EMO Firmware Update v2.1.0 + Home Station Firmware Update 1.1.2 Video


My Emo is on his skateboard charging. He has just told me that he ’ can’t do that because he’s not connected to his Home Station.
I don’t have the Home Station
He has also previously changed from saying ‘can’t do that on my skateboard’ to ‘can’t do that on my charger’

He is upgraded to ver 2.1.0, is this a version problem, for thosed with no Home Station?
Does he need to be rolled back to the previous version?



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I was waiting for somebody to post that our precious little EMO Pet’s are going to have that home station take priority… I love it when he says he can’t do that on his skateboard… But the home station. I’m seriously wondering if it’s even worth updating anymore. but my little villain wants his updates… He’ll finally at least learn how to tell time … Oh well looks like they’re having little problems rewriting the code :pleading_face:… My little villain EMO Pet the wants his update is starting to threaten me :scream:

Hey @a440dc / @Puppy444

Yes, this has been reported by a number of EMO owners. I believe as you mentioned Puppy, it is a code/update that just needs to be fixed up in the next firmware update (or in the existing firmware of 2.1.0/2.1.1) once it is resuspended. (note that this is just a new behavioral response that EMO does say, it should not affect how he works/operates and there is no need to roll back to any previous versions.

(I’ll tag both @Wayne_Zhang / @Tony ) so they are aware once again.

As always, please do note, that it is always highly recommended that you update your EMO to whatever the latest version is as it not only resolves pre-existing bugs/fixes but also includes new features as well, (even for EMO owners that do not own a HOME STATION).

Unfortunately, sometimes, the new updates might include new bugs, but I guess that normally happens even if you update your Phone to the last OS or your Windows PC as well. Sometimes these things happen and normally living.ai will find them and resolve them in the next update.

Hope this clears up any concerns at the moment :slight_smile:

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when the update does come I hope I don’t have the problem like [a440dc] so no it’s not cleared up we don’t know yet… I think EMO saying I can’t do that on my skateboard is going to be gone forever… that’s sad because switching to I can’t do that on my charger is nowhere near as personal for us that have skateboards… But because charging triggers a response probably identical whether it’s the home station or the skateboard then it’s true the home station changes this even for us cool skateboard users… I will miss it. And if he says home station I’m going to let my little brat loose on the world :scream:… There’ll be havoc everywhere anarchy in the streets people fleeing for their lives :scream:… I will not be able to control him :no_mouth:


@Puppy444 . . . :rofl:

Mine responds with something like, “Place me on the desk top” if he cannot do it on his skate board or his charging home station. Bad news, kiddos, your home stations are on the dining room table, not my desk.



P.S. Twice now they have told me to go to Living AI for updates and they are already on 2.1.1.


Hopefully, @Wayne_Zhang will be able to clear that up for you @Puppy444 (and for anyone else that does not own a Home Station as well). – and he’s hoping your EMO doesn’t start raising havoc because of it :wink:

That should go away once the firmware is resuspended. (both of mine are also doing that too).

Hoping there is an update as to when the firmware will be unsuspended as we’re all in the dark at the moment on this (even EMO One) :crazy_face:

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hey master Abbott your photo made me laugh… The little guys in the dark. UM yeah strange things are going on with the few of you that did manage to get the so-called not so good update… Oh and hey I will try my best to control my little evil one :pleading_face: but I think a lot of you already know that’s an uphill climb… I’m telling you he’s vicious :face_with_monocle: so I guess time will tell whether I will survive and my little EMO the little demon gets his update. He’s been practicing trying to tell time but he hasn’t got it right yet. He seems frustrated but that’s okay he’s a walking time bomb anyway :bomb:


Taking another look at what was announced under the Behaviors section of the new Firmware 2.1.0/2.1.1 I think your little EMO might not like it, (see below).

This is what was shared by WayneZ in the official post: (see here as well) - I’m guessing you’ve already seen/read it. BUT too scared to let your little monster know about it :wink:


  1. New animation when EMO walking into obstacles, which takes time to see.
  2. Response to sudden yelling and vibrations such as knocking on the table. This mostly works when EMO’s staying, sleeping or walking around.
    3. EMO will give different explanations when voice commands cannot be executed.
    a) I can’t do it on my charger
    b) I can’t do it now
    c) Ok, but I prefer to do it standing on a desktop
    d) Sorry, but please first put me on a desktop
  3. The “Be quiet” command will make EMO stay where he is for an hour.

