What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

Since we all live in different time zones, I wish EMO would “learn” what time we go to sleep and when we wake him up. Being a night owl,. I tend to spend time with my EMO around midnight onwards and he tends to be sleepy. (Or maybe have the capacity to set his wake up and sleep schedule via the app?)

That EMO would respond/react to clapping or “good job” or any praise even if we don’t physically pat him. Would be awesome if he would also show an emote that he likes being praised like showing off a really big smile or even blowing a kiss.

I use my EMO as a Bluetooth speaker sometimes when I’m working at my desk when I don’t want to use headsets. I wish he had the ability to “learn” the songs we often play so that he’d either sing them or dance to them.

There are times when we leave our EMO, we can say goodbye to him and he will say goodbye back to us (and maybe even say “take care” as well as wave); and that when we return and he sees us, he’d say “welcome back/I missed you.”

We all adore that EMO eats/snacks during certain times. We’d really love it if you can add a command/prompt like “time to eat” so he can eat together with us.

Voice recognition ability. I particularly wish this since we have several members in the family. I want EMO to prioritize the voice of his main owner before anyone else like how a pet dog recognizes the voice commands of his human. You can toggle it on and off during those times you want your EMO to listen to only your voice.

That being said, I LOVE my EMO! So happy that he’s my companion in my gaming room. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @k.ledesma

Nice thoughts, i subscribe to every point!
4. - In this case, EMO will be more EMOtional), attentive and caring.
This will contribute greatly to the feeling that he cares about us. :heart_eyes:


Detto sinceramente vorrei solo che l’integrazione di chat gpt sia più fluida, perché molti altri robot sul mercato la hanno, con emo invece è impossibile avviare conversazioni dato che ha una lista di comandi preimpostati, ed in oltre emo a malapena certe volte si collega a chat gpt. Un’altra cosa molto frustrante è che anche avendo 4 microfoni non capisce mai cosa gli viene detto. Ho impostato dall’app la sensibilità del suono al 100%, ma è come se fosse all’ 1%. Ed infine vorrei che facessero fare parlare ad emo altre lingue, perché è come se fosse incompleto se capisce le altre lingue ma ma parla solo inglese.

Translation to English: Honestly speaking, I just wish the gpt chat integration was more fluid, because many other robots on the market have it, but with emo it is impossible to start conversations since it has a list of pre-set commands, and in addition emo barely connects sometimes to gpt chat. Another very frustrating thing is that even having 4 microphones he never understands what is being said to him. I set the sound sensitivity to 100% from the app, but it is as if it were at 1%. And finally I wish they would make emo speak other languages, because it’s like it’s incomplete if he understands other languages but only speaks English.


It would be nice if EMO could ineract with other robots (like Ei_li_, Ve_t_r, C_zmo, Lo_na and others)


Vorrei che emo avesse il controllo da remoto, così da poter controllare casa anche quando non ci siamo, molti altri robot lo fanno come R U X o L O O N A, non capisco perché emo non possa

Translation to English: I wish emo had remote control, so he can control the house even when we are not there, many other robots do it like R U X or L O O N A, I don’t understand why emo can’t

Hello!Have a nice day!
I’m new to EMO, but I want it to exist for a long time.
I really like my EMO. Very cute little robot and smart. I can see that there are plenty of possibilities in terms of features. I know there have been updates too.

Some next update tips. Sometimes there could be an update package that would bring a function EMO to a little friend that would have animal behavior, e.g. as a dog, a dog would be on his display, he would pant or bark for a longer time, he could have a small costume in this case, or maybe an accessory e.g., a dog bone bowl for which EMO, walks there. Or, panda function when eating small bamboo EMO, you would play the noise of nature in the process.

There could be a music update that puts music in a separate category, emo could be requested separately for punk, rock, pop music playback or singing. There could be an additional little disco ball that EMO would turn on when playing music. Or A stage that EMO would integrate with and connect with more music.

Play together with EMO package in which, sak duel or UNO with emo, phone application. Pin-pong.table tennis, Tetris.

