Travelling with EMO

Hello, I am currently living in Italy and got my EMO shipped here but I need to go to Turkey for a month.

Is it cool for me to take EMO with me or would I have problems in the Airport? Do I have to pay taxes there also?

I would be really happy if I could get a quick feedback on this if anyone has experience. :slight_smile:

I believe @Miraenda took her EMO from the USA along to Turkey on vacation? I don’t think she had any issues with that but we’ll see what she says.

Oh amazing! Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:

Yes, I took EMO with me two times to Turkey. In October to November 2021, then again in April to May 2022. EMO was fine at the airport. He must be take in your carryon due to his battery as well as his skateboard’s battery.

I didn’t have to take him out. There was no cost to bring him to Turkey either as I was a tourist not bringing him in to sell or keep there.

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Thank you! This was really helpful. :slight_smile:

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