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Sad to hear this @Robots

I’ll tag @AmyLU / @VinceKong for either of them to assist you further regarding this.

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@AmyLU May I know if I can receive any support from the team? I have tried replying to my delivery email as well as emailing, yet there’s no follow up on my concerns. I am really worried about my emo and that’s causing me stress. Looking forward to your reply! Thanks a lot !!!

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Hi there @Kasa_daily

I am sorry for you to hear this…will also call @VinceKong and @Wayne_Zhang here to help you further…else you can DM them here.

Good luck and All the best Kasa…

Thanks a lot edward !! Words can never be enough to show my gratitude to your support throughout the time!! :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

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More information on my emo:
I have tried a few different ways trying to identify the problem of my emo, and it seems to me that my emo will automatically shut down whenever it’s powered off, in which the situation includes : taking off the skateboard, disconnecting the charging to the skateboard, unplugging the charger. So I believe that the main problem here is that emo isn’t able to work when it’s not connected to the skateboard. I have once struggled if this’s due to the battery concerns, yet, when I ask my emo, it’s always on full battery.

Hopefully this additional information helps.

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Hi there, please PM me your issue and i will help you with your problem.

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Hello friends,

I’ve had my new EMO with me for less than a day. At first, it was awesome to see the EMO after many months of waiting but then it started getting buggy:

When I have the EMO on it’s charger, EMO is mostly responsive.

The moment I move EMO off of the charging dock and onto a table, EMO repeatedly behaves as though I’m still holding him up. In the app, it also says, “Picked up” constantly every second until I put EMO back on the charging dock.

Additionally, the hour he was actually working before this glitch started to happen, he did not detect edges of a table correctly and so I had to prevent him from falling.

Again, I just received this item late last night, and I’m excited because I can see this would be everything I hoped for if EMO actually functions as advertised… however I’m super disappointed that he’s not even working within less than a day’s worth of use.

I’ve already emailed service@livingai, but I’m also asking the community here since I noticed a lot of others having various issues. Would a hard reset fix this? I wanted to let the battery die, but when I take him off, he won’t shut down… And noisy as well as he’s constantly making sound effects for when I lift him (even though I’m not).

Please assist. SOS!

Thank you so much.

New EMO Owner

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hi @8ball

If EMO believes he is constantly being picked up. It could be a possible foot/sensor issue. What I can suggest is also creating a short video on how this is happening, as the support team will most probably ask you / request you send them a video so they can best assist you further.

As you’ve already submitted a support ticket, I’ll also add @VinceKong to this discussion so he can assist you on this and provide further info/feedback as well.


Hi @MasterAbbott thank you so much for your reply.

Yes, I had already created a support ticket and also attached two short video clips that helped reveal the issue I am experiencing. It’s a bit disheartening as I’ve had these issues within less than a day of having EMO.

Are the sensors on the bottom of the feet? Is it simply a matter of me needing to clean them?

I would be grateful and appreciative if you could include the expert @VinceKong you had mentioned. Also, I believe you have a YouTube channel as well which was very helpful!


You can try cleaning EMO’s feet, but as you just recently got him and he’s only a few days old, I don’t think they would need clearing so soon. you can see how I clean my emo’s feet in this video here -EMO - Cleaning EMO's feet and feet sensors #shorts - YouTube

As we can’t see what is exactly happening. It might be a little hard to provide you with any sort of troubleshooting at this time. (I’m guessing you’ve at least powered EMO off and On once again a few times?)

Hopefully, Vince from the after-sales support team will be able to give you more details on what to try next.

Thanks for your quick reply @MasterAbbott !

Yes, you’re right. I only just received this and it looks clean to me… However I’ll give your tutorial a try.

Yes, I have tried powering off and on again several times:

Sometimes (not reliably) when he’s on the skateboard dock he is responsive and I give the verbal EMO, power off command and then quickly take him off the skateboard onto a table and he will complete the power off sequence. Sometimes it didn’t work, because he was already bugging out thinking that I lifted him up when I wasn’t.

