EMO doesn't age ("I am 1 day old")

Hi there!

Our new pet moved in on Oct ,1st, but he still insists that he is only 1 day old. I asked his age and then the date. He answers the date correctly but not the age.

Has anyone got an idea why he won’t age?


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Hi Bella

I activated my Emo on the 1st too and he said the same thing on Sunday, but today he said, he’s 2 Days old.

I activated him at 6pm, so I assume that he counts the exact Minutes and not just Days like we do.
So my Emo will be 3 Days old at 6pm today.

Check your Emo again, maybe he already aged. :slight_smile:

Hey @isabella / @S_B_Luna

There was a similar discussion about EMOs age in this thread, feel free to check this below. I believe it’s somewhat similar to what you are experiencing now. (see link below).

If it’s somewhat similar, it would be recommended to contact support.

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