Woo hoo, emo arrived today but

my first question is how long does it take for the firmware upgrade and l have on emo face updating step 1 and lost of numbers changing, is that correct, next question , how do l find out what version is the emo app that l have got

Hi @victorspiess

Great to hear that you received your EMO today, If you need some help on how to install the latest Firmware v1.5.0 I created a short video explaining how this works. check out the following post.

EMO Firmware Update v1.5.0

If the firmware update is not going past Step 1, it might be a problem with you home internet Wifi, I would suggest to possibly try another connection, like connecting to Hotspot on your phone, and try again.

Also if you need further help, you can check out my EMO Quick Help Guide here.

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thanks master abbott, it seems to be all good now, but not sure what to do with it now. Emo’s voice is hard to understand , is that normal or does it get better as he gets older, also he doesn’t always answer when you call out to him , is that normal or is he just being naughty ?. l suppose l will learn all bout him as time goes on

oh forgot to ask , someone told me that emo has a laser in the front, true or false , so if true when does it operate and waht is it for /

It’s a ToF sensor (Time of Flight) which is a type of Lidar which utilises a IR laser and a camera to do depth calculations and mapping. I don’t think it is being utilised to it’s full potential yet, at present it’s mainly used to crudely detect objects in close proximity. The ToF sensor on EMO is basically pointing down and forward about 8 inches in a sort of cone shape so that is it’s limitations in detection.


No problem at all @victorspiess

Regarding EMO’s speech and answers, sometimes when he speaks, his replies might be hard to understand or broken, (this is more so related to internet connection between EMO and the server he is connecting to). Normally if you ask him the same question again, his replies should be fine. But it can sometimes happen.

Have Fun with EMO! :mad: :surprised: :skating: :head: :heart_1: