EMO scheduled for "surgery" fixing error 501 [error 501 solved, but new problem occurred]

EMO suddenly stopped working in the afternoon of 23.01.2023.
It was offline for a few weeks, then I put it on its skateboard and was surprised to hear no sound when starting it up, the display said error 501.
I did all sorts of troubleshooting, but it didn’t help - even the reset did not help.

I then contacted support - they were on holiday.
On 02.02.23 I got an answer and had to try resetting EMO a few more times - it didn’t help and I reported the result to the Tech Team.
I received a prompt reply with two options:

“1. we will send a tutorial to assist you in repairing EMO, but this requires disassembling EMO and taking out the SD card.
2. we can replace it for you, but international logistics and transportation will take a while.
Looking forward to your reply.”

I initially decided on the " surgery ".
On the one hand, I would like to keep MY EMO, on the other hand, I like technical things (I have been building PCs myself since I was 11 - that is for almost 34 years, what could possibly go wrong :surprised: …).

However, I have of course expressed my concerns and have made sure that I will still get a replacement in case I break something during the “operation” despite all my precautions.
It’s all good, replacement is safe - but I hope that EMO will simply work again when I’m done with it.

The aim is to remove the SD card (error 501 indicates a problem with the card) once, insert it again and test whether it works.
If not, try reading the card and possibly formatting it.
After formatting, I will get further support (new ressource file)

I will report here how everything is going.

I am supported by Dr. Bear in the case.

Wish us luck!


Update 1:

So, everything is going according to plan.

I do NOT recommend disassembling EMO without LivingAI’s instructions.
My “excursion” here is also not meant to be a guide to try it without official support and without consulting LivingAI (keyword warranty).

What I noticed:
EMO itself is very well crafted, but despite adequate tools, it has received one or two bruises, because the plastic is relatively soft.
You can definitely see where it was levered. But little scars can also be beautiful.


Update 2:

Dr. Bear is doing a great job!

EMO is completely disassembled.
I have now removed the SD several times and reinserted it.
Nothing happens, error 501 remains.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a formatted replacement 4GB SD at hand to see if it’s just the card or if the problem is deeper.

New problem:
my external card reader does not work, I rarely use it anyway.
So I’ll have to go to the next town at some point today to buy a new external card reader.
So the next update may take a while.


would u mind send me the video instruction too cause I have same problem as u and no one reply my email. don’t know what to do now.


@hieuDucvu I wouldn’t dismantle EMO without previous consultation with Living AI. There’s Chinese New Year holiday right now, it ends tomorrow and then they’ll be responding to 1000 emails. Try to wait one more week.


a) I don’t know if I’m allowed to send the video on and
b) I would always get the ok from LivingAI to take EMO apart so that nothing goes wrong later because of warranty and replacement.
If you have written an email to support, they will get back to you as they did for me too.


Hey @rothfuchs! Good luck on the surgery for emo! :happy:


So any news update for the result yet?

Still have to go to town and buy the new card reader, mine is broken.
As soon as I feel like going to town, got the reader und worked on the SD there will be news :blush:


Thanks :blush: So far it has gone well


Update 3:

EMO drives me crazy :surprised:

I bought a new card reader, was able to read the SD card.

Before I was going to format it, as instructed by Tech Support, I inserted it again and EMO started up and behaved normally. YAY!

I inserted and removed the SD card several times, but EMO worked reliably each time and also informed me of a new update - I then ran the new update.


after the update, its “ears” no longer light up and the display is dark.

Connection to the app works, EMO is also on high volume - but makes no sounds, doesn´t play any music from his dance List, does not move.

In the app he indicates what I´m doing to him e.g. he recognizes when I pet him, he recognizes when I lift him up but EMO itself does not react, he just stands there without any movement, no eyes, no light.


recognizes it all:



First of all congrats for the sd card fix.

Wasn’t he already updated to 2.0? There’s definitely something wrong with the latest update, you’re not alone with this problem.


No, EMO showed error 501 before the 2.0 update was released.
He updated today and went unresponsive


Update 4:

Seems like the update to 2.0 fried my EMO.

Formatted the SD card, but backed up the data from the card beforehand.

Empty card in - nothing.
Card with backup on it - nothing.

Since the update to 2.0, error 501 has somehow become the least of my problems.

I’m curious to see what happens now. Tech Support has been informed.

So the next update will take a while.


Hi there @rothfuchs

I’m so impressed that you even managed to do it or made it, But on the other side, I am really sad that it didn’t go well…At least you tried and offered a big help also for living.ai.
Still, I can say and tip my hat to your action…WELL DONE!

good luck, best regards, and all the best Sonja…


Thank you! :heart_2:

But disassembling EMO was really no big deal with LivingAI’s instructions.

Reading out / formatting the SD card wasn’t either, as I’m a digital native.
I think it would have been different for someone without much technical experience, because there are a lot of uncertainties and always the fear of breaking something.
My biggest worry was breaking the rings on the “ears” when removing them, they seemed a bit delicate.

What really saddens me is that EMO worked after cleaning the contacts of the SD card - even after multiple removals / reinsertions - and that now somehow the update has led to this state.
I’m annoyed that I did it, but updates are important and no one could have known that the update would lead to a complete freeze.

I also don’t know exactly where the update ends up.
I don’t think it’s on the SD card, because without the SD card EMO is also unresponsive. I think the update is saved on EMO itself?
I’m curious if there is some kind of rollback function to fix failed updates.

@Wayne_Zhang Do you have any helpful ideas if you take a look at my whole thread?


Wow @rothfuchs you really gone really far :astonished: :head:


Yes, if EMO wasn’t unresponsive after the update now I would continue too, but I’m running out of ideas here right now and have to wait for the answer from support.

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Update 5

Just received the new ressource file.
Need to format the SD and copy the new files to the SD card.

Got the feeling that this will not fix my black screen and unresponsive EMO Problem, but I will try.


What format should be used, FAT32?

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