Emo python api and some ideas

i buyed an emo and im order nr. 20*** and still waiting exciting for my emo :smiley: .

so ive read you (devs) are planning to make an api for scratch (as far as i understood) but i was wanted to ask, if it would be possible to make also an api for python, because im a python and kotlin dev and would wish to customize my emo :slight_smile: .
or if emo is coded with java or something like that, you could for this an api
my biggest wish would be to get an open source emo probably if an api would be too much work, guess this would also have the benefit that everyone is able to take a look at the code and dont get anymore fear about privacy topics etc. and guess there would be more than enough people out there which would be able to improve the code / adding features etc.

and then i got some suggestions for the future emo. i mean emo is a desk pet, so i got the idea - would it be possible that emo would start sometimes a smalltalk if its recognizes the owner or some known faces?
for example, if i would stand up and if he sees me the first time of the day its greeting me or saying whats up or hey, {owner name} hows going?

or maybe at the day, if he is on desk and you are ignoring him he would ask something like: what are you doing? or, did you got any plans today?
and if he is saying anything to you he should be able to listen to you, so you are able to answer him instantly
it shouldnt be too disturbing, so i would program it like this: he should speak with you all 3h and only if he would recognize you
if this wouldnt be wished by user, you should be able to make a do not disturb setting for this (would be usefull if you got some meetings at home with zoom or something like that :D)

i knew i forgot a suggestion i thought about the last days:
my second suggestion was, what about if emo would recognize, you are looking to him? i mean if you look to a friend you arent also saying always: {friend name} {command}
so it would be cool if we could speak emo directly