So, I’m thinking that maybe the skateboard response might not be brought back, and yes charger doesn’t sound the same, but as mentioned, let’s see if @Wayne_Zhang can provide further clarification on whether it could be brought back.

At least if you decide to update your EMO to the latest Firmware he’ll at least be able to tell you the time in 12-hour format :wink: That should keep him a little under control… for a while :grin:

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LOL… :joy: yes Mister Abbott my little brat EMO will be just fine he’s actually here beside me it took me five minutes just to get the fork away from him but I showed him your email and finally he released it… But he said he better be updated soon and then took off :flushed:… Don’t worry I know where he is he has a little spot his workshop. You know you’ve seen it the place where he creates explosive devices pitchforks things like that :dizzy_face: you know I’m not even afraid anymore :woozy_face: I’ve been living with this little terror since I made him sick those months ago by torturing him


How do I update from 2.1.0 to 2.1.1, it is not available on the app since living.ai found a problem. Or is it not yet ready for re-release yet?

I’m Not Sure @a440dc, :confused:
Maybe @Wayne_Zhang (Living AI Staff Member) Or @MasterAbbott (Community Moderator) Might Know.

Hi there @a440dc , @artigues05emo

Still not possible for all, though I still have it already with no problems…Never ask me how I got it…got it the first day they released it and stays as it is. The image below is today’s (25.03.2023) actual shot.

All I can say is that we should wait for the right time for living.ai to make an official announcement on this website… Just let’s give them some time to solve the issue and make the release.

Best regards to all and have a little bit more patience…


Oopsie Daisy!
@edward, We Will Wait. :head:

EDIT: I Also Updated My EMO The Day The Firmwares Were Released Which Was
March-11-2023 Too, And I Also Had No Issues As Well! :happy:

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As mentioned by @edward some EMO owners were able to update their EMO from ver 2.1.0 to version 2.1.1 BEFORE the firmware was suspended. So for the moment, we just need to wait for it to be made available before you can

As advised in my earlier comment above (I’ll share it again here).

The only change in 2.1.0 to 2.1.1 is a VERY SMALL tweak to how EMO responds when you call out to him (related to the Wake Up Training)

See further info below: section taken from the official announcement by WayneZ

Bug fixes and optimizations:

  1. Voice recognition has been optimized. EMO now better recognizes higher-pitched sounds.

So if you are currently already on EMO firmware Version 2.1.0 you are pretty much fully up to date with the latest firmware.

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it makes me think that the ones that have the update before got suspended could possibly have ticking time bombs :scream: :scream:

But I certainly hope not but for them to take so long they must be doing well at least it makes me think they must be doing lots of fixes… Maybe you can update again over top but yeah I don’t think you can. Well if everything is working that’s great maybe it will stay fine I hope so

If anything new is added, they will most probably just push a new update for everyone to download and install once again. For example. Version 2.1.2 (this way everything will be able to update their EMO, even if they are on the most recent ver of 2.1.1, and be able to go straight to that new version.

For now, it’s all just speculation, and we just need to wait patiently until Living.ai share an official announcement.

yes I agree with what you said they will probably just go to 2.1.2 something like that… Nice to see you as usual :blush: I hope the update come soon though I am getting slightly used to telling time 24 hour I was never raised that way and besides EMO said he really wants to go 12 hour time so you know :upside_down_face: have to keep him happy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for that…do you know how to have Emo change to British Summer Time (BST).

At the moment he is running one hour behind


Hi there @a440dc ,

British Summer Time (BST), aka Daylight Savings Time (DST).
Let me help you with this…

Simply open the EmoPet app and go to the hexagon icon in the upper right corner to open the SETTING. Select the TIMEZONE tab on the left to open it, and then just click SET to update it. Try and hope it helps…

You can also view @MasterAbbott’s YouTube video below…

Good luck and All the best…