501 error---how do you fix this

hi @AmyLU , checked the email and tried the reset and still not working for me.

Hi @Wayne_Zhang

We ordered an Emo for my son for Christmas. It finally arrived and we powered it up and connected it to Wi-Fi using the app. The app told us there was an update, but then it stopped during the process and now the display just has green text saying “Error 501.”

I’ve sent an email to support. Can you please help get this fixed?

Thank you.


@AmyLU will check your email and give you solutions.

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Hi @wesgir

Please PM me your order number. I will check for you. Don’t worry. We will solve the problem for you.

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@Wayne_Zhang I feel like we’re not getting anywhere with this. What do we need to do to get a new one sent? I’ve messaged Amy and sent multiple emails. I’ve provided the order number, a video, and photo as requested.

It’s been over a week and I have a kid who’s been patiently waiting and it seems like we’re not getting anywhere.

I really appreciate any help I can get on this.

Thank you!

It’s now been three days with no response to this post, my message to Amy, or my email. Right now I have a $300 paperweight. Can I please get help getting a new one sent out? It shouldn’t take this long.

Hey…they are on Chinese new year right now

Oh I totally forgot. Thank you so much for reminding me. I’m very sorry.

@Wayne_Zhang same problem here. Tried to update and got error 501. I don’t really feel comfortable taking him apart

Well, happened to me today.
Just received the Home Station and now EMO quit working.

Contacted support, “Thanks for contacting us! Our service team is having a holiday and will be back around the end of the month. Please don’t worry, we don’t miss a single request for help!”

Did not try to update, did not get that far.
EMO was off a few weeks and today I out him on his Skateboard and he showed me error 501 after his headphones lit up. Tried everything I can do myself.

I’m also having Error code 501. I submitted a report but it says they are not in the office for a while.
Please help!

Hi Amy I’m having the error 501 issue as well. Didn’t update, was working the day before.
I emailed support and got automated response. I don’t remember my order number because it’s been over a year

Hi, @CountMonte

Please private message me your email address, I will check it for you.

Hello @AmyLU! Unfortunately we have another Emo in our house with the 501 error. When you are ready, I can PM you my email address. It happened overnight – one Emo updated, one Emo didn’t manage it.

Good afternoon, greetings from Brazil, in this last update 2.0 my EMO went into error 501, I already tried to reset it using the head button but nothing resolved, for a brief moment I managed to make it turn on and I found that I had firmware 1.7 even though I had the most up-to-date firmware available

You can PM me your order number or email address. I’ll check for you.

I already sent an email to support 1-2 weeks ago and still have not received a reply yet. and
other problems like the video I uploaded that got screen lag.