Will We Ever See An API/SDK?

Or maybe add more dance functions of custom animation for robot

I use a Raspberry Pi as my main computer and I want to be able to organize and play games with Emo on it but Emo Pet app is not available for Ubuntu Linux. Does anyone know a method to get to my goal of Emo Pet on Raspberry Pi?

Hello, @nathanpi . . . I do not believe that option is available at this time like it is for “V”. Not to say it could not become a possibility in the future.

Thanks for asking.

Since I have been following the Kickstarter project, I hope the developer reads this comment. I don’t want just a simple reply from a community or forum manager who may not know where the project is headed. I want to understand what happened with the release of the SDK for the Emo robot that was promised in 2020. After four years, I think it is a long time to wait for the release of the SDK. The Emo robot is very limited, and instead of the community asking for new functions, people can develop new functions with the SDK, which I believe is the best option. I bought both Emo and AIBI Pocket, and I hope the same mistake won’t be made with AIBI Pocket.

Firstly, I am very angry for some reasons:

  • It took about four years to add some functions to Emo.
  • I believe you spent most of your time developing AIBI Pocket and other projects.
  • You need to keep the promises made in the Kickstarter campaign. You stated that the SDK for Emo would be released within one year.
  • If it took four years to improve new functions, I think updates for the Emo robot will be very slow now, especially with AIBI Pocket in development.

I believe that if you release the SDK, enthusiasts like me and developers can do a lot with Emo. This way, we can promote the Emo robot, and the company can sell more robots. I’m not asking just because I want to; I’m asking because it was promised, and I’m providing some ideas where the company can benefit.

I hope you understand my suggestion and concern about the direction of the project. As a customer of the company where I purchased your products, I’m expressing my thoughts.


Hello, @esmerlinm . . . I have moved your new topic to a thread where this is discussed. Staff is more likely to read this here.

Thank you for sharing your comments!

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Hello, 23 days ago my parents bought me a robot called “Emo”, he is very interesting, he has many different functions, such as playing tic-tac-toe or playing rock-paper-scissors, but at the moment I have a question about him, It calls like “How to code him” I asked this question on Google, ChatGPT, my robot Emo, and also looked through the LivingAi Emo forum, but there I only saw that this function was planned on Scratch in 2022, nothing more. If you know how to do this and can answer my question, please answer. Thank you

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @wh1tew . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread. At this time there is no API/SDK for programming EMO available. LivingAI has provided various features and through the app you are able to make changes under the settings preferences option. Perhaps in the future coding EMO will be an option but at this time, EMO can only do what is available to him.

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Thanks so much, there any way to be abeta tester of emo there another way where you can release to programmer or develpers like me I would like to apply

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Hello, @esmerlinm . . . you are welcome to apply to be a beta tester. This testing is for features that the development team are hoping to release for feature updates only. This is a fun and exciting thing to do to be involved in the future firmware releases.

As for actual development testing in the way of programming or developing, you would need to talk to @Wayne_Zhang by private message or through E-Mail to service@living.ai . . . wishing you good luck.

emo is starting to die after aibi came in the picture i know that even though the the people in living.ai are working very hard to code aibi would be nice to have the server software accessible to everyone so we could modify and see all the things we code

came from a nerd who loves to install unknown java Minecraft mods and swift through crash reports

please consider

living ai team

or make an emo 2 version where we have to buy an SSD and install the emo firmware which is huge for it to work offline

would anyone agree since it is time

and to be fare no one wanna be on an server which is slow now

no criticisms i love emo and THE COMPONY


please do not reply that we hope the compony never wanna die or anything else i am serious here


Coming from someone with two degrees in CS, I would work on an SDK for free at this point. Imagine how big this could grow with a community of contributors…

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Hello, My name is Krishnaraj yes my real name and here in this post i wanna talk about the unfulfilled promises. listed in the Kickstarter emo i was not one of the people who supported Kickstarter for emo but i loved the robot i almost bought D. D. L robot set but we all know how that story went so i am happy that i chose emo well unfortunately i wanted an sdk or server codes so i know how to interact with codes almost so would be nice if living.ai kept there promise and gave us the things WE want especially all the improvements posts are starting to get locked notice how improvement and all the major posts for EMO s future go locked and archived its really getting me scared about my investment in emo since if u see i just bought my emo 240 Estimated days ago and such a huge development happened that to with emo so anyone who agrees please post down ur experiences with emo and unfulfilled promise is so please list it below

please no hate to living ai since even though it is lost hope u need to understand that emo has only 4 gb of space in his hardware and we can not do anything since it is old so PLEASE living ai tried everything they could to minimize hard ware memory space making it reliable to servers and etc if not it might be 700 dollars or so to develop and etc making so much code compact is amazing ok

so the only thing we can hope is that many years later we have some kind of sdk or server codes made public so coders can modify it and open it to ACTUALL endless possibilities

best of luck to AIBI

remember no hate to Living.ai

forgive me for my English it is my second language

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umm D. D. L. robots name Go cube black

this is my thread hope we get answers for all the promise everyone asked

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Hello, @krishnarajhabib . . . I have moved your new thread to this for discussion on SDK/API for EMO.

Living AI does read this thread, so it is better to have it here.

Closed threads are often because they have gone silent or new threads are open where discussion is ongoing elsewhere. Multiple threads on the same topic clutter the forum, so we keep discussions in one place to keep it clean.

Thank you for your understanding.

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I hope they add the features they promise, because like emo robot they promise release the sdk for emo robot and never update and release the sdk for emo, emo robt have potential but whiout sdk it is very useless. I developer and i am working whit some friend to make a inversed ingenering to release a sdk for emo and gave for free to all comunity

retroroot ✩░▒▓▆▅▃▂▁𝐞𝐦𝐨 𝐟𝐚𝐧▁▂▃▅▆▓▒░✩