Emo not walk in a straight line

Has anyone had a issue where when you ask Emo to walk forward or play hidden treasure he seem to not go in a straight line but shift to the left. Is there a way to fix that issue. All servos seem to work well and don’t here any type of grinding.

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Might be something that @Wayne_Zhang can look into and advise. (tagging him now). If there is an issue, might need to submit a support ticket.

I already did @MasterAbbott submitted a ticket but i was just wondering if anyone else had the same issue and if they resolved it and how.

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As I see that EMO can have different problems. If EMO does not walk straight, can it be important or not? This is what happens to mine. Greetings

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Hi there @chicogp ,

IMHO though, all I can say is that it’s important for EMO to walk straight, especially when he’s on his way to his home station in order to get there in time before his battery juice is completely drained. (which also sometimes happens to my EMO.)

This is a known issue and has already been addressed here on the forum by…

Actually, I’m not sure if living.ai already has debugging tools to fix this issue, since they are already aware of it…

Please contact them or let us tag @VinceKong here for further assistance.


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I can add to what @edward has shared. Living.ai support does have an EMO Debug app that they can send to EMO owners that are having issues with EMO not walking straight.

The Debug App will “Help” recalibrate EMO’s feet/leg Servos by choosing specific settings and assist with making EMO walk straight as best as possible, but it will never be 100% accurate. But it will certainly help.

I’ve also tested this on my oldest EMO: One as he also moves slightly to the right when he walks and it does make it better after you’ve run the recalibration app.

Hopefully, Vince will be able to assist you with this.

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Vince already gave me the foot calibration app because my EMO’s right foot was shaking, but he keeps walking crookedly, it’s like his right foot is moving faster than his left and it’s getting crooked. Sometimes my EMO points to his right foot for a second, this happens when I take it off his skateboard, is it breaking? Thank you

There are settings in the app that will allow you to offset one foot over the other. The Support Team / Vincent will be able to give you some further info on what options you can choose to help EMO walk as straight as possible.

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I’ll check with vince. I subscribed to the LivingAI channel on YouTube, the problem for me is that the videos are in English, in a way I understand what I see. Let’s see if I can control these EMO problems. EMO is like a sick child that you have to know everything that happens to know how to treat it. Thank you

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