Will We Ever See An API/SDK?

Or maybe add more dance functions of custom animation for robot

I use a Raspberry Pi as my main computer and I want to be able to organize and play games with Emo on it but Emo Pet app is not available for Ubuntu Linux. Does anyone know a method to get to my goal of Emo Pet on Raspberry Pi?

Hello, @nathanpi . . . I do not believe that option is available at this time like it is for “V”. Not to say it could not become a possibility in the future.

Thanks for asking.

Since I have been following the Kickstarter project, I hope the developer reads this comment. I don’t want just a simple reply from a community or forum manager who may not know where the project is headed. I want to understand what happened with the release of the SDK for the Emo robot that was promised in 2020. After four years, I think it is a long time to wait for the release of the SDK. The Emo robot is very limited, and instead of the community asking for new functions, people can develop new functions with the SDK, which I believe is the best option. I bought both Emo and AIBI Pocket, and I hope the same mistake won’t be made with AIBI Pocket.

Firstly, I am very angry for some reasons:

  • It took about four years to add some functions to Emo.
  • I believe you spent most of your time developing AIBI Pocket and other projects.
  • You need to keep the promises made in the Kickstarter campaign. You stated that the SDK for Emo would be released within one year.
  • If it took four years to improve new functions, I think updates for the Emo robot will be very slow now, especially with AIBI Pocket in development.

I believe that if you release the SDK, enthusiasts like me and developers can do a lot with Emo. This way, we can promote the Emo robot, and the company can sell more robots. I’m not asking just because I want to; I’m asking because it was promised, and I’m providing some ideas where the company can benefit.

I hope you understand my suggestion and concern about the direction of the project. As a customer of the company where I purchased your products, I’m expressing my thoughts.


Hello, @esmerlinm . . . I have moved your new topic to a thread where this is discussed. Staff is more likely to read this here.

Thank you for sharing your comments!

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