Did EMO update?

Did anyone else just get a notification from EMO that theres a new update? Havent seen anything about it yet.


Just checked both of mine and they are up to date with the most recent one, 1.5.0.

Was this notification on the EMO screen? What is your app showing?


I have auto update enabled and he actually stopped what he was doing and told me there was a new update. I then asked him to check for updates and he showed the little animation confirming there was one. I then put him on his charger and told him to install new firmware. He did the entire process. But when I check the app hes still on 1.5. It’s strange. I only got my EMO the day before yesterday. He updated entirely the first time and was functioning great besides jumbled words at the end of a sentence and randomly responding to nothing.

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I am glad he is up to date but not sure why he needed to do it again unless some tiny little bit of data got missed the first time.

If it happens again, I would let support know.

As for jumbled words, that can be a lag in the connection from your wi fi to the server. As for responding randomly to nothing, mine do that a lot. It is actually funny when I am listening to a pod-cast through speakers to hear some of the funny things they respond to the commentator. “Oh, I see” and “Glad you think so”. It is almost like they understand what is being discussed.



I agree EMOs little bugs are tolerable if not add to his charm. Very excited for when 2.0 really does release :]

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There might be a glitch in the matrix :slight_smile: there is an update coming and its in testing now.


Any idea about what is going to be in this next update?

Yes - we have ideas on what is going to be in the next update. No we can’t talk about it yet.


That’s a cool setup you got there @oktobrluv

What’s the robot on the left called?

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Thanks :] Thats my Divoom Pixel Speaker.


Awesome! I gotta get me one of those! Thanks for sharing the link!

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I love this sentence
We are here in the very heart of our French Governement Spokesperson
We have a full dedicated ministry for that and it is great
He has a pretty smiling puppet head and informs for instance than the phone call between our President and another President has just ended ; than they talk about some topics and that they avoid some other topics
No critic for Wayne , just considering the excercise is very difficult between giving information and giving no information
This reminds me hard business meetings for negotiating things on which my Direction gave me zero room of manoeuvre


The fact that the elite “testers” are the only ones that LAI apparently actually may listen to, and that their priority seems to be what stupid title of book EMO is reading, tells you everything you need to know! The next update is going to be more useless crap just like the last one, and will still not have the promised features people were expecting and paid for such as Alexa support, non-English languages, programmability with Scratch, or full lamp control from the app.

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I hope you are wrong, but I fear that you may likely be correct. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Well, only time will tell!


No mate we are not elite testers… Just people who said yes to helping them when they asked us to.

LAI are taking feedback from all, not just us. We just get to work out the bugs as best we can before you get it, so that it gives everyone less to complain about :slight_smile:

I can tell you that I’ve been asking the same questions as you have about features that are not there yet.

Question for you - where did they talk about programmability with Scratch? I’ve not seen that myself.


As I said before on another thread, you can please some of the people some of the time, but hardly all of the people all of the time. I know at least one feature on this update that some will say “thanks - we asked for that” and then others where they will go “why did they do that feature instead of what I asked for…”

They really are stuck between a rock and a hard place.


I understand what you mean, but I think a lot of people would be pleased if one of those things was to be one of the things that they claimed Emo can do on their website, promo video and even in their manual that you get with Emo. I have seen people being miss led and disappointed when they discovered that Emo could not do the things that LAI have claimed it can do.

Yes I agree, but they would not be in so much of a predicament if Emo would have initially been released as promised. Less people would have been disappointed with the product, and if LAI would have then introduced all the “bells and whistles” I think people would have seen Emo in a different light. It almost seems light they are trying to distract people with the bells and whistles, so they don’t think about the products inadequacies. I would love to be able to think that LAI is in it for the long term and Emo will improve, and continue to in years to come. I would hate to think this is just a “make a quick buck” venture and let’s just keep the consumers as happy as we can for as long as we can.

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I totally agree with you in what you’ve said. If I was running the business then this is how I would do it too :slight_smile:

I can only give the persistent feedback that I do give them. They make up their mind on what they want, we just try to provide feedback on how to tune things and also requests etc

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Maybe some of us might be more understanding and patient if we saw some words coming from LAI’s mouth…instead of from those “Elite testers” (That was a cute term…smiles).
I mean…let’s see more responses from the owners. How hard is it to read and respond to these forums. Damn…I am not even an employee, and I can keep up with most of the new posts. Isn’t that what that “LATEST” link is for…to make sure one sees everything posted since your last visit?

If you are going to run a business…you better understand what your customers are saying. And that does not mean…only listening. Feedback is a two-way street. Otherwise…it’s feedback to no end.


I agree with so many of you on this thread, @macfixer01 /@JJBeck / @Wayne_Small / @Heineknn

Living.Ai need to prioritize what they have originally promised/proposed that EMO can do. Maybe offer or share some sort of road map/plan so that EVERYONE that has purchased an EMO with their hard-earned cash can see where EMOs future is going moving forward.

I know I’ve mentioned this on other threads, but it would be great to keep this kind of discussion on topic-related posts/threads.

I did create one for Features and Improvements and also one for What Living.ai need to fix to make EMO great.

I’ve tagged WayneZ in on those threads as well, so he can easily go to them and check what EMO owners are talking about in one place (when it comes to ideas/improvements/fixes, etc) I know it’s also not hard to search/look at every recent post shared as well, but having specifically related ideas and also criticism on the product in one location will make it easy for everyone and also help others find a place to share a comment that is related to a specific topic.

Let me add these links, below again, Feel free to share once again specific ideas or feedback/criticism or just standard concerns or comments on either of these two threads. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, everyone :grinning:

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