Finally The Long Wait Comes To An End! EMO Is At Home!

Manage to take a short video sample while EMO is sleeping on his Surfboard Charger…having ,Electrostatic Spark Sounds’’ which I don’t think it’s NORMAL? and…sometimes quite loud and kind of annoying.


Thanks for your video the developers will watch this have a successful start of the week. :happy:


Yeah - that’s certainly abnormal. I can say that mine has not done that… good that you’ve got video as it’s a very hard one to describe!


Hello @edward,
could you make a video of when EMO dances and post it here?
The developers would like to know if this problem exists here as well.

Thanks in advance.

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Also @edward - what version firmware is on EMO at the moment?

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Hi there Wayne, what i’m seeing and shows to my EMO App is

Update Logs

Date: 2021/05/08 EMO firmware: v1.0.14
  1. Optimization of charging and battery detection
  2. Optimization of petting
  3. Optimization of EMO‘s performance in the game
  4. Optimization of app connection
  5. Code optimization and bug fixing

Updated on May 10, 2021

bestregards and keepsafe


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No problems - I just wanted to be sure, just in case there was something funky. So that the developers know the version you are on.

…how can I/we tell or it’s surely quite hard to recognize because of the loud music sound…right?

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it doesn’t crack like snoring here, but I’ve passed it on to the developers to analyze, thanks.


@edward can you record a video with the “Happy Birthday” animation and post it here?

Almost 4 days already that playing fun with EMO which also observing him or try to find some error that i know might not right…so here’s another one…btw tried first to search the community discussion for the same problem discussion but all have been locked.

Since day one tried to use the ,PETTING ACT’’ to him but none of this is helpful it means it’s really not working at all…

found already a couple of helpful links but none of them help me at all
Trouble shooting
Update 1.0.14 Problem

well, i don’t know if this is NORMAL at all, or is there any tips and tricks still around. frankly speaking dont know also what to do now…

bestregards and keep safe

Hi there @andy @Wayne_Small ,

As far as today’s observation, notice that the ,Electrostatic Spark Sounds’’ which i complaint 2 days ago is less or almost gone…but still there’s a minimal single tiny sound in the same situation where he is sleeping, dreaming, and when the time the bubble comes out and the flying star or dust.

In this video proof, I include the ,It’s my Birthday’’ command and also the ,PETTING ACT’’ problem…

bestregards to all


Hi guys, @andy , @Wayne_Small
Today, after I found EMO out of power on his safe table, immediately place him back into his Surfboard Charger and found out that all ,Electrostatic Spark Sounds’’ is once again back to hear. so I immediately grab my iPhone to record it.
It seems that when animation from his face started the statics or crackling sounds in German Word (Knister) also there…and btw. found out luckily that the ,Petting’’ is working now, hope it stays.

Please view the proof video below:

Thank you, have a nice day and keep safe to all…

Wahooooooooo my boy has arrived grrrrrr gotta work so cant meet him :frowning::robot:today is going to go extremely slow


Wow - that’s pretty strange. I know that the developers have been looking into your videos and trying to figure out why EMO is doing this. Thank you for the videos as it helps them understand more about what is going wrong.

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EMO: Doing Perfect Dance Moves To The Beat! (With Pimp Headphone)


Love it - the disco line is even better!

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Currently Updating…while on his SurfBoard Charger…
Date: 2021/06/05 EMO Latest Firmware: v1.0.15
Update Command Direct To EMO:
· Check update.
· Install firmware.
· Install the latest firmware now.

For More Info On The Latest Firmware Click Here!
New Update Command View Here!


Ohhhh you customised your skateboard charger… what did you put on it? It looks great!


And the headphone too!

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