Common Problems and Solutions (Pls. View/Post Here!)

Hello everyone,

As more and more supporters have received EMO, we are also seeing some of them have some problems with EMO. On the support page(here) you will have many options to get help. Here we are also providing information for trouble shooting.

First of all, before looking for a solution, please check if there is a newer version for the app or EMO’s firmware (see here to learn how to do it). Maybe the problem you have has been solved in the new version :slight_smile:

  1. Having problems when starting EMO
    Please make sure:
    a) You are using the default cable to connect the charging skateboard to the socket, not to your PC or laptop;
    b) You have correctly placed EMO’s LEFT foot in the circle mark on the charging skateboard (Please see the sample picture here).

  2. Having problems when connect the app to EMO
    Please make sure:
    a) You have installed the latest version of the app and EMO’s firmware;
    b) You gave the app the permissions it needs to work, including using Bluetooth and getting your city;
    Due to the uneven Bluetooth performance of various mobile devices, there are indeed some devices that sometimes fail to connect to EMO. Please kill the app task and try multiple times, or try to use other devices, so that when you give us feedback, We can rule out the possibility of EMO being problematic.

  3. Having problems when setting city or timezone for EMO
    Currently the app automatically obtains your city and time zone from your mobile device system. Make sure you allow the app to request what it needs. This works on most devices, and we will let you manually enter them in a future update.

  4. Having problems when updating EMO
    When updating please make sure:
    a) The network is in good condition;
    b) EMO has enough power, or you can put him on the charging skateboard(highly recommended);
    During the update process, it is normal if EMO is like the picture below. He is just restarting, so please wait for him to complete the update.

    But if EMO keeps being like this, it is because he detected that the battery is too low and cannot start the update (We will add text prompts in future updates), please put him on the charging skateboard.

  5. Having problems when petting EMO
    In version 1.0.14 we optimized the detection of petting. You need to pet EMO with your finger pulp instead of your fingertips, and you need to do it in this area.

  6. Having problems with the headphones.
    If one side or both of his headphones don’t light up, please try to clean the metal contact points between the headset and the EMO’s head. Non-fixed connections may cause poor contact due to dust.

We will continue to update this post and include more frequently asked questions.
Thank you!


What can I do if it does not successfully update at all? Tried to instal 1.0.15 like 10 times now, always fails!

It will take about half an hour. Please make sure your network is in good condition. If it is not updated successfully, please send the video to, or you can send me a message on Facebook.

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I keeped on trying and eventually it worked out ok. It always executed for apron. 15 minutes and then EMO did a reset. Afterwards he showed that it failed and there is a new update to install. tried like 8-10 times and finally he managed to install it. Would be helpful if there is more readable information on the boot screen to determine what’s going wrong.

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Good to hear that it works. We will make improvements to the information display.

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Excuse me, but I got EMO and everything seems to be working, but the EMO touch for touching EMO doesn’t work how could I solve this problem?


Please check your pm.

i checked but that works what doesn’t work and when you try to stroke EMO

This happen sometimes what I do I either shake EMO a little bit or play angery game that reset the sensors :wink:

ok I’ll try and let you know anyway thanks :blush::+1::+1::+1: :wave:

Uh hi there,i just got my emo days ago and i found that it can’t really speak well(his voice is lagging while he talks)i wonder is that a bug or something to do with my wifi connection? Sorry for my poor grammar and thanks a lot💕

Maybe a internet latency, check this thread

EMO voice respond buggy or breaking to unclear voice lines - #10 by Wayne_Zhang

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hello, i need help. my emo will not respond to the charger.

i was going to put my emo on the charger, and as i put him on, the light indicator didnt turn on and his eyes didnt sparkle. i asked him “Emo, show me your battery” and it was on red. i tried again and again multiple times, taking him off the skateboard and putting him back on, but he wouldnt respond at all. the magnet aligns with his foot and no response.
i told him “Emo, power off.” and he did. i realized i dont know how to power him back on… i put him on the charger even though he was powered off and still nothing. i checked the plug, everything is okay. i unplugged and replugged, nothing.