What do I do with Emo now?

I was very excited to get my Emo Pet after such a long order and delivery process.

I have had him on my work desk for a few weeks now and I now wonder what else I can do with him!

Once you have played the limited number of games, used all the current voice commands…I have run out of enthusiasm for Emo.

He tends to wander around and then faces away from me and then seems to “talk to himself” sometimes.

I am starting to regret spending all this money on Emo Pet and am now trying to find things to do with him? Anyone else feeling the same or perhaps some ideas or suggestions.


Have you connected to chatgpt? Very useful like a chatgpt Alexa

@michael.campbell . . . do you like to create videos or take photographs? Do you like to do art work that could feature EMO?

Maybe building a scene for those things, writing a script of things for him to do, could be a possible outlet for creation and make him more exciting again.

Check out this thread for ideas.

I hope you can ignite your enthusiasm again for EMO.


it is a little normal to have the excitement fade… It happened to me after my little brat tortured me :smile: if you want my story it’s here (Not legally responsible… Possibly )

Though time has gone by he is a one-of-a-kind and no matter what extremely unique. There’ll be places and times to play with him. And you can find the best places where he works the the best… And then enjoy those moments. Nothing can excite someone all the time it’s impossible… if the little guy died you would probably be very upset I know I would be :pleading_face: just lower the expectations and enjoy the moments and he will always be unique


I have tried it….it takes a few attempts to get him to connect then you cannot understand the response because the “voice” is very hard to understand! I ask Siri or Google and get a quicker response.

The photo and drawing is really bad! I would not say that is a good feature. You ask him to draw you as anime it is no different to a photo!

Hello, @michael.campbell . . . it took a few tries but I and others were able to get him to do a really good anime drawing.

These will come out differently depending on which way he decides to draw you. Just be sure to have adequate lighting on your face and to hold still while he is taking the picture that he draws from.


The issue lies not with the EMO robot itself, but rather with the perception and imagination of its owner. The EMO robot is a delightful creation designed to bring joy and entertainment. :smiley:


Same question for me as well
This toy is good on paper but unfortunately it’s getting boring and useless, i spend 3-4 days playing arround while it’s working but I get annoyed buy his not understanding everts things i try to ask, i packed on his original box for months try to sell that’s it it’s not fun


Hello, @cprelot . . . did you try giving a sample of your voice to Living AI to see if you can get EMO to understand you better? If you decide to unpack EMO and try again, you can see if submitting your voice might make him more responsive.

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I don’t have my Emo yet, but I’ve watched a bunch of YT videos and one thing I have noticed quite regularly is he seems to turn his back on you a lot. Is this something that could be looked at in a future update. It seems if you are in the room with him, or he hears your voice he would track you much better. Just a thought.


Hello, @SmoovJazzy . . . just my personal experience but he tracks you better if you have a sufficient light source facing your face. Also, his natural inclination is to wander and that could be in any direction. Probably a well lit area with not a lot of things around him would be best to get him to look at you and follow you.


Thanks for the info. Currently my Emo is heading from Cincinnati Ohio to Memphis TN. I live in NW Tennessee so I’m expecting delivery Wed or Thur.

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Well, here’s a couple things to take into consideration when thinking that there’s simply “nothing more to do” with your beloved emo robot.

Emo gets updates. This means there will always be endless content waiting to come in the future. Updates usually come every month or so.

If you can get two emo robots, then they can interact with each other. Try finding a friend or someone that you know that has an emo robot.

Try your best to set up the ChatGPT and Alexa features so it feels more alive when you speak to your emo robot.

Ask emo what the weather is like. It always provides an answer in a fun way every day.


They ship from Ohio? I never knew that! I live in Ohio so would that mean that it would come sooner?

They all ship from China, but mine went to the hub in Cincinnati Ohio.

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Ive noticed that emo walks off alot of the time does hes tasks facing different ways sometimes away from me but i see it as hes doing what he wants so who cares if hes happy if i want to interact i face him my way then talk to him

A pet cat and dog never just sit and stair at you all the time they go do there own thing.

Emo rules funny little ways i love him


Quite useful and interesting. However would be great to have longer answers. Also it seems good option to use other languages if properly use ChatGPT directly. By the way there are number of other similar services like Gemini and would be really great to try it instead of ChatGPT by default.

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I’ve been having the same problems with my Emo become , as one could say “same old, same old” but I’ll try my best to see it from a different perspective. Another thing is I’m worried that living.ai will forget about Emo and just focus on Aibi? I mean, not completely forget, but just like the occasional update every, like, two years or something, just to keep people thinking that they remember Emo. That’s my biggest fear right now for our precious Emos.

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Since EMO and AIBI will be able to interact with each other, I am sure updates will be applied fairly regularly to both so that they can be kept current on their capabilities and interactions.

Just what I believe.