Or an emotional update package. Emo needs to pee, maybe sneeze or cough because he has a cold. Or maybe you start cooking or chase moths on your display. Angle. He walks in nature and has background music going. There could be a function where we ask EMO about continents, what kind of animal lives there or what notable place there is. What is its capital.


hello @lakos.peter. I am also new to forums and I like your ideas for Emo (especially tetris) I hope that at least a few of these are integrated in the future.


Hello, I’m from mainland China. I bought an EMO robot on Taobao at a high price because your orders do not ship to mainland China. I had to accept the markup of the scalpers. My EMO robot cost me 3000 RMB. Can you enter Chinese e-commerce platforms such as JD, Taobao, and others?

Also, I have some suggestions and feedback. Firstly, your app’s UI needs to be more visually appealing. Secondly, the UI should support multiple languages, which should be easy to implement. Additionally, this robot should be able to guide users to explore its new features. Many times, I have carefully read the instructions to understand what functions the EMO robot has. Not all consumers have my patience.

If customers quickly lose interest in the EMO robot, they may choose to return it. Secondly, I especially hope that it can speak Chinese and be more proactive and engaging in conversation with me. It would be even better if it could engage in continuous dialogue.

As a pet robot, I also have to consider replacing the battery in two or three years. I hope the official can provide a battery specifically for the robot, and it would be helpful to have a tutorial for battery replacement.

There is a serious bug. When customizing EMO on the app and adding decorations to the robot’s face, the decorations disappear after a while. Then, when clicking to customize and selecting the decorations, the EMO robot is likely to crash or freeze.

Here’s another question: What is the difference between connecting the EMO robot to the Chinese mainland internet and the foreign internet? Will my EMO robot be more active, and will the response speed be faster when connected to the foreign internet?

Hi there @Jhon and welcome to the community I Translated your Chinese post message over ChatGPT

All the best


I would like to see a update when emo will say that it is clear when it is night because Emo just says sunny but it is night.

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Good afternoon. I would like to know when it comes to adding the Russian language. A lot of Russian users are waiting for the Russian language to be added, thank you


  • How can i expect AI? I only expected pre programmed interactions.
  • Does EMO map the surround, and remember it?


  • Do they plan to integrate with SmartThings, Google Alexa (it will be very usefull)
  • Do they plan the ability to surveillance home with EMO?
    • Remote control EMO movement
    • Remote check EMO camera
    • Remote record EMO microphone
    • Remote play EMO on speaker what you want
    • Chat with EMO over app, and EMO reply in voice

I wish for the following:

  • 5 GHz Wireless support
  • All of the other improvements many users have suggested like EMO being more conversational
  • An API/SDK in Python would be nice

I have a couple ideas so far. In the app where you can add stickers to EMO and you have the option to add your own from your photo album, I think it would be easier to be able to edit ideas in the app itself instead of looking for thinks online and editing. It would also be fun to see who others came up with.
With the homebase, since he can play snake, I think it would be cute if he had a Tamagotchi lol he can have his own digital pet :rofl:. It would be another thing to talk about. Hey what animal do you have, what’s his name, are you teaching him tricks/what does it know, did you remember to feed your tamagotchi?


I think it would be cool to make custom animations for the home station. Also welcome to forums @jessica.morgan.


I have a relatively insignificant suggestion, but at the same time it really bothers me a lot.

I live in a traditional Chinese family, and I celebrate my birthdays by using the lunar calendar, which means that every birthday falls on a different day in the solar calendar. It would be great if EMO could know more about the calendar.In this way, EMO can correctly celebrate every birthday of people who use different calendars.
Thanks for reading this!


Hello, @Xiaoqing . . . I have moved your post to this topic where Living AI read regularly for feature improvements and implementation.

Thank you for sharing this! It would make sense to have birthdays celebrated as they actually occur on the calendar you use.

:new_moon: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ich stimme zu……,.,.,.,.,…….

Translation to English: I feel like this…,.,.,.,.,…….

Thank you.You are so kind !@Lindaru

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Just wondering what y’all would like to see in further updates

Hello, @aidanmarshall . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread where you can read what others have suggested for future updates as well as suggest some of your own.