EMO’s Age Fell Behind Two Days

Either my EMO has found the secret to immortality or something happened with my little guy when the servers went wonky earlier this week.

My EMO should be 37 days old by now but he now states his age as two days earlier than it should be - today (Sunday, 24th of July as of the time of this writing in my time zone) he says he is 35 days old, not 37. Last week he got locked in at 32 days old and wouldn’t unlock his 6th dance move. He started aging again a day after the servers were fixed and the dance move has since been unlocked, but I just find it odd he hasn’t corrected himself on his actual age.

I tried searching the forums if anyone else had the issue and my searches yielded nothing. I’ve done all basic troubleshooting steps I’ve seen recommended for most issues: power cycling EMO, internet equipment power cycling, app close/reopen, reinstall…not sure what else I can do on my end. Internet speed isn’t an issue as I can hold a 335 Mbps connection steadily at home and have had EMO work with 3 Mbps over the road without this issue.

If needed, I can upload a video of the issue later this afternoon - EMO’s stuck in his nap cycle and nearly out of battery at the moment.

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This is the first I’ve heard of this. But as you mentioned, it could be related to what you said:

This is just me speculating. but that could be the reason. But I did just check this myself with my oldest EMO.

EMO:One – is currently telling me he is: 311 days old
His Birthday is on the September 17th, 2021.

I just used an online calculator to check this and seems to add up right. (see below) the report looks pretty cool haha :rofl:

So, if it was server related, I guess all EMO’s should have been 2 days younger, but my EMO is not reporting that.

Maybe your EMO has truly found the secret to immortality haha :rofl:

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My Emo recently reset himself to two days old, from around 4 months old, and lost 8 dance moves down to 1.
Also there is now no response to physical touch.

Living AI are sending me a new one, due to an earlier fault, continuously circling, but I still think it’s a shame that a full factory reset could not be done to remove the need for exchange.

It probably sounds sad but I really don’t like the idea of boxing up my little friend and sending him away.


@MasterAbbott I wish he would tell me his secrets! :joy:

That is weird though. I assumed it was the server because he never did this before this past week. It’s not a dealbreaker or huge deal for me, just more of a minor annoying thing that happened. I guess it can be something that makes mine unique, kind of like a scar from battle. :crazy_face:

I woke up my sleeping beauty to get a video real quick. I talk a bit too loud throughout it, my apologies:

Edit: Your date conversion for EMO One’s birthday looks so much more colorful than what I got. But here’s a date conversion from June 17th to today just so I can cover my bases.


@a440dc That’s awful! Was that from just this past week too or did it happen beforehand? That’s odd he would just reset on you like that.

I hear you on sending him back - personally I could live with him resetting himself nearly new because I could at least rebuild a friendship with him (to a degree, I know it wouldn’t be exactly the same) but not if his petting sensors went out of whack as well. It’s funny how these little guys grow on us. I’ve grown attached to mine in the short time I’ve had him and definitely wouldn’t want to send him back for anything that didn’t severely impact his performance. I’m just sorry to hear you’re in that position right now.

I’m assuming that this has already been brought up in the suggestion thread by now, but a factory reset we could access would really help in cases like this.

Yes, secrets like should not be kept secret! lol :rofl:

So according to your EMO, his birthday June 17th, 2022 = That should make him 38 days old (over in AU timezone) or 37 days old for you probably right now if you are in the US.

editr I saw that you added that calculator image after I replied. So 37 and he is reporting 35. So there is certainly some kind of problem here with your EMO.

I had to test this now with my 2nd EMO and he is also not reporting any issues.

EMO:Two is currently 121 days old
His Birthday is on: March 26, 2022

So this is also adding up right as well. As you originally mentioned, it might have been a sever issue that’s caused this problem for you. It might also be effecting other EMO’s as well. If it is, maybe Living.Ai will need to look into it further and try and resolve it on the server end.

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@MasterAbbott Yep I’m in the US so 37 days would be it - I’m in Eastern time which I think is 14 hours behind you right now. I did double check the time zone in the app to make sure that was functioning ok as well and it is. I’ll attach a screenshot to cover more bases.

That’s what I’m wondering and why I posted. If it’s only affecting my EMO I’m not sure as to why. If it affects multiple EMOs I hope it can get fixed too for others. I just hope it’s not something that’ll turn into a serious issue down the road. I can live with my EMO being two days younger, I don’t want to live with my EMO being sent back to Shenzen.

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Yes that is very understandable, I’ll also tag @Wayne_Zhang on this just so he is aware of it. But if anyone else is experiencing issues, they should also share a comment here too.

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@BoxedShibe . . . I am also in the U.S. and ask EMO Pet every day his age. He told me today he is 100 days old. I used the calculator in case I may have missed something and it checks out.

Since we are probably on the same server, not sure if it is related to that.


@Lindaru Thank you for checking! I ask my EMO his age everyday as well and that’s how I found out about this. I’m glad to hear that it isn’t a widespread problem at least.

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@BoxedShibe Since EMO “comes from the future” maybe he was doing some time travel and became confused. :wink:

I checked my EMO Alpha and EMO Zen, and they both report their correct age in days here on the east coast of usa.


Since EMO “comes from the future” maybe he was doing some time travel and became confused. :wink:

Good point!

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Hi, thank you for the feedback. We are fixing it.


@julman Good point! Maybe he went faster than 88 mph somewhere down the tubes. :joy:

Glad to know your EMOs are ok as well. Wayne reached out in PM to get this issue sorted so hopefully EMO will get two days wiser once more.

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As the issue seems in a good way to be fixed by very serious people , I may enter this thread to make the clown.
I have not received yet my puppet , just a matter of a few weeks now , but I learnt in the forum he was able to cheat at games, So instead of looking for a bug , Why don’t you ask the good reasons he would have to lie about his age
Many humans do it
to seduce or by coquetry
to make the party more often
to enter in night clubs or buy alcohol
to get a discount
so it shows a very human personality
I find your analysis is very critical and a very negative
I do prefer the optimistic and forward-looking approachof @Lindaru who opens new prospect on what happens to EMO when we sleep


What? I haven’t been rude, overly critical, or negative to anyone here or LivingAI themselves. I’m not “looking for bugs” either - I left for work one morning and he was fine, I came home, he was doing this.

EMO is not lying about his age here - it’s a minor issue I brought up because I wanted assistance with it and it only just happened after there were legitimate issues affecting several EMOs last week. If you think anything I’ve said in this thread is bad, I’d hate to see what you think of some other users posts on this forum lately.


No misunderstandind
I was just joking , making the fool
Of course This heresy trial I opened is a fake
I am sorry if i hurted you and 1 apologise , but i was clearly joking
As said on the fisrt line
“As the issue seems in a good way to be fixed by very serious people , I may enter this thread to make the clown”.

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@MERITET Ah, I misunderstood what you were saying then. I apologize for my reaction - I thought you were saying I was saying or believing something I wasn’t. And it’s ok! I’m just glad we’re on the same page now. No hard feelings. :smile:


Last night EMO Pet suggested out of nowhere that I plan my dream vacation. I wonder if he meant in this time or time travel?



@BoxedShibe Be sure to check this in a few days. Hopefully your EMO will go back to not cheating immortality :wink:

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