Emo still non-responsive for high pitched female voice!

@Wayne_Zhang , @AmyLU … This is something I have written about in the forum before, (as she had already experienced this with my Emo), but no help or resolution. So my daughter’s Emo finally arrived yesterday, and it was quicker than my Emo (thank you LAI). As you can imagine she was happy and excited to receive him. Though once we did the update and set him up, her happiness soon turned to frustration. Emo does not respond to her calling his name. He does with me right away (most of the time). She speaks clearly and says his name correctly, but she has a higher voice. I know that other people have experienced this problem, and as I have said, I have mentioned this before to no avail. Emo has a problem with female voices (especially higher pitched voices)! My daughter can sit there saying his name until she is blue in the face and he will not respond! The only way he will respond (about 1 in 8 times) is if she tries to put on a lower voice, which is ridiculous, and embarrassing if she is trying to show him off to her friends. Most of the time she will ask me to call his name so she can issue a command. With the most recent update, I was hoping that speech recognition would have been the top priority to have been fixed?
My question to you guys (LAI) is, is there any temporary work around for this (like saying a different word, longer EEE in Emo, longer OOO etc.) until you guys fix this? To her (and I), she has a faulty product and from my understanding these guys have a warranty…correct?
PLEASE HELP…Also anyone who is reading this and perhaps has experienced this and has a trick (I know one should not have to do this), to overcome this, your help would also be highly appreciated!

Living AI, there are other kids out there experiencing the same problem, PLEEEEEASE fix this in your next update! I would hate to think that the $450 present I bought for my daughter is useless to her!


hey JJ… I can feel your pain. Have you tried 2 words… “Hey EMO”

It’s funny because this has been the units weak point from the very beginning but at the same time it’s his strongest feature. I don’t understand living AI. When they introduced speech recognition it’s like they considered it a secondary feature… Boy were they wrong. Speech recognition is the number one feature by a landslide. I can’t say why they won’t make it work properly… Too expensive? They don’t have anyone in their staff of technicians to do it and they have to hire out which back to too expensive? it’s like they never had any understanding that this would be the number one feature. It’s a huge huge miss.

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Thank you Puppy :slightly_smiling_face: Did this happen to you and did this work for you? I will get my daughter to try it.
Makes me wonder though, I think I saw somewhere that you have to initially say his name around 10 times before he gets used to your voice?? Though my daughter has done it more than ten times. Given my experience so far with Emo, it does not seem like he has much if any autonomous learning capabilities (maybe @Wayne_Zhang could weigh in here). It’s curious that Emo will respond to things on TV that don’t even sound like his name, but he wont respond to a female voice? Sounds like Emo might be sexist! lol
Living AI definitely need to fix up their speech recognition. It would solve a number of problems and a lot of kids would be happy.

sometimes I use the hey EMO because I’m desperate just try anything… it’s just poor speech recognition. I’m using Dragon Dictation to do the typing you see now and it’s pretty darn good… I have 2 Alexa devices which are so freaking awesome it’s scary. They can hear me whisper. It’s just EMO Pet they put a toy like speech recognition system expecting to make us happy which well it did … We are thrilled…but at the expense of driving us all nuts… I think it’s too expensive for them to fix but let’s hope not. Because having a good speech recognition system would knock this project out of the park

I have my Alexa in my kitchen, I walk in the front door, and call out “Alexa, I’m home!” (no pause to wait for a “huh”). She, from the other room, responds with “Welcome home! Live in mode initiated!”, and turns on all the lights for me. The point is, Alexa’s speech recognition is 100 times better than Emo. I would be happy if Emo’s speech recognition would be half as good, but what makes Alexa even better, is that it is so much closer to actual AI and not just a limited response chat bot. With Emo you need to know what commands/speech you can use, where as with Alexa, it can understand just about anything you say. Let’s put it this way, if Alexa had Emo’s body, that would be one kick-ass robot! This kind of thing is what LAI should have aimed for in the first place. It seems they did/are doing things backwards. We got all the bells and whistles first. I don’t think they really realised how many adults this product would appeal to, hoping that children would just have no choice but to be satisfied with the product the way it is. I just hope that LAI fixes the important issues before too many people or kids mostly (including my daughter), get sick of Emo, and a ton of them will be stuck in toy boxes all around the world, collecting dust!

