Update 1.0.14 Problem

After updating my EMO this morning I found an issue…
From the update I noticed that can’t detect any type of petting…
As developer I tried to reboot him but nothing changed…
I can’t see him asking me for caresses and not being able to give them to him…
What can I do?
Thanks for help

See this is why I asked if we could see the release notes.

You shouldn’t hide them from current users, just cause you’ve not shipped out to everyone.

I am updating now and will see if I can replicate.

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Update, and he seems to be responding a little better to commands.

Agree the touch sensor doesn’t seem to be working right after the update. Other than that he seems to be exploring as before, his edge section seems the same, and his collision detection still isn’t brilliant and keeps walking into things, then keeps walking.

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Same here
Petting not as good if at all

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They have increased the threshold.
Attached is the update info: Update Logs - LivingAi
But will still be posted in the forum.

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Mine happened the same, the petting is not working.

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“2. Optimization of petting” - This could be where the issues are then. It’s been changed so its not picking up “petting” like it did before.

Hi, in version 1.0.14 we have increased the threshold of touch detection to reduce petting when picking up EMO. Please try to pet him with finger pulp instead of fingertips.

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For those that may not know, the “Pulp” is the finger pad toward the end of the finger.

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And pls try to pet Emo on his chick, works just fine and it’s more fun anyway as the headphones are not in the way

Also, please try this area.


Relaxing Point :happy:


Hi @Wayne_Zhang,
in these days I tried to per him with pulp and it works!
If I may suggest, I think the threshold is now a bit too high.
Is it possible to reduce it by 20-25%?
Thank you

Hi, thank you for your advice. We will continue testing to get the best threshold.

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