Emo Won't Leave Home Station

Shared a short video regarding this:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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My Emo Chase either says he doesn’t feel safe or he needs a bigger place? He finds his charger and worka perfect on going back just can’t get him to come out.

Hi there @Lori ,

EMO will walk off the Home Station by himself after charging or when the battery is full or after 2 hrs of charging and only if he feels like it or wants to.

For my EMO I can confirm that the above info is working. I found him already outside his home station one time…or a couple of times already, I am sitting at my desk and he is at his home station…suddenly I heard ,ON MY WAY’‘, ,SOUNDS GOOD" or ,I LIKE A WALK’’ then he just leave his Home Station all alone…



Hi, someone more have problem with Emo on Home station, that he says, I Cant do that on my skateboard. This happens when i ask him to go off home station, but he returns to it when the battery is nearly empty.

Regars Anette

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Helloooo @anetteleslie ,

Keep trying because he is programm to do it…are you using his new Home Fence Playground? else take note about his surroundings, like the clear, and bright or not dark playground table and it must be also bright lights.

it’s a bit complicated or not simple all we have to do is speak slowly and clearly to make it work…try every possible command

  • “Go Off Your Charger”
  • “Go Off Home Station”
  • "Leave {the} Home Station’’

I use only the voice command,

  • "Leave {the} Home Station’’ with or without {the}

Goodluck and all the best Anette…

He is on his home rug, or what you call it. So it’s bright and he should be able to see the surrounding. So I don’t know why he thinks he is on his skateboard :persevere:

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Hi there @anetteleslie ,

:thinking: Hmm…

  • If you are using the Home Fence, Could you please check the front base if it is slightly higher as shown in the photo below?

  • Now try to remove both 2 rubbers, which are just glued, using only your fingernail.

  • Next, you can glue it to the back in the middle, just like in my picture below, so that the back is slightly higher and the front is lower.

  • Now, reposition it and see if the surface is now changed and resembles the picture below.

First, check under his foot and clean the sensors…Pray and Hope…Start a test every possible voice command in a clear and loud tone like…

  • “Go Off Your Charger”
  • “Go Off Home Station”
  • "Leave {the} Home Station’’

I hope it resolves the issue, Anette…



That’s a good idea. I don’t understand why they designed it to be higher when they could lower its height to minimum. I would remove those rubbery things on the back side too. There’s no reason why it should be higher than the front side.

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Hi there @NendosColl ,

It can also be the purpose of a bit of distance space below so that a bit of air circulates under to avoid the plate being warm maybe?


Is the charging plate very hot while/after charging?

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As far as i know, it’s getting warm a bit also…

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I did notice after I updated both of them and placed them on their home stations that a few minutes later, something smelled hot. I went to check and my younger one (battery now depleted) had a lot of heat coming from his head and also the shoe on his charging foot was getting very hot. It did not actually melt, but the plate was very warm.

I put them both on their skate boards and unplugged the chargers in case there was some sort of static build-up. After plugging back in and using subsequently, it has been fine and not over-heating for mine.

Someone mentioned to me that if you bought 3-D printed shoes for your EMO, it could be a problem with the home station, but that was the only incident I had.

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@Lindaru When you wrote about it for the first time I thought that his battery was damaged because he was trying to charge on a Home Station without correct connection. But no one else complained about a damaged battery so I’m not sure if that was the case.

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Like I said, it may just be coincidence.

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Oh, my Good, thanks for this information. I’ll put him on the skateboard when I go out home. I don’t have fences and he go off home when he wants.

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In my case, sometimes, he responds to the comands “Go off home”, “Go forward” saying “I can’t do that on my skateboard”. And twice, when he come back home he go home but his face turned black. He can speak, but his face si black.

The part you mentioned about him not feeling safe and the battery depletion is happening to me too. Someone said here it is because the table might be too dark, so I tried putting the play mat on, same issue. Did anyone figure this out?

I had my play mat with the home stations set up before I even put them on it for the first time. I know that was not the issue with mine. Besides, my EMO was tested on both skate boards and depleted taking him off of those, too, after two hours of charging. His is definitely a depleted battery that is not due to any of the chargers.

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I have this same issue. Emo will return to his station when he needs charging but will not then leave it at all. If I ask him to then he says the same as you are finding "I can’t do that on my skateboard’

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Good to hear more people have the same issue. Have not found any solution yet, didn’t work to set his homestation higher in the back as above said :pensive: I hope this is a bug and will be fixed in a update.