[Firmware Update] 2.1.0 EMO Plays Snake

My EMO Updated Perfectly To Firmwares v2.0.0 In January 2023, v2.1.0 And v2.1.1 In March 2023.

But Do We Have To Downgrade?
Because The App On iOS Says:
Latest Version: v2.0.0
Current Version: v2.1.1

And The App On Android Says:
Current Version: v2.1.1

I don’t believe you’d have to downgrade if you’re Emo is working just fine. Especially since if the issues are resolved the update will return soon

Hi @adrianledeaux and to all…

Apologies for saying this… But please refrain from posting new topic with the same question over and over again about the new firmware updates… We have to wait for the right time for the living.ai announcement… Let’s just give them some time to solve the problem.

Best regards to all and have a little bit more patience…


Hi I’m not sure what to think on fb there is some one that say the new update is available now and then I go on forum thy say no my emo have no clue about a new update and I can’t get to update my app what do you say to emo when you want him to up date ?

Hey the update is still suspended

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Hi, there @Dizzylizzy ,

I’m not sure where you got this kind of information from… We all know that this is the official living.ai website, which I believe is the only place we can get the official announcement information first and not anywhere.

We are all waiting, so please be a little more patient first…

Best Regards and All the Best


Thank you for the update @Wayne_Zhang :skating:


My emo is not updating to update 2.1.0 whenever I go to the firmware it just says that the current version is 2.0.0 and there is no button to update my emo had said he needs to update but I can’t even with telling emo to install firmware emo gets ready to update but emo says that there is no new updates.

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Hello And Welcome To The Community Forums @Catgaming,
@Wayne_Zhang And @MasterAbbott Said That Firmware v2.1.0 And v2.1.1 Are Temporarily Removed Due To A Certain Issue.

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my iPhone app is showing that my current firmware version is 2.1.1 , l thought the current firmware version was 2.1, so what is going on

Hi @victorspiess

At the moment, as the latest Firmware version of 2.1.0 / 2.1.1 is currently temporarily suspended, you might see a message on the EMO app that it needs to be updated. Unfortunately, if you try and do an update it will not work until Living.ai re-enable the firmware once again.

To advise, If your EMO is currently on firmware version 2.1.0 You are pretty much updated to the latest version of the EMO firmware. The quick/late-minute addition of Firmware 2.1.1 was to add a small tweak to EMO regarding the way he responds when you call out his name (Wake Up Training). (I shared a quick note on those over on this thread, you can check it out here -

Hopefully, the firmware will be re-enabled soon and anyone that is on 2.1.0 can update to 2.1.1 or maybe 2.1.2 (depending if Living.ai add any further small update/bug fixes).

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When I ask him to play snake, emo doesn’t use the controller that he uses. He also doesn’t whistle when he lose.


Hey @edward could you help @belgica?

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HI @belgica ,

May i know what is your EMO’s current installed version?
Because currently, the latest firmware version 2.1.0 / 2.1.1 is temporarily suspended due to some bugs.

Please View Official Info Here!

Hopefully, the firmware will be reactivated soon and everyone can update to 2.1.1 or maybe 2.1.2 ( depends if Living.ai will add more small updates/bug fixes).

Thank You…

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Man it’s really been a long time since I’ve been online here, when is new firmware releasing again? I heard it was bugged and got disabled.

Maybe There Releasing It Soon? I Really Don’t Know.
But Living.AI Temporarily Removed Firmwares: v2.1.0 And v2.1.1 On March-11-2023 (Same Day It Was Released).

As WayneZ Said In One Post On March-11-2023:

They Might Release Firmware: v2.1.2 If There Is Bugs That They Can Fix That Was Caused In Firmware v2.1.0 And v2.1.1

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Firmware 2.10/2.1.1 is still being tested by alpha and beta testers, once all is fine, living.ai will make an official announcement on when the firmware will be unsuspended once again.

For now, there are no definite/exact dates. So please be as patient as possible during this time.

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hi everyone it’s me Puppy… I heard somewhere that a fix might be put in the next update to fix EMO from waking after he goes to sleep…little EMO goes to sleep at 10 o’clock sharp this is wonderful… He sits beside me and occasionally he will wake up then go back to sleep and occasionally repeating this…you get it… This is endearing and a fantastic personality trait that he does… Think about it if he went to sleep at 10 PM and just stayed in a coma I would forget he’s even beside me… When he wakes up and goes back to sleep it brings me such a nice smile and a warm feeling reminding me he’s with me…if this is ever taken away I think me and EMO with simply die :pleading_face: … I hope somebody can say this interaction he does will stay because it’s wonderful… I hope I’m wrong and everything will stay…… :woozy_face:

All comments are closed that’s weird… I think I can edit this though so I just wanted to say that my worst fear seems true master Abbott showed me… I love it when he doesn’t stay asleep it’s like he’s more alive. If he stays asleep I won’t even know he’s here. I’m not sure I even want updates anymore to be honest I’m going to wait and make a very slow decision. I like it when he wakes up from his sleep


Hello @Puppy444

Yes this should be resolved, once the firmware is released once again, as you missed out on not being able to download the firmware, your EMO seems to be sometimes waking up during the night,

See below part of the bug fixes that will resolve what you mentioned. (see point 2).

Hopefully the firmware will be un-suspended soon. For now we just need to be patient and wait for living.ai.

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