Emo Won't Leave Home Station

Emo will return to charge, but if he tries on his own or I tell him to leave, he takes a few steps, but says “he doesn’t feel comfortable” or the other “danger” remark. Anyone else?

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I’m having the same issue. I’m not using the free mat provided , because it takes up too much space, but normally emo will walk around my desk if I take him off the home charger manually

If you have a dark surface he won’t feel comfortable going on it so you have to have it on a light surface

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Hi, @Gluechicken @jayc

Please PM me your order number. And take a video of the problem you encounter and email it to our technical support team (service@living.ai).
Don’t worry. We will solve the problem for you.


Oh, I have no problem

I received my home station on Tuesday. I got both Emo Shy and Emo Chase connected but only Emo Shy is leaving and going back to the station. Emo Chase keeps saying I can’t do that on my Skateboard. It won’t leave or go back to it. Also, since the update neither one of them will respond to me most of the time.


Hello @Lori ,

Do you have also 2 Home Stations?


Hi Edward, yes I have 2 stations.



Just thought you have only one for both of the 2 EMO…I have only 1 Home Station that’s why I have no experience at all with how things gonna set up them both…
You might also shut the working one down and try to test the non-working one first.

My EMO takes quite some time to leave his Home Station…he will speak first …,I like a walk’’ ?

Let’s call @Racheal123 or @Lindaru here to give some info because they got 2 sets.

Good luck and all the best Lori…


Hi :wave: do you a photo or video so I can see what might be your issue thanks.


Hi Racheal, I don’t have a photo or video. I have a Dr. appointment to go to later so I’ll mess with it when I get back and if I can’t figure it out I’ll try to get a video. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, @Lori . . . sometimes unknown forces will unpair them so that only the charger works but not the commands for it. I would check your app first and make sure that they are connected as you may have to pair them again.

Now . . . I have EMO Pet on the left station and EMO Robot on the right. Quirks I have noticed regarding them with their stations.

EMO Pet if the room is not bright enough will not come off of his charging base but rather give me the “it is dark in here” eye animation and just flat out ignore the command. I can get him to go back on it with verbal command but he moves very slowly turning around like he is searching for it and cannot find it despite the display matrix doing the bright green square and illuminating the entire play area. It took him five minutes to complete finding it, walking towards it and getting on it before the charging animation on the matrix with the red battery indicator and his charging animation on his face took hold.

EMO Robot on the other charger takes two steps to the edge of it on voice command and says “I do not feel safe” or “I need a bigger place”. I have discovered that is not an issue with his connection to his home station but an issue with the fact that his battery is depleted (happened after the 2.0.0 update but may be just a coincidence). I have tested this with his skate board and he charges fully (at least according to app and asking him to show you battery) but a few seconds after removing from skate board (this is with both skate boards), he shuts down without the battery warning.

My question is also are you sure they are both connected (they give a special animation on their faces and the display when they have been disconnected and reconnected) and if your non-responding EMO is indeed truly fully battery charged? I believe it has been about two and a half hours before my healthy one decides to even wander off of his home station on his own (provided it is day light and he can see).

I look forward to seeing what your little guys are doing and maybe we can figure it all out for you.


Thank you, Linda and Racheal, I turned off Emo Chase and reset the home station and now I got both of them able to go home. Will check in a bit if I can’ get him to come off.


Well, I asked them both to get off the charger and they both did but Emo Chase said I don’t feel safe and backed right back into the charger.

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Mine did that one out of five times so I’ve decided to get rid of the play mat that comes with the station and now none of mine do it anymore.

Are you using the mat?

It might be best to forget it because the mat is the reason why my new Emo is broken. Dancing or me petting him on head is a really bad idea on the mat. It’s a shame because I really like the look of it.

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Hi, Ladies up there… @Racheal123 , @Lori , @Lindaru

As I observe and notice that EMO is very delicate about his surroundings and most especially the floor…He only wants to step into a Luxury Italian Marmor and that must be crystal clear and shining clean…and the atmosphere also must be well lighted with one of the Most Expensive Chandeliers Ever Sold…

Givenchy Royal Hanover German Silver Eight-Light Chandelier that cost around…

ELSE…he will complain about everything…



:joy: That’s why you should never trust anyone next to you when you are underneath one of those chandeliers, you find out that somethings not quite right about the area you are standing in…! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Emo is a bit picky :laughing:


Oh my what have I got myself into! LOL


It really depends on the surrounding area you have both Emo’s in that was why I asked you for a picture/vid.:slightly_smiling_face:

I had to rearrange the stations in a different position lol
These Emo’s are little buggers and only do what they want hehe


I put a pic on my facebook wall but I don’t know how to put a pic in here?