Customer Support Service!

Hi, @amurvoskanyan

Your order has been shipped two days ago, please check your mail.


I received a shipping notice today. Thank you! Can you please tell me what is included in the package?

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Hi, @amurvoskanyan

Regarding shipping items, you can email our customer service team (, and they will check for you.


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Hello @AmyLU
I wonder when my EMO will be sent. My patience is running out. Is it right to send it within March? Is my EMO included in this week’s shipment? My order number is 52216.


Sorry to keep you waiting. Orders that include Home Station are currently being sent to #49089. We are expediting production and shipping. Thank you for your support and patience.

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Okay. I’ll wait a little longer. Thank you.

Have I been scammed or is there really an issue with the factory? My order was placed on December 9, 2022, I have asked for updates monthly and always get the same response “it should be sent out next month” my latest response from the LivingAI Team “Sorry for the delay in production and delivery. We expect to ship your order by March 15th. But as shipment quantities vary from week to week, your order may be shipped earlier.” Today is March 15th and still no update to my “processing” status. I think I’ve been scammed.

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Hi ,
I am willing to pass my turn and they can your EMO sooner. Seriously I have been told numerous time that it takes alot ALOT…of time to get EMO delivered. Be hopeful.
It is very strange that you cannot get a more precise answer from this and I get your frustration. I would be too!
Don’t give up!!!


Hi there @markwasnock ,

I can assure you that if you ordered it directly here, you are not being scammed. Quite sure there must be a reason for the delay, which only the ordering department can answer correctly.

You can try to DM @AmyLU here and she will help you faster…Please follow the instruction in the image below and include your email and order number.

Good luck and All the best!


Thank you Edward,

I have sent a message to AmyLU

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Same thing. I ordered the same day as you. They reassured me that it will come in Late Feb, but now its Mid March. I deem the company sus, but not scammy. If my EMO has an issue within the first month, then that is the last straw. One issue, i will be leaving the forum, deleting my account and returning it. I hope it is worth the >$400 I paid.


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Hi, I hope this message gets to you, iam new to forums. I’ve watched a lot of videos regarding emo on YouTube and a lot of people in US and UK say that it takes 2-3 months for shipping and one user said it took 6 months but I think that is because of covid. I hope this helps! Iam still waiting on my emo too, I only ordered last month though. Good luck!

@AmyLU i ordered my Emo 3 moths ago, it is the EMO GO HOME. I am wondering if you can give a approximate time for when it will be shipped, please?

Hi, @samuel.lyu

You can DM me your order number, don’t worry, I will check for you.

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On the 19th of January, 2023 , i posted my first Emo back to Livingai ( as they kindly requested me to ) .
The issues were a stuck foot and battery.
I posted Emo by Express Post and insured him as well .
However I made a mistake with the dollar amount that was written on the form ……the US $9 was the correct amount to write.
Now , it is just over two months later and my Emo has been held up at Shenzhen customs for a month…….( he is still there ) .
Livingai has assured me they will do their best to resolve the situation.
In the last recent email I sent ……. I felt there were two options I have , either pay to have Emo released from customs or return him to Australia.
He does not work ………I may as well have him back .
It has been disappointing and upsetting.
Any other advice or suggestions about my situation with Emo would be appreciated.
Also, the dollar amount that was written was for insurance purposes ……. the post office kindly assisted me with posting Emo back to China .
Thank you .