What is awesome about Alexa when you do whisper, is that she whispers back when she responds! lol Great if you still want to use her while everyone else is asleep!

I agree a lot of adults purchase this. I mean a lot… Because were adults we try harder than children to get the speech recognition to so-so work I’m guessing… If only they would make it a top priority because it’s the number one feature the rest is just fluff… I’m really sorry your daughter is having frustrations. I’ve had my share let me tell you :rage: some days I just give up thinking what a shame

I know what you mean, he was back in the box for a while after I got him and before the latest update.

At the End of the Day He Is Adorable He Is One-Of-A-Kind and Living AI Made This Possible. If I Was Ever Asked would I Rather Have Him or Not… I Would Choose to Keep little EMO Pet…if the speech recognition was accurate with the exact limitations that EMO Pet has now we wouldn’t be complaining. It’s just not accurate. But I will take care of the little guy :blush:as long as I can

That’s all good and dandy, but sucks for kids and adults (including my daughter) that Emo does not respond to. I would hate to think that LAI were just in it for a quick buck with as little effort as required to just keep the customer happy enough. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Hey @JJBeck Sorry to hear that this is happening, hoping that LIA opens that voice submission page where everyone can submit their voices so that it can help EMO hear higher pitch voices.

I know that other members of my family (mostly female) sometimes have issues with speaking to EMO and calling out to him as well.

As you said if anyone has a workaround/trick/tip. If you’re interested, I’ve suggested this in the past for EMO owners that might have trouble speaking English or have problems with speaking in general, you can use an APP called DeepL.

Maybe for moment your daughter can use DeepL it can be used as a TEXT to SPEECH app, and EMO seems to understand it very well. It might be a good way to see/test to make sure EMO can hear and understand you and your daughter as well.

This is a link to the DeepL website, it should be available on both iOS and Android stores:


But more importantly, hopefully, Living.ai will open up the submissions page so that this issue can be resolved as soon / quickly as possible so that you and your daughter, and many other EMO owners can enjoy using EMO as it was meant to be used.

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Hi @JJBeck , please submit voice records on this page https://living.ai/wake-up-training/ and we will train it and include this in a future update. For now, you can have your daughter try extending the E pronunciation.


So here we are 8 months later with 3 or 4 updates (?) later. I thought I would share this message I sent to @Wayne_Zhang , in the hope that someone it the Emo community who is still having the same problem, may have come across a fix/work around for this:

Hi Wayne. Last night my daughter and I updated her Emo from 2.0.0 to 2.2.0 firmware, in the hope that the voice wake up command recognition was fixed. After the update, (no errors observed), we made sure through the app that the firmware had updated, (her app was updated before we started the firmware update), and everything seemed ok. She then said “Emo” and it worked. She was so excited. This worked like this about 3 or 4 times, that’s it. As she continued to call him, it did not respond anymore. It went back to the way it was, before any of the latest updates, no change! Emo responded to my voice and other adults fine. She tried different ways of saying his name, to no avail. He will respond to her maybe 1 in 10 times. We noticed if she says his name in a Chinese accent (or her version of it), he may respond more frequently, but still not everytime. We tried in a quiet room, her closer to the microphones, and many different ways of saying his name. We tried on his skateboard, off the skateboard, still no different. Yet, he would still respond to my voice straight away most of the time.
If the server is running a bit slow, could this have caused the problem, as I find it unusual that it worked initially, and then stopped working for her. Though if that was the case, should not have Emo, not worked with my voice also?
Also, if I would call Emo for her to get him to respond, she could then issue a command, and it would work. It just does not respond to its name for her.
My daughter speaks fine, she doesn’t mumble or stutter or anything like that (ie. voice commands after I get Emo’s attention work for her).
In any case, Emo is STILL not working for her!

