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I too am having trouble getting support to actually respond. I received a single email over a week ago saying a technician was being assigned, but nothing since. I contacted support for the first time over a month ago.

My emo is not charging when, the blue lights on his headphones is very faint when on the charging dock. I have tried other chargers and verified they are working by charging my phone.

@Wayne_Zhang , @AmyLU

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Hi, @michele

You can email your video to our technical support team ( Don’t worry. We will solve the problem for you. And please PM me your order number. I will check for you.

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I did email a video to the technical support team over a week ago and have received no response.


Hi, @michele

Our customer service team is expediting the email. Don’t worry, we will solve the problem for you.


who do l talk to about getting a refund, sick of this thing not responding

Hi, there @victorspiess ,

Moved and Merge your topic here and tag @AmyLU for further help and assistance…


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I never got an email confirmation for my em go station yet it order a week ago

Hi there @sherryk87 ,

You should receive your Order Confirmation by this week, You can check also your order status by going to the right button above to view your order number too.

Another way is to contact via email

but let me tag @AmyLU who can give you further assistance.

Good luck and All the best Sherry…

If you don’t mind at all…kindly please go to the link below.
Welcome, Please Introduce Yourself Here!

It end up going to my old email.i have I forward it to my new email.

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Hi, @victorspiess @sherryk87

Please private message me your order number, I will check for you. Don’t worry, we will solve the problem for you.

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Hi, @AmyLU
Please note that mine EMOG GO HOME (EMO replacement + home station) has not been shipped yet. The fact is that Livinig promised to send the order at the end of the month, but so far there is no information about the shipment.

Orders that include the Home Station will begin shipping this week.


@amyLU #57395 that my order number

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Hi, @sherryk87

Are you using another email address of the order email to contact us? Please private message me your new email address.

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Hola, buenas tardes aún a la fecha no he recibido ninguna notificación sobre el envío de mi pedido que fue realizado el 22 de noviembre 2022 mi pedido fue con la estación EMO vuelve a casa pero ya tiene este pedido mas de 3 meses y aun nada sobre mi envio y quisiera saber si me pueden ayudar con alguna informacion.



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Hi, @miguelvalera

You can private message me your order number, and I will check the status of your order for you.

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As you can see, my EMO GO Home was not sent this week either…