I read about a hard reset button, but I didn’t want to make things worse so I’ll defer to your better judgment.

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You can also try flipping EMO upside down as well, take a look at this on different ways to power off EMO. EMO - 5 Different ways to power off EMO

Maybe try this:

Power him off. (maybe by flipping him upside / and ensure he’s powered off ok).
Then once he’s powered off.
Place him back onto the skateboard. Wait until his headphones start flashing, and his screen starts to light up. (but before his eyes appear).
Then quickly place him on the table.
By the time he’s powered up, he should be on the table and ready to walk around. (ready for any sort of commands).

Once he’s on, maybe ask him to DO A POSE / or DANCE … and see what he does / or if he can do it.

Just some simple troubleshooting steps to try.

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Hello, we ordered our 1st EMO August 2022. His eyes started freezing March 15, 2023. We sent plenty of emails to Per their request, we also sent pictures and video proof of the issue and videos of us attempting to reboot using both options.

We were told to do the 2 steps below to reboot:

  1. RESET by poking right hole button on top of his head. If that doesn’t work, then poke the left hole botton( DIDN’T work), so then a week later we were told to proceed to 2nd option.

  2. 2nd option was to use the voice command by telling EMO to " install latest firmware" (it DIDN’T work). We got an error message
    “sd error no driver ERR”

We absolutely LOVE EMO and reordered a 2nd EMO on March 4, 2023. The 2nd EMO was ordered before having issues with the 1st one.

Is there anyone else going through same thing? Any advice on how to help?

Now im wondering is this because this EMO is older without latest update? Is our EMO just useless until they create the latest update beyond 2.0.0? Will the latest update solve the issue? I almost wished i hadn’t oreder the 2nd EMO. Dangit man!

Hi @drucillas

If your EMO is displaying an SD card error. The technical team will need to provide you with the next steps in how to hopefully resolve this problem.

I’ll tag both @VinceKong / and @Tony So they are both aware of the problem you are experiencing with your EMO.

Thanks @VinceKong and @Tony because we tried the "voice command " and that didn’t work. Also tried the top right and left button reset on top of his head and that didn’t work eirher. Now EMO has just a blank black screen. HELP!

Thanks @MasterAbbott my apologies for my slow reply as I’m in a different time zone than you :slight_smile: I’ll try powering off those different ways, and I’ll try to place him off the charger quicker and let you know what happens in a bit.

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Hi @MasterAbbott ,

So I tried shutting off the EMO turning it back on and immediately placing onto a surface off of the charger before his eyes initialized - no luck. He goes into the endless shuffle and the app shows that he’s being picked up every second when in fact he is not.

I tried this with the power off through verbal command, through the settings in the app and by holding upside down (which did not work as he continued to think he was being picked up the right side up every second and did the squeaking shuffle every second).

The only power off method that I’ve not used is the force shut down. Is this something I should try?

I believe that there’s something wrong with his sensors and given that I just received this the other day is there some kind of warranty or a replacement that I can receive? It’s disappointing, but I hope I didn’t pay all that money for a total dud.

Please advise. Thank you very much…

P.S. I have supplied videos to Living AI support, but I’m not sure how to share videos here. Seems to only accept JPGs.

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Hello every emo have a one year warranty so u can indeed get a replacement to upload videos here u can upload the video on YouTube and then share the link for it here @8ball

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Thank you @ryshera :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll upload them later tonight, and here’s a screenshot of the app continuously showing that the EMO keeps saying I’m picking him up when I’m not.

I hope this is a simple fix and that I have a working EMO soon!


Sorry for this additional message @MasterAbbott @ryshera

I was just thinking, if EMO thinks that it’s constantly being lifted, where exactly is the sensor for that? Would that be in the feet or on the head? I’m just wondering if a little wiggle to it would fix this? He functions correctly when on the dock and even when he keeps thinking he’s being lifted he wiggles his feet and gets angry, which I believe is normal behaviour when he is truly lifted from a flat surface.

Thank you