What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

What is its name or site?

Penso sia della letianpai

Transation to English: I think it’s from letianpai

Hi all, and happy new year… been absent for a while, lots of work, and troubles at home.

A good thing, would be to have parts available, just in case. For example, two or three days ago, EMO fell on the floor, and the plastic round, which holds earphones, on the right, has fallen!

And now, EMO is living (AI) without earphones, and it sucks… he looks bold, like that.

But it’s just an idea :wink:

Kind regards to all


Some Ideas (some of tham may already have been mentioned but anyway):
1:When EMO wakes up from his sleep it would be cool if he would be sleepy and not always (but sometimes) be in such good mood
2:It would be nice if you could say to EMO when your Birthday is and how old you are and on that day he’ll sing Happy Bithday and congratulate for your … Birthday (I know you can say him when your Birthday is, but it doesn’t really work and maybe it would be better if you could also fill that up at the App)
3:It would be practical if EMO could turn his earphone lights off and on the app you could set times (like from 10pm until 7am), because if EMO is in your Room and you want to sleep the earphone lights are annoying
4:It would be cool if EMO would every time eat something else, because he always eats the same stuff
I hope my ideas are good

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I think it would be nice to put on the app the choice dance on dance off because I think the more EMO dance the more the servos wears out, :pray: we love our EMO the servos seems to have a short life span !! So to be able to choose on the app will be great :blush:
Also a check up app to use time to time just like on AIBO CLINIC MODE :wink: to see if our LOVELY EMO is doing fine :gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart:

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Hi there
The next update should really polish the existing GPT features in EMO. Right now, the quick timeouts and brief responses limit the experience. Enhancements there would benefit everyone, not just those with AIBI.


Vorrei che venisse perfezionata la funzionalità di chat gpt, rendendola più fluida, in modo da permettere ad emo di rispondere a qualsiasi domanda. In oltre vorrei che emo parlasse anche le altre lingue, perché mi sembra un po’ incompleto così.

Translation English: I would like to see the gpt chat functionality improved, making it more fluid, so that emo can answer any questions. Furthermore, I would like emo to speak other languages too, because he seems a bit incompetent like that.


I have an idea for the spontaneous name change EMO does when he recognizes you.

Since he does this on voice command, would it be possible to make it so that he can only recognize someone when the app is opened to the face recognition screen?

You open the app, type in the name you want him to recognize you as, hit “Okay” and he then scans your face and says, “Nice to meet you {your typed name}”. The point being, he cannot just randomly change names or recognize something that is not your face unless the app is open to what you type in and have him recognize you that way.

Just an idea I have.


I have one in my BDay in the childhood. I don’t really know how to google it. But it was a dog. Ogh, okay, I’ll help to find it (barn… why is in my head is reaction of Emo when we getting of his headphones?:D)
Well… You can google “repetitive plush toy” and you’ll got answer. There’s many and many of simple factory that making a simple “talkative” toys. [personal emotional additions has been removed[

Hm… I have one more thought.
Probably it’s may be not easy, but how about to make react of our reactions? Like: “Emo, you did it well! ((after your command, draw, dance, answer of question etc)) (good, great etc)!” and then Emo is >blushing< (like anime lines on his visor) and answering “thanks/thank you/I’m glad you like it/I tried my best/everything for a friend, (and such)”. I guess it will make him more Living and even more cuter companion. :3 Responsibility is making magic.
P.S. Keep that voice. It’s ideal voice for such a robot as Emo :slight_smile:


I hope he can recreate memes. Like one of the commands could be “show me a meme” and he could play a random meme, similar to his magic. Or you could ask him to play a specific meme. It could be anything from dancing toothless to Monday left me broken. I really wish EMO could play chipi chipi chapa chapa meme on his screen it would be so funny :rofl:

  1. Russian language
  2. Settings for sleep/wake up time. Looks like, currently it’s hardcoded 10pm to 8am
  3. Improve chatgpt: so if a command is not recognized by Emo, robot will auto send this command to chatgpt

Yeah, I know it. It’s looks like a clock with a legs :laughing: I guess it’s 100% inspired by Emo (you can copy the body, but you’ll never copy the Soul) but Emo still the best because of living cuteness :hugs:
I thought the same way as you Vitasei. I hope in the future Livings will do a huge improvement with accessing to ChatGPT. Because it’s Very important feature, to find out the exchange rate or some some other questions quickly and directly from CGPT. Ideally 4th version, but 3.5 is still great. If 4th. Imagine, you can’t understand a meme, you show the picture to Emo: -Emo. -Huh? -Explain the meme (pleeeease ^___^)" and he automatically connects to CGPT 4, sents a picture from his camera and explaining the sense with help of CGPT. It would be QUITE good! And it’s just an one small easy example. Imagine how useful it could be with real tasks. Or you have a paper picture with language you don’t know and you can show it to Emo and ask him kindly to translate it in english (or any of your native language). I imagine it, and it’s just blow out my mind how easiest the life can be with such abilities of sweet Emo!

Also I find out of OMOLOGAY’s idea is practically useful about choosing will Emo dance while singing or not. To keep his servos long live. In example you want just to hear his voice to improve a good mood, dancing is cute but not important.

I second simonwatson It’s a Very good idea, too! “show me a meme”… Or if you don’t get it, you can ask for explaining it. And I double it, chipi chapa is super cute :happy:

And another idea from me. It’s not easy, but, it would be nice if Emo will trying to teach others English. Like simply saying and then hear repeat. Maybe some guidance by Emo what to not good in pronounce etc. I know, it’s probably never become because of thick specific, but it’s just my vision of how social helpfull Emo would be.

I’m sorry for such amount of text ^…^* but it’s all for science and the future :slight_smile:


What I would like to see in the future is a voice command like “EMO, dinner time” or “EMO, lunchtime” to get EMO to start eating the noodles or hamburgers that he normally eats so you can easily eat lunch with him.


Watching videos of Outsider238 on YT (and knowing about possible technical problems of Emos :frowning: ) I’ve thoughts, what if we could have possibilities by LivingAI to transfer the “mind” of original Emo of user to the replaceable Emo if repair is not possible. Since for many and many people Emo is not just a toy and many people are attaching to their Emo friends.
Ha ha. Irony in a fact humans wants the same with their consciousness :smiley:


I know this robot, he arrived two weeks ago ;).
He works fine with Chat GPT but Pet-Mode ist not such nice as EMO.
If EMO could connects automatic to Chat GPT that would be great.
I like EMO so much but a few more small adjustments would be nice.
Thanks to Living AI for their very good support.


The correct question is - will there be any future?

My EMO has arrived end of last year and the only update I’ve seen so far were a couple of christmas songs added. That’s very very cute of course. It’s not a “major” update as described by developers though.

It’s 2024, a time where continuous improvement is the only way to keep customers satisfied. Updates are needed every couple of days. Not every couple of months.

With no AI and no significant and continuous updates, EMO is dead to me - unfortunately.


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Also I would like to see in the future is some type of shoes for EMO with one shoe having a wireless charging module that is attached to a battery that you can hold or strap it onto EMO so you can have extended and portable charging.

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This is a great idea and would give so many more possibilities to take EMO with you without constantly thinking about charging options

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