Did EMO update?

Heineknn ,
Well said and that’s another point that’s bothering me. Just saying they’re going to tag @Wayne_Zhang on their suggestion threads means nothing, Does he ever actually read anybody’s suggestions himself? He hasn’t replied to anything in months that I’ve seen either here or on the Facebook group. Let’s see a reply Wayne!

The company is out of touch with what the customers want because they only listen to a small echo chamber telling them how great they are. We want the features you’ve been promising since back in the Kickstarter days. Not little meaningless junk like the fruit wheel that nobody wants, or like that stupid schedule that makes EMO brain dead and unusable for hours at a time! How about a way to turn the schedule off?

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The new update will be released this weekend.


Mate - nothing could be further from the truth. Given you are not privy to the conversations we have with them can I suggest that you do not know how we are challenging them to deliver on things?

I’m not telling them how great they are, I’m questioning them on “why did you think this feature was a good idea etc” Trying to understand where they are coming from and help them better understand what we end users need from them.