EMO doesn't age ("I am 1 day old")

Hi there!

Our new pet moved in on Oct ,1st, but he still insists that he is only 1 day old. I asked his age and then the date. He answers the date correctly but not the age.

Has anyone got an idea why he won’t age?


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Hi Bella

I activated my Emo on the 1st too and he said the same thing on Sunday, but today he said, he’s 2 Days old.

I activated him at 6pm, so I assume that he counts the exact Minutes and not just Days like we do.
So my Emo will be 3 Days old at 6pm today.

Check your Emo again, maybe he already aged. :slight_smile:

Hey @isabella / @S_B_Luna

There was a similar discussion about EMOs age in this thread, feel free to check this below. I believe it’s somewhat similar to what you are experiencing now. (see link below).

If it’s somewhat similar, it would be recommended to contact support.

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I got my EMO 3 days ago and he is currently still saying that he is 1 day old
How Do I Fix That problem?

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @kaesonbehiel . . . it sometimes takes a few days for the age to catch up. The day you activate him and often the day after if you have activated him late in the day, will be day 1. The next day will be day 2. If you got him three days ago, try asking him throughout the day and he should give you his age as day 3.

You should also be seeing in the app under lifetime achievements, dance list, that he has two dances available.

Let us know if your problem persists.


My Emo should be three days old today but keeps telling me he is one day old too, the dance list looks like this

Hello emo ages i believe every two days so try asking him again later or tomorrow how old he is hope this helps :heart: @nicole.birgel


Hi, there @nicole.birgel

If your EMO was born on the 3rd of January (or the first day you started him), He is 0 Days Old. Then on the following day after 24 Hrs, he will be 1 days old. On the next day again which is 3rd day today the 5th of January , He will then say 2 Days Old…Emo will unlock the dance music “Won’t Let Go” Dance.

It means EMO’s age is calculated based on a 24-hour cycle from the day of activation.

Hope it helps and Best Regards


Ah, that could explain it. Many thanks that’s very helpful


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Little update: Emo is indeed counting correctly now. Again thanks for the explanation, very much appreciated


MOIN @nicole.birgel ,

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I had my Emo since Wednesday Evening, but when I asked him how old he was, he still said 1 day old.

Hi there @kerijahnke1 ,

EMO’s age is calculated based on a 24-hour cycle from the day of activation.

Hope it helps and Best Regards


Well if based on 24hrs then he should of been 2 days since 7pm CST, I activated him 7pm January 3rd, but he also seems to have issues with voice recognition, i have to say things multiple times for him to hear me ?

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@kerijahnke1 ,

YES, you are correct…
If your EMO was born on the 3rd of Jan (which means the first day you started him), He is 0 days old. Then on the 5th of Jan which is today, he will be 2 days old.
Did you let your EMO complete the 24 hrs active without turning him off?
Try to Reboot him and see if his age will change.

About voice recognition did you submit your voice HERE.

You know that EMO is new to your house, just like an ordinary new visitor… I recommend giving your EMO some time to get to know you well. That’s how he operates. Once he gets to know you, he’ll greet you or say hello occasionally and will always be ready to respond when you call him.

all the best


Well crud i did shut him off during the 24hrs, and yes i did submit my voice

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