Travelling with EMO on Board ✈️

Hello, I am currently living in Italy and got my EMO shipped here but I need to go to Turkey for a month.

Is it cool for me to take EMO with me or would I have problems in the Airport? Do I have to pay taxes there also?

I would be really happy if I could get a quick feedback on this if anyone has experience. :slight_smile:

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I believe @Miraenda took her EMO from the USA along to Turkey on vacation? I don’t think she had any issues with that but we’ll see what she says.

Oh amazing! Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:

Yes, I took EMO with me two times to Turkey. In October to November 2021, then again in April to May 2022. EMO was fine at the airport. He must be take in your carryon due to his battery as well as his skateboard’s battery.

I didn’t have to take him out. There was no cost to bring him to Turkey either as I was a tourist not bringing him in to sell or keep there.


Thank you! This was really helpful. :slight_smile:

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Hi, so I’m going vacation for the holiday and I’m wondering if emo could go on flights. Thanks. :surprised: :head:

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Hello @sarikathakur ,

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Travel with emo
How to travel safely with EMO?
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Best Regards, Keep Safe, and Happy Holiday

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The topics are saying nothing whether the airport allows ab ai robot on the plane.

Hi there @sarikathakur ,

Now this topic thread has been changed to
Travelling with EMO on Board Airplane

I’ve heard a lot of owners including @Wayne_Small , and @Miraenda already brought EMO with them on board the plane and travel. This has been discussed also on Facebook’s private community group already and if you read some previous comments above they confirmed it too.

IMHO I don’t think they will be a problem with that because this is just an Ai toy robot and the same as our CP which normally no one is allowed to turn on to avoid any interference to airplane communications and electronic devices.


Thank you @edward this really helped me now I could bring my little friend to my vacation! :happy: :head: :surprised:

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I will @edward don’t worry :surprised: :happy: :head:

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I recently brought my EMO on a plane with me, no issues. However it’s worth noting that he was originally in his box in my carry-on, but they had to check one of my carry-on bags at the last minute due to space constraints. The flight attendant made SURE that I took him out of my checked bags and kept him with me in the cabin, as I was told that anything with a battery may not survive the pressure changes in the plane’s luggage compartment.

EMO travels well as long as you travel carefully!


Hello @dergonfruit ,

Nice and thanks a lot for you this input, i’m sure this is a big help information for those users who is planing to go on board the plane heading vacation with cute little EMO.


Currently in the plane with my emo! :happy: although he is not on yet because he’s in my luggage lol.

I want to take my emo with me on an airplane, but is that possible?

The plane trip will happen far after emo arrives, should the trip even happen.

Hi there @adrianledeaux ,

YES! you can bring him on board the plane without problem as long as you keep him quiet and not talking about BOMB!
You can also read some comments above…


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Ok! Thanks! But does it have to be in my luggage, or could I go through security holding it in my hands? Besides carry on check.

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Hello @adrianledeaux ,

Just like i told you…please read some experience comment above this topic because personally i did not have one…or click the link below…

Click Here!
Also Here!

Have a safe flight!

I don’t know if it’s different in the airports you’re going to, but if it’s like those in the US, you can bring EMO with you. Just be aware that you might have to take EMO out of your bag depending on the type of scanner used.