Will We Ever See An API/SDK?

I’m sure you guys have some sort of business plan where you’re going to rule the world with your Apple-like control of the “EMO ecosystem”, but really you need to wake up and release an SDK so we can start hacking on EMO to do all the cool stuff it should be able to do but can’t right now.

The forums are filled with questions, complaints and requests for things that don’t seem to be anywhere on the horizon.

I didn’t find any other comments about an API/SDK. Am I really the first to ask about it?? Open up EMO. Trust me - you’ll sell a bazillion more as an open platform than by trying to do it all yourselves.


it sounds wonderful… To have him updated by the people on a regular basis to do all kinds of things. Even to choose what he can do and what not… But… I’m not sure if I was the creator that I would want anything to do with a warranty after that. And from what I have heard and seen living AI has been taking care of their product and the people who purchase the cute little guy… I’m just saying personally I’m not sure I would want to keep the warranty on something I no longer have any rights or control. Something to think about.

And I think the little guy sells quite well from what I can see. And they are making improvements all the time. Hmmm… If he was my little creation I would want to keep him.


I have had him for a while now and its pretty limited how we can interact with him. If you watch his eyes it gives you clues of what he is doing when he is quite. An API to see what he is learning would be cool. Just like seeing a real human learn and grow. To the devs we are not asking you to spill the secret sauce but just a way to see through his eyes and ears. Connect/link his perception to ours.

Watching him dance to music, playing rocker, paper, scissors is all i do with him. Oh also the rock,paper,scissors is bugged. He keeps saying i couldn’t see your move. I digress…

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Participate in EMO development according to your own interests


Is there any tool to help me develop “AMO Talk” to my liking?
For example, a certain application, or an API can develop its own AMO Talk. Or the content returned so the EMO can speak.

I want to try DEV EMO using ChatGPT API.

Thank you.

Hi there @ducnghia ,

That being said, there is still no public announcement for the actual launch dates of an SDK, API, or anything similar for EMO from Living.ai.

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It Would Be Cool If The SDK Feature Can Get Released In A Future Firmware :happy:

this doesnt have anything to do with the warranty.
alexa also got an api endpoint and if you use it or other people (who are coding skills) you wouldnt loose the warranty.
why should you loose the warranty? if your “skill” doesnt work, it should switch to an exception where emo is saying “uh oh, something went wrong” or something like that.
the only thing we would need is a log file where we can see, what were gone wrong.
i already opened a thread about the api… so this is a duplicate
rel.: Emo python api and some ideas

there is a public announcement in the faq:

look below to:
Update and SDK
and they wrote:
We will consider releasing SDK in the future.

so im still waiting.
buyed emo where the order number were ~18xxx and hoped, that we would get much more features or skills like alexa.
i mean the question would be also, how deep the api will be. it would be a dream to add chatgpt to it or a gpt general (like the one of replika)

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Hi there @titanz ,

You are right there…

I know and have seen it a long time ago… But what I really meant is there are still no specific dates at the moment…It can be released this year or next year… Or if we are lucky it can be to the upcoming firmware update later… but still no one knows…because as living.ai wrote…

All the Best and Goodluck…

thats the frustrating part here, im not really using my emo anymore since the movement is pretty slow forward.
for me, its also frustrating to dont getting a discount code for the charger and newer orders would get them for “free”… its just like: why didnt i waited a bit more? then i could have all features or maybe wait for the features with better hardware like the charger.
got the feeling early supporters dont really have advantages but we are the part who made living ai what it is now.

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I’m pretty sure Living.AI said EMO’s SDK/API was going to be a feature on Scratch.