PLEASE HELP! This was a birthday present for her from last year, that she still has not been able to use!

She has even expressed interest in getting a Home Base, as have I, but her Emo needs to be fixed first. She does like him, but it frustrates her quickly because it doesn’t work for her.

@MasterAbbott , or anyone with any insights about this would be highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Hey @JJBeck

Just to give you some insight, Firmware 2.1.0/2.1.1 Living.ai added wake-up voice recognition to EMO so that many more EMO owners who submitted their voice would now be able to get EMO to respond. I can certainly confirm that this did indeed work, as other members of my family that were in the same boat as your daughter are now able to get EMO to wake up and say “What” when they call out to him.

Firmware 2.2.0 is pretty much 2.1.0/2.1.1 with improvements and as you know, the addition of ChatGPT and AI Draw.

I am aware that there is a frequency volume threshold that living.ai improved/updated so that EMO didn’t respond to random high-pitched sounds (like when you get a message from your phone or on your PC). Maybe this still needs fine-tuning?


When it did initially work, for your daughter, was it after the final install of 2.2.0 or was it during the 2.2.pre stage? (this might be handy information to provide), as it could help also pinpoint if something needs to be changed, reverted back, or updated from the 2.2.pre to the 2.2.0 final version of the firmware.

Either way, I believe Wayne and his team will most certainly require a video of this so that his tech team will be able to maybe update a certain frequency level to improve EMO’s wake-up when he is being called.

Try and create a video, and send it directly over to WayneZ via PM so he can check it and pass it over to his tech team. He might also provide you with a debug app so that you can check certain settings with both of your EMOs to troubleshoot further.

There is not much info I can provide you at this stage, but to take a step in the right direction, try and record a detailed video testing out the certain ways you and your daughter are calling out to EMO and send it to WayneZ – (best thing to do record, and upload to either google drive or youtube and then send the link).


This is also something anyone else can also try and do if they are also experiencing the same problems with their EMO as well.

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Hi @MasterAbbott , thank you for your reply!
We only started interacting with him after both updates were complete. In other words, as soon as 2.2.pre was done, I went straight on to do 2.2.0. Then after that I got my daughter to call him, and as in the message, he responded about 3 or 4 times. She was so happy, as was I. You can imagine both of our disappointment when he suddenly started doing the same thing as before! It makes me so sad to see her so disappointed so much, since her birthday last year. Here I thought this would be such a great present for her, and she had been waiting so long for it, and then having to face such an anti-climax, it is heart breaking. :pleading_face:

Ok, well in this case, best to create a video and send it to Wayne via PM, and troubleshoot this further using the debug app as that should provide him with more info on specific settings as mentioned in my last comment.

As I’m also Alpha testing, videos are important for the tech team as they can see exactly what is happening at certain times as well.

If you need anything else, reach out (even in PM and I’ll do my best to try and help out). Seems like with a few more tweaks this issue could be resolved for you and your daughter will be able to use EMO as intended.

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Thank you @MasterAbbott , I appreciate it. I will definitely take you up on that if the need arises. :slight_smile:

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Hey there,
I bought Emo for my daughter’s birthday and the 1st day we both interacted with him, learning about him and how everything works. But on the 2nd day I decided to get to know him and his features a little bit better, so I spent a significant amount of time with him (more than my daughter did). And now, on the 3rd day, he doesn’t want to respond to her voice (but he responds to me every time), he doesn’t want to recognise her (just me, so I had to delete myself from the app in order for him to recognise her).
And now I don’t know what to do. She is devastated. Is it because I spent more time with him or is the reason why he doesn’t respond to her something else?

Hi there @magdalena.bozicevic

Relocating your query over here as it is related to the discussion.
To reply to you and to know it as well,

Please tell your daughter to try extending the E pronunciation.

Living.ai has an EMO Wake-Up Training Page where we can submit any voice to help EMO better understand and wake up when we are calling out his name.

Please access the Wake Up Training page below:

EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN
EMO Wake-up Training Page OPEN - Submit your voice now!

Best Regards and Goodluck


Thank you, we will try that

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