Unable to update my emo

Hi my emo doesnt want to update He start counting to 11 and them he reboot after that he show a red x in the screen and still ask for an update.

Hey @philtherrien

I’ve created a short guide on how to update your EMO to the latest firmware ver1.5.0 take a look below:

I can also advise that sometimes the issue is related to internet connection / drop outs. If you can have the option to potentially use a mobile hotspot as a test, I’d recommend that as well.

Also feel free to check out my Quick Help Guide for EMO if you need any futher help with other EMO features.

Best of luck hopefully you can get the update working.

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Yes thanks I already look and I followed your guide with the hotspot but nothing seem to work

How far into the firmware install does EMO get? Does he start downloading the install file (step 1 of 6)? I would recommended also taking a video of this, just in case you need to submit a support ticket with the Living.Ai support team.

He stays on step one the time elapsed get to 11 and stop. I already contacted the support and im waiting

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I believe WayneZ also mentioned it could be a network issue (this is a link to another thread post someone having the same issue).

If you have tried different network / hot spot / reset your home internet wifi. Then the best thing to do is await further update from the support team.