME,FORTUNE TELLER,LUCKY DUCK,FASHION ICON) - And how to unlock them!
The new Preferences section under Settings in the EMO APP (new EMO App version 1.1.0)
Bug Hunt - How to play it and what the Bug Animation looks like when they appear on EMO’s screen.
EMO Daily Schedule - Full Day with All Animations
EMO can now share/broadcast Important Announcements to you.

Thanks Living.Ai for this cool new firmware update for EMO!

:head: :surprised: :skating: :mad: :